The Strange World Of Toenail Fetish

By Benno von Sandhayn
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The Strange World Of Toenail Fetish
The Strange World Of Toenail Fetish
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Podophilia in various forms

Toenail fetish – pedicure once different

Admittedly, well-groomed feet also belong to an attractive woman. Especially in summer it looks graceful, even really sexy, when a lady in high-heeled sandals with strikingly painted toenails stalks along. However, there are men (and women too!) for whom such a sight is not enough, because they have a toenail fetish that they want to live out.

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The Strange World Of Toenail FetishWhat is a toenail fetish?

In very simple terms, it’s a sexual preference for toenails. For some, the toenail fetish refers to the nails while they are still on the toes, for others the toenail fetish goes even further. They find sexual gratification in cut toenails. Mostly they are subs who are in bondage to a dominatrix. They literally beg their goddess for their cut toenails. As a gesture of submission or as part of a punishment, they either swallow them or they worship their mistress’s foot nails almost like a relic. For other men, the toenail fetish goes even further. They buy toenails from strangers and get high on them. Some struggle with brittle nails and come across Japanese manicure in their search for solutions. In Vienna, for example, there are currently not many studios that offer the Japanese manicure. Sweet Treat makes it possible, even if the real fetishists rather like the smelly feet.

Where does the toenail fetish come from?

It is a special form of foot fetishism. The latter is one of the most common forms of fetishism. In technical language, foot fetishism is called podophilia. Celebrities with this inclination were the Bavarian King Ludwig I and, in the present, the American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. It is thought that the predisposition to podophilia develops in childhood if there were any sexually arousing experiences involving feet.

Have toenails chewed off?

About half of all men find women’s feet more or less attractive and arousing. Not everyone who feels this way is automatically a foot fetishist as a result. For example, even more men find that large breasts are sexually arousing; yet there are relatively few bosom fetishists.

What are the manifestations of toenail fetish?

That just depends. Some like the cut nails, some like to suck their toes instead, some like their mistress to satisfy them with their pedicured feet or they masturbate on their feet. When it comes to the actual toenail fetish, most prefer long toenails. The longer the better. Nature, however, sets limits to this desire.

The most desirable are toenails pedicured in the so-called French style. The nail tips look white and retain their natural shape as far as possible. Nail polish should contrast with the complexion of the woman. For women with dark skin, a light nail polish goes down best, while for fair-skinned women, polishes in bright neon colors or blood red are most in demand.

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Where does someone with a toenail fetish get nails?

In most cases, a toenail fetish develops as part of the relationship between a dominatrix and her sub. After a time, when a certain familiarity has been established, it is not uncommon for the slave to ask his mistress if he can have her cut toenails. Sometimes the dominatrix performs this task for her sub as a punishment or as a slave education. In such cases, the toenails are usually given to the fetishist free of charge.

However, on the internet there are forums and other websites where people with a toenail fetish can order the objects of their desire for a fee. A set of toenails sells for between 10 and 30 euros, depending on length and condition. Many a dominatrix earns a nice extra income with it (and sells the toenails of her best friend or daughter on the side). If you have a toenail fetish and are into the nails of black women or Latinas, however, you might have a harder time living out your toenail fetish.

This woman does it!

In many Latin American and African countries, voodoo is a common folk belief. However, in voodoo culture, among other things, cut finger or toe nails are used to cast curses on other people. Therefore, when doing hairdressing or manicure or pedicure, all the remnants of hair or cut nails are carefully collected and then burned.

Is a toenail fetish harmful to your health?

As a rule, this is not the case. Toenails are dead body tissue and consist mainly of keratin (horn). If a toenail fetish is pretty unsavory to a non-sufferer, it is not directly hazardous to health. Under particularly bad circumstances, the most that could happen is that the fetishist could sustain internal injuries if the toenails he swallows are particularly long and sharp.

The Strange World Of Toenail FetishDoes a toenail fetish get medical attention?

No, doctors have largely moved away from that these days. In the vast majority of cases, people can live out their toenail fetish (or whatever fetish) and be happy with it, as long as no one gets hurt in the process. A fetish is no longer considered a problem that needs medical treatment. However, there is also a limit. If the fetish causes damage to the health of the person concerned or others, medical-psychological treatment is still given today.

This is also true if the fetish violates applicable laws or if it assumes such proportions that it interferes with the fetishist’s life to a significant degree. The toenail fetish is almost never affected by this, though. It may not be appetizing to the uninitiated, but it’s pretty much always harmless. Reason to intervene would be at most if the toenail fetish was so strong that the fetishist would assault women and cut off their toenails against their will.

Even in our crazy times, however, this sort of thing should be extremely rare. However, most men with a toenail fetish don’t go public with it and prefer to live out their inclination in secret. They’ll do anything not to draw attention to themselves. They can get to know like-minded women for example on this portal.

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