Why women are sad after sex

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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Why women are sad after sex
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About the sex blues in women and also some men

Not only animals, even women are sometimes sad after sex

After sex, shouldn’t you be electrified, satisfied and just high? Far from it: the truth is that many women are sad immediately after sex, they get real sex depression. And some men are also affected. But where does that come from?

After fulfilling sex, which can be spontaneous, passionate and exciting, the phenomenon occurs more often that woman turns to cry a little. Instead of cuddling after sex, a few tears roll and the mood tips.

Why women are sad after sex

Confusing Sex Depression

Scientists can’t explain why this is, but found in a study by Queensland University of Technology in Australia that one in three women reported going into a low mood immediately after orgasm. This then often consists of anxiety, depressed mood and melancholy: the sex blues!

Getting sad after sex, however, had no relation to the sex before it. With this namely the interviewed ladies had always had their fun according to their own statements and had even come to the climax. The phenomenon is therefore puzzling.

Oxytocin, the hormone often referred to as the “cuddle hormone”, which is emitted in the body immediately after sex, usually ensures relaxation, closeness and bonding between the two partners. Not for getting sad after sex.

Starke Emotionen: Warum Männer kuscheln

Scientists believe that the sudden sadness is related to a woman’s relationship and sexual past, which she is then reminded of. When a woman confronts her sexual past, she may sometimes feel sad after sex.

The sex blues can afflict men too

But even men are affected. They also get sad after sex, it was found. Already Aristotle described the man as dull and exhausted after sex. And a look at the animal world also shows that animals become tired and listless after sex. All natural, then?

Hier lieber nicht klicken...

Once you’ve climaxed via a fulfilling orgasm, where else should it actually go? Does it seem logical, then, that the French refer to orgasm as the “little death,” the dying of the mood after the absolute climax of the mood.

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