Pretty well connected: Fishnet pantyhose

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Ziemlich gut vernetzt: Die Netzstrumpfhose

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The fashionable return of fishnet pantyhose

The fishnet tights have an exciting story, as they were not designed at first to keep women’s legs warm, but rather to twist men’s heads. Marylin Monroe started with it, today she can be combined again in and almost to every style.

Pretty well connected: Fishnet pantyhoseThe fishnet pantyhose always had its justification

While at the beginning of the 60s the pantyhose was only worn in the bedroom or in relevant bars, today it is impossible to imagine everyday life without it. She was once exciting, rebellious and wicked, but today she freshens up the outfit worldwide. Twiggy and Barbie were also wearers of fishnet tights, as were Madonna and Nicole Kidman. Vivien Westwood made it the fashion trend of the 70s.

At that time it also belonged to the fashion statement of the London punk girls and was even worn torn. Today tights are part of everyday outfits in combination with dresses and skirts as well as with torn jeans.

Combinations suitable for daily use with fishnet pantyhose

So that the styling with fishnet tights doesn’t look too cheap, you should make sure to combine them with casual clothes. Leather boots are just as suitable as sporty sneakers or classic loafers. Oversize pullovers go well with this.

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Even mini skirts can be worn with a fishnet tights, but in combination with flat shoes, so it doesn’t look too wicked. Cropped jeans or destroyed jeans are the ideal match for pantyhose, so even shy women can wear fishnet pantyhose.

A History of Fishnet Pantyhose

The tights were allegedly invented at the end of the 19th century, in France. Some dancers of the Moulin Rouge and the Cancan became famous. The reputation was not very good in the beginning, as it was mainly worn by prostitutes. The normal woman wore them only as lingerie for her husband.

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In 1930 the pantyhose made it into the film business. Marlene Dietrich wore it in the film “Der blaue Engel” or also in “Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt”. From then on, the sexy garment was part of fashion and today it is trendier than ever.

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