Satisfaction in a roundabout way – The erotic story of young Mia

By Julia Moreno
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Satisfaction in a roundabout way - The erotic story of young Mia
Befriedigung auf Umwegen - Die erotische Geschichte der jungen Mia


When was my last date, anyway?!

For a long time now, I’ve been hanging out alone on my couch, watching movies and series, eating ice cream, and regularly choking on work. In between my work periods, I dream of regular sexual satisfaction, a more exciting life, something with action and new experiences.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

I can’t remember how long it’s been since the last date. Sex has also been forgotten and only accessible to me through porn. I saw everything. Clicked through from video to video and realized, something noncommittal and quick, that’s what I need right now.

Satisfaction in a roundabout way - an erotic story by MiaI had to get my satisfaction somehow

Masturbation may be nice for a while. But I was never really satisfied. I knew from past experiences that I was attracted to both sexes. I love breasts and not just my own. The curves of a slender woman make my eyes wander over her body, devouring it. Likewise, I find older men equally attractive. Often I sat at home and drooled in front of my screen sex scenes hinterer.

And for that reason, I decided to give this dating portal a try without any obligation. I signed up as Mia-KA and was hooked when I spotted my old acquaintance Adrian’s profile picture. I put the phone aside and thought about our encounters at our local pub. Often we would sit there with our friends, completely drunk and slurring along to our favorite songs. Only we always sat at different tables.

Hier lieber nicht klicken...

We didn’t really know each other, because all I knew was his name. He had caught my eye more than once, but I was never after a quick number there. I wanted more and he was known to only play with women. I sank into my thoughts for a while longer until my eyes met the clock. 5:30.

I was chronically underfucked and now needed satisfaction

Reflexively, I unlocked my phone and typed into our party group, “Sorry guys, haven’t heard from me in a while. Up for starting something?”

I didn’t wait long because it was Friday night and within seconds I had my answer, “Why don’t you come over, the pre-glow starts at my place, then we’ll go to town.”

The Sex Story: Chronically UnderfuckedI cheered inwardly. Panicked, I reached for my remote and started the stereo. “Sex” by Cheat Codes blared from the speakers and I turned on the shower. I showered extensively and shaved. The outfit for tonight was quickly found. A black lace slip with matching bra, skintight blue jeans, off the shoulder black shirt and white chucks.

I quickly put on a little makeup and stuffed my ID into my phone case. Grabbed my black leather jacket and the key and let the door fall into the lock. On the way to my friends, I made a quick trip to the supermarket and bought some beer.

When I arrived at my friends’ house, we drank the beer and told each other stories. I was so underfucked that even the men in my clique seemed infinitely hot. I flirted with them via eye contact. Smiled and let my curves dance. But all this should have been just a taste.

I noticed how wet my panties had become

Arriving at our pub, everything was already packed. There was dancing on the tables and the bar was barely accessible. My money I thrust into my group’s hands and shouted “I’ll be right back, I’m throwing the first round!” I desperately needed to use the restroom and went up the spiral staircase to the second floor. There were few people here and I looked down from the railing to the first floor. A voice pulled me from my thoughts. It was Adrian. “Hey sweetie, where have you been all this time? I haven’t seen you and your people in a long time.”

I smirked. “I’ve been very busy, as have the rest.” I could hardly believe he was talking to me. But I liked it, and I could tell I was getting hotter under his penetrating gaze on my body. It was so loud I couldn’t hear him. He came closer, leaned down to my ear and said, “Why don’t you come over for a drink later, we’d love some new company. And you’re looking especially hot today.”

The desire in his eyes spoke a more than clear language

I nodded and disappeared into one of the booths. I noticed how damp my panties had become. That warmth from his lips sent a shiver down my spine and I freshened up. I desperately needed a cold drink if I was going to last much longer. Once downstairs, my group was already sitting with Adrian’s. I sat down with them and enjoyed my drink.

Hier lieber nicht klicken...

Not quite sober anymore, I was when Cheat Code’s song “Sex” blasted out of the speakers in our bar and this is where I took my chance. I looked intimately into Adrian’s brown eyes and leaned a little more onto the table. This gave him a good view of my breasts, which seemed to drive him crazy. Because he was sliding back and forth on his barstool. Unobtrusive, but I saw the desire in his eyes. This time I was playing with him and not he with a woman.

The sexual desire of a womanDid my male prey just want the satisfaction?

I licked my lips seductively and stood up. On my way to the stairs, I turned and winked at him. He seemed to understand what I wanted and when I got to the top he was behind me. He had a sly smile on his lips, but I paid it no mind. I walked up to him, put my right arm on the back of his neck and my left hand on his neck. I kissed him. Uninhibited. Put my tongue in his mouth and ran it around his tongue. Savored the moment.

I then took a step back and traced his collarbone with one finger, which was exposed by the V-shirt. My finger snaked across his chest, stiff nipple, belly button and ended at his belt. A noticeable bulge appeared on his jeans and I got wet. How I wish I could have let him fuck me right here and now. But we were standing in the middle of the second level surrounded by people.

With this man I went completely uninhibited and turned him on roughly

“Are you as hungry as I am?” I asked hungrily. He nodded and held out the keys to his apartment to me. I quickly took his hand and pulled him outside the pub. Before I could ask him where exactly he lived, he pulled me behind him. He had managed to turn the tables. We often stopped briefly in side alleys to explore our bodies above our clothes. He seemed to have a bulging spanking that seemed to get harder with every touch.

After a few corner streets we made it and he unlocked the door. We made out fiercely and he pulled me close to him. I felt his penis against my stomach and I got hot. We closed the door and I pushed him onto the sofa. I wanted more. I wanted to feel him. Touching his bare skin and melting under him in a powerful orgasm.

The hot erotic story from a woman“Fuck me already, or I’ll cum first!”

I sat on him and took off his shirt. He had tattoos, huge maps in black and white running across his torso. He took advantage of the moment and took off my shirt as well, throwing me on my back and expertly unzipping my pants. “You look so hot in your underwear,” he said, stroking my nipple with one finger. I groaned. His touches made me so wet I could feel the wetness between my legs. Slowly he moved over my stomach, over my hips, to my pubic mound.

Here he circled his fingers over every sensitive spot and his fingers darted between my legs. Over my panties, he stroked my vagina. The wet panties laid like a second skin on my sensitive clit and stroked tenderly over it.

I never thought I’d get sexual satisfaction this way…

“I beg you, fuck me already! Otherwise I’ll come before you do,” I whimpered. But that left him cold. On the contrary. He pushed my panties aside and stuck his ring and middle finger in my hole, while circling my clit with his thumb. I was completely out of it and didn’t realize he had undressed until his penis was massaging my asshole. No one has ever even come close to my hole.

Hier lieber nicht klicken...

My breath hitched briefly, but the novel tingling sensation made me relax again. His fingers still deep inside me, his spanking pushed deeper and deeper into me. I groaned again, as this feeling of being completely filled up further excited me. He leaned forward and whispered against my ear, “Is this how you imagined it tonight, getting fucked like this?” I groaned, because I couldn’t talk anymore. For more and more I curled up to touch his lips.

My first time anal sex brought me my satisfaction

He fucked me faster and faster and I felt his testicles slapping against my ass. A heavenly sound. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and fucked me faster and faster. He gasped against my mouth and moaned. His penis tightened, my asshole tightened, and two fingers became four in my hole. I felt that I would not be able to stand this much longer. “I’ll be right there!” He grinned, “I’m asking for it, so I can finally cum inside you. Your cunt is so tight that I almost got one off earlier when I just shoved it inside you. And the way you roll your eyes when you moan, God you make me so horny!”

I couldn’t stop it. With a huge groan, I came. My holes clenched like a vice around his thrashing, pulsing in time with his thrusts. My orgasm ebbed and I could finally enjoy the sight of Adrian to the fullest. “Has anyone ever told you how horny you can fuck? I love the way you thrust and your moans, it drives one crazy. I want to see you come,” I whispered breathlessly in his ear.

Inside me poured a pleasantly warm gush of his ejaculate

His head leaned against my shoulder and I felt a tingle between my legs again. A second orgasm was building and I noticed Adrian’s breathing quicken. He was fucking me faster and faster, his heart was clearly palpable and his cock was throbbing in my asshole, making me feel like he was getting bigger and bigger. I wanted him to cum in my pussy and turned him onto the sofa. I sat down on his hips and inserted his bulging cock into my soaking wet cunt. He felt good. And I rode him, mercilessly. Circling my hips and letting him pleasure my clit.

Hier lieber nicht klicken...

His breathing quickened again and his cock pulsed. He groaned and a gush of warmth poured inside me. I rode him faster and faster because I wanted to come on him again too. As his cock began to go limp, I felt a violent orgasm and screamed. Exhausted, I sank down next to him on the sofa and fell asleep.

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