Relationship ruined: the biggest misunderstandings

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Relationship ruined: the biggest misunderstandings
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The partner should convey the feeling of being lovable

Of what and how relationships should be, we get to see a lot of pictures. The media supposedly show perfect relationships or typical male/female mistakes. From the neighbour to the grandma, everyone has advice on relationships. But in fact, most of these pieces of advice are misunderstandings. Quickly the relationship is ruined, although one has stuck to everything.

Relationship ruined: the biggest misunderstandingsThe misunderstanding that ruins any relationship

The feeling of being lovable must be deeply anchored in our personality. A partnership serves the exciting contact with another person. We should be in a relationship to love. If we enter into a relationship to be loved, sooner or later it will be so. We have ruined the relationship with our neediness. The expectations of the other person are too high. A wrong sentence or an oversight is interpreted as a sign of lack of love.

This is due to an insecurity that is rooted in a lack of self-love. Only those who love themselves are able to really open themselves up to other people. This is of course easier said than done. There is no recipe to develop self-love. But to realize that lack of self-love has ruined the last relationship offers at least one starting point. Because you can always work on your relationship with yourself.

The misunderstanding that ruins some relationships: Faithfulness is faithfulness is faithfulness…

There are as many ideas of loyalty and jealousy as there are people. Some people find it problematic if their partner only thinks of someone else. For others it is completely clear: A small flirt is sometimes in it, but not more! Too little communication about this question has already ruined one or the other relationship. Because if there was already an incident, which was misunderstood as a breach of faith, a discussion over the term faithfulness works like an excuse.

Two men, one woman - does this love triangle work?

It is better to discuss loyalty and jealousy at the beginning of a relationship. The opening of a relationship has also ruined many a relationship. But it has also saved many a relationship. Dealing with the topic must fit the two people involved. There is no such thing as loyalty. There is hardly anything that ruins a relationship as often as infidelity. Exactly that should be a reminder to us to talk about the subject.

The Misunderstanding about the Misunderstanding: How Misunderstandings Ruin Close Relationships

Misunderstandings occur particularly often in close relationships. The problem is that we assume that our counterpart knows what we want. While we explain exactly what we mean to a stranger, we assume that the partner knows that. If the partner does something wrong, we are hurt. We have the impression that he did not listen to us. Too often the relationship is ruined.

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Prevention can only be achieved with good communication and a little tolerance for misunderstandings. A little misunderstanding ruined the last relationship? Maybe there is a lack of self-love when the reaction to a misunderstanding is so big?

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