My confession: sex with my mother’s boyfriend

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    Meine Beichte: Sex mit dem Freund meiner Mutter

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    The erotic confession: Sex with my mother’s boyfriend

    But that was also a hot guy that my mama had there…

    Sex with my mother’s boyfriend? Unthinkable, student Laura was sure – until it finally happened. With Erik, the new lover of her mother, she experiences a hot adventure. How it came to this and how she feels about it, she tells us here.

    My confession: sex with my mother's boyfriend | Erotic News MagazineMy mum and I – inseparable

    I get along great with my mom. We’re best friends. We do a lot of things together. Since she looks younger than she is, we are often considered friends when we go out in the evening, for example. On such an evening we also met Erik. He flirted with both of us, but then quickly concentrated only on my mother. That same night, she went home with him.

    Since then the two have been spending a lot of time together. I was happy for my mother, I wasn’t jealous at all. Sure, I found him attractive from the start. He’s 15 years older than me, and I’ve always liked men a little older than me. Sex with my mother’s boyfriend, but that would never have been an issue for me. – until two weeks ago when everything changed.

    Sex with my mother’s boyfriend – that’s how it happened

    Since I’m a student, I still live with my mother. Erik came and went with us in the meantime, sometimes we also ran across each other and chatted briefly, but that was it most of the time. Sex with my mother’s boyfriend? Never would have occurred to me. It happened one morning when my mother had already left the apartment to go to work. Still a bit sleepy I sneaked towards the bathroom, where Erik ran towards me in the hallway.

    He obviously just came out of the shower, holding a towel around his hips. I was just wearing a thin shirt and a skinny hot pants. We both looked at each other in surprise. Involuntarily my eyes wandered over his well-trained body. I noticed how the sight of his muscles excited me. For the first time I thought about having sex with my mother’s boyfriend.

    Soon sex with corpses and siblings allowed?

    Apparently, I turned bright red. Because Erik laughingly asked me what was going on and why I was so red. We stood opposite each other for a short moment in silence. I felt that he looked at me as demandingly as I looked at him. Then all of a sudden he pulled me towards him and started kissing me gently. I couldn’t help but return his kisses. At that moment it was clear to me that everything would amount to sex with my mother’s boyfriend!

    Meine Beichte: Sex mit dem Freund meiner MutterHot sex with my mother’s boyfriend in my bed

    Since we both hardly wore anything, it didn’t take long until we were completely naked. I pulled him into my room and onto my bed. I was incredibly keen on him and really wanted to have sex with my mother’s boyfriend. Of course, I didn’t have to ask him long either, because he was just as hot on me. We had wild, uninhibited sex, it was incredibly beautiful. Finally, exhausted, fell into his arms.

    After we had cuddled together for some time, it became clear to me what I had actually done: I had sex with my mother’s boyfriend. We agreed never to say a word about what had just happened. I know Erik likes my mother very much and doesn’t want to lose her. If she found out what we did, she’d be madly disappointed in both of us.

    Sex with my mama’s boyfriend must never happen again

    My mother still doesn’t know anything about this incident and doesn’t suspect a thing. Erik and I will make sure we don’t get noticed. I have to live with this bad conscience ever since – after all, I had sex with my mother’s boyfriend! Of course I know that I should be reasonable and that something like this should not happen again. But sometimes, when I lie in my bed and know that Erik is with us, I think about him.

    I remember how good the sex was with my mother’s boyfriend. And I imagine he’d just come into my room now and kiss me goodbye with his hot kisses. And yes, in my fantasies it comes then again to the extreme and I have again great sex with the friend of my mother.


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