How can I tell that my wife had an orgasm?

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How can I tell that my wife had an orgasm?
How can I tell that my wife had an orgasm?

How I recognize their climax

We all want to make sure our partner is enjoying herself in the bedroom as much as we are. But how can you tell if your girlfriend, wife or sex partner has come or really climaxed? There are men who claim to be able to clearly see that “my girlfriend has come”. But as different as women are in themselves, so are their highlights. Hardly one is like the next. Sometimes she comes unusually fast, then again the woman experiences her orgasm more ecstatically than ever before.

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To clearly determine if and when the girlfriend has climaxed would require medical tools such as a heart rate monitor or MRI. Fortunately, there are ways to make a woman’s climax very likely, as well as ways to recognize signs of whether a woman has climaxed.

Proper preparation

If you can put your partner in a relaxed, delightful mood, you create good conditions for bringing you to climax as well. A massage, a hot bath or a walk help to switch off from everyday stress. Anything that relaxes both of you contributes to more frequent and better sex.

How can I tell that my wife had an orgasm?

Women become voluptuous when their bodies and species are worshipped as a whole. A simple “wow” to her new jeans or a sincere compliment will do wonders. Pretty much every woman likes when her partner is into her looks, she is special to him.

Many women are afraid of rejection and are therefore timid in expressing their sexual desires. Those who positively accept seductive attempts on their part and thus encourage them will later enjoy lovemaking much more. The more positive feedback the partner experiences, the more uninhibitedly she can indulge in her desires, the more likely a woman will have an orgasm.

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If you kiss your partner intensively during sex, pamper her vagina and give her oral sex, you are not only doing something for your beloved, but also a lot for yourself. Through this method, a woman is much more likely to experience orgasm and develop a more positive attitude towards sex. She becomes more open, wants more sex, and in most cases is happier in the relationship.

Physical evidence of whether the woman had an orgasm

In women, there may be a number of physical clues. Some feel vaginal contractions, while others do not. Whether a woman is having an orgasm can most often be determined by the following physical signs.

In the arousal phase, blood flows to the lips, nipples and genitals. The partner’s vagina swells and becomes wet. Your breath as well as pulse will become faster. She usually feels tingling in the genital area and may blush. Her breasts swell slightly and her nipples contract and become hard. The body usually tenses or shows visible signs of pleasure, such as arching the back or clenching the fists.

How can I tell that my wife had an orgasm?

If you pay close attention, you can feel on the penis when the woman has an orgasm. There is a pulsating muscle play in the vagina, which contracts and relaxes again at intervals. This can extend to the thigh muscles and also the anus. This often occurs in combination with an increase in heart rate and rapid breathing. Many women close their eyes and give themselves completely to the feeling. Some women also ejaculate a clear liquid.

Immediately after the sex partner has come, the clitoris is often very wet and so sensitive that touching it is uncomfortable. Similar to the man, a deep relaxation sets in afterwards, in which the woman usually seeks closeness and security.


One of the easiest ways to determine if a woman is having an orgasm is to listen for vocal cues. The most common vocal signal is a moan, which is often accompanied by heavy breathing. You may also notice that your partner’s voice becomes deeper or changes pitch differently when she is aroused. Another telltale sound, is a sigh or gasp.

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The partner may also use explicit expressions to describe her pleasure. Those who have been with their partner for a long time may be familiar with the sounds they make when their partner has an orgasm. When you are in a new relationship, it can take some time to match the sounds. Regardless of whether your girlfriend lets out a guttural moan or says she just had an orgasm, with these signs, chances are she actually came.

Talking with the partner

The best tip to tell if the woman, sex partner or girlfriend has climaxed: talk to her.

It is important to talk openly and honestly with your partner about orgasms. Talking about what both enjoy and how both can maximize pleasure strengthens the relationship immensely. If you are in a relationship, you should try to create an atmosphere in which both of you can talk about your experiences and desires uninhibitedly.

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If the woman had an orgasm, it is important to celebrate her pleasure. Since most men are automatically thrilled to have brought their sweetheart to climax, this point is only for formal completeness. Who now asks what she liked, shows that her pleasure is important to him. This will help create a strong connection between the two and make your sexual experience even more pleasurable. Communication is the key!

The condition for a woman to have an orgasm is that she enjoys it. What is fun, you want to experience again and again. To ensure this fun, men should be generous during sex. The focus should be on fulfilling your partner’s desires instead of focusing on your own pleasure.

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Those who can pamper and encourage their loved one to show what they like best will benefit in the long run. If she finds it difficult to open up in bed, the conversation should be sought outside the bedroom with sufficient empathy. She should be able to build trust and experience that experiments are possible without pressure to perform. Positive sexual experiences mean that they want to be experienced more often.

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