Secret sex in the architectural monument Schölerschlösschen

By Jens Haberlein
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Forbidden Good – Eroticism in the Schölerschlösschen

Isn’t it the illicit things that have a special appeal to us? Secret sex with a sweet seduction, for example – and that too in a so-called Lost Place. How exciting! Hardly anyone has entered the architectural monument Schöler-Schlößchen in recent years.

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All the more tempting the idea of having fun with a pretty woman like Kira in his long-abandoned, partly gloomy premises. To be seduced by her by every trick in the book. Undiscovered by the citizens’ initiative Schoeler-Schlösschen at the Wilhelmsaue. One can still dream…

Secret sex with Kira – it gets hot in the castle

It is a building with an impressive historical background. The two-story structure was built in 1765 and is now known as the oldest surviving house in the heart of Berlin-Wilmersdorf. It was once a magnificent mansion, but it is now a construction site that only looks passable from the outside.

Secret sex in the architectural monument Schölerschlösschen

Inside, the castle is a ruin, in which a socio-cultural center is to be built in the coming years. At least, that’s what the Schoeler-Schlösschen citizens’ initiative at Wilhelmsaue wants. Planning is in full swing. The property has been empty for almost 15 years, but is often used as a shelter at night by homeless people.

Bringing sex dreams to reality

Secret sex in an uninhabited ruin – just the thought of being alone there with Kira makes some people’s blood boil. Kira is a picture perfect, affectionate girl who loves to try new things. Especially when it comes to eroticism, she can show an impressive wealth of experience. She has an incredibly great body and likes to show what she has. The tattoos on her skin tell an exciting story. It’s worth taking a close look. What also makes Kira special is her infectious sense of humor. She is very experimental and she enjoys spoiling her respective sex partner.

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The mood is tense and expectant at the same time. Secret sex in the Schölerschlösschen with a dream woman is now imminent. Now only the wooden door stands in the way. Now all it takes is a little kick and the brittle wooden device opens up, making it easy to walk through. With Kira by the hand, we go inside the building. It is pitch dark. Daylight only enters the interior through some cracks in the walls and through isolated open windows. Kira holds his hand very tightly. It’s a little scary for her. How good that she has a strong man by her side.

Secret sex in the architectural monument Schölerschlösschen

The two make their way through the spooky-looking house. Those moments when he orients himself to advance further, she uses to snuggle up to him. At the same time she unconsciously presses her firm breasts against his muscular torso. He gets a pleasurable shiver down his spine every time he hears her help-seeking touches. As soon as the opportunity presents itself in one of the next open rooms, he will take her head in his hands and kiss her longingly and intimately.

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But whether she will allow this? Will he even be allowed to go one step further and become intimate with her? Secret sex with the woman he has desired for so long would be absolute fulfillment for him. However, he is 30 years older than she is. With her 25 years she attracts men’s hearts like a magnet. Nevertheless, the hope of passionate sex with “his” Kira grows in him with every step.

His chance to have sex with her – in the dark?

A rattling sound is heard in the distance. Kira winces. Of course, the two are aware that they are doing something forbidden. If only the citizens’ initiative Schoeler-Schlösschen at Wilhelmsaue knew that. Again she presses close to him, seeking protection. “Oh, Kira,” he suddenly breathes longingly into her ear. Secret sex with this wonderful lady – how he wishes! And now he is seizing the opportunity. With gentle pressure, he pulls her even closer, pressing his lips firmly to hers. His tongue enters her mouth.

Secret sex in the architectural monument Schölerschlösschen

His hand strokes her hair while the other moves down, to her tight butt. His best piece has long since become plump and hard. Kira’s breath catches. But she does not fight back. On the contrary. Very gently she returns his kisses. He can hardly believe his luck. With a flick of his wrist, he pushes his pretty companion back a step, then gently presses her against the wall. Moaning, he presses his abdomen against hers as his face burrows into the crook of her neck. Her neck is stretched, her eyes closed with pleasure. Secret sex with him – that was obviously also her desire.

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Secret sex, longed for so long by both of them

The heat of his body turns her on. Slowly she pushes up his black turtleneck with her hand while her right carefully touches the bulging bulge in his pants. With trembling fingers he rolls up her dress and then pulls down her panties. Willingly she presses her body against his, opens her legs for him. With a loud “Aaaaaaah” his passion pours on her naked belly even before he can penetrate her. But they do not mind. Rather, she enjoys spreading the milky liquid over her body and his through gentle, circular motions.

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Her kisses close his mouth. She can’t get enough of him. The darkness around them protects them from being discovered. If she was still afraid in the foreign environment at the beginning, she can now hardly wait to finally really feel him inside her. Secret sex with the man of her dreams – finally he knows how she felt about him for so long!

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