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Casting participant reports Evaluations, assessments, hints and experiences of other participants of our SM-castings, fetish castings and pornocastings are published here - unembellished, genuine and authentic. Nothing but the bare truth about the fetish and pornocastings.   Constructive criticism? Yes, we are happy to accept. Not everything went smoothly at all castings and so some casting participants also report things that went wrong. Almost 100 percent of them nevertheless had an incomparably horny experience at the castings.   Do you also want to apply? You can apply for our pornocastings at here and for participation in an SM or fetish casting you can apply under this link. Just read all our reports from casting participants or especially from pornocasting or from fetish casting - we are sure you will enjoy the descriptions and experiences of previous participants. Casting participants' exciting reports on Eronite Reports from casting participants enjoy great popularity on the tabuless erotic magazine. Countless readers want to find out how other users have experienced an erotic or porn casting. They are eagerly awaiting the reports from the set and want to read unvarnished facts. These are provided to them by Eronite. What casting participants do Most people speak of a horny experience. How does a shy young guy become a self-confident fucker? How does it feel to be in close proximity to a much sought-after porn star? Or to please a real wet porn queen? Frank and free men and women talk about their experiences. Some of the casting participants' reports are very detailed. Often the organisational preparations or something biographical is mentioned. They also answer questions about hardcore practices and condoms. Or how the steadfastness of male porn actors must be. Well-known names from the sex scene are mentioned in passing. Very personal impressions spice up the sometimes rather revealing reports of casting participants. The social responsibility porn actresses* should bring with them is also discussed. The same applies to their own motivation to apply for such an event. Lively portrayals from the porn scene The reports of casting participants are authentic and informative. The links to professional and amateur casting should also be mentioned in this context. Those who would like to act out uninhibitedly in front of the camera may initially act as a shooting partner*in for private porn. Before every application, there are a few questions to be answered, which are quite "in the can". The reports from casting participants also reveal why a little self-examination is indispensable. Tingly observations such as porn stars during gang-bang or anal sex are much sought-after reading material on Eronite. Perhaps the sharp reports from casting participants will encourage some people to apply spontaneously. Five valuable tips should be followed to pass a porn casting Everyone can also check to see if she or he meets the required requirements for the job. Cleanliness and hygiene should be self-evident, but there are other criteria. What you should know about pornocastings If you are invited to test shots, you should bring time with you. It can take several hours. At the beginning there is always a conversation about special preferences. Actresses for bondage, BDSM and nasty role-plays are in great demand. Experienced users describe how they have mastered the special requirements in the section "Reports from casting participants". They draw the attention of interested parties to the advantages and disadvantages. The reports can be used as a decision-making aid for those who are undecided. The idea of being able to fuck the hottest babes may drive some guys to porn casting. For women, it could be the need to be desired and satisfied by several men at once. The enlightening reports of casting participants truthfully reflect the experiences that actually await those involved in test shoots.

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