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Lubricant replacement: what works – and what doesn’t work

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Gleitgel-Ersatz: Was geht - und was nicht geht

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Lubricant replacement: Do’s and Don’ts

An artificially produced lubricant does not always have to be produced if it is to slide properly during love play. Whether you don’t have a tube of lubricant at hand or simply want to switch to ecological alternatives – some household remedies are wonderful lubricants. But what can be used as a substitute and what does not work at all? Here you can read everything about lubricant replacement.

Lubricant replacement: what works - and what doesn't workAloe Vera – great lubricant substitute from nature

Probably the best natural lubricant replacement is Aloe Vera. For this reason alone it is practical to have an aloe vera plant in your home! The gel is found in the thick leaves of the plant. If you cut them open, you can simply squeeze out the liquid.

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The moisturizing, cooling gel is not only a real all-rounder in skin care, but you can also use it as a lubricant during sex without hesitation.

Lube substitute coconut oil

Coconut oil is also a natural skin care product that Mother Nature offers. It is well tolerated even by sensitive skin and can be used as a lubricant replacement. At the same time it cares for the mucous membrane and can have a positive effect on the vaginal flora. However, there is one limitation: If condoms are used, coconut oil should be avoided. It, like most other oils, destroys the rubber of the condom. The material can thus become porous and the protection of the condoms is no longer guaranteed.

Cremes & Co.: Not a good substitute for lubricating gel

Many people think that a hand cream or body lotion can be used as a lubricant. However, such care products are not suitable for sensitive mucous membranes. Ingredients such as perfume, alcohol or mineral oil can quickly lead to intimate irritation. So this is not advisable.

Scandal at circumcision: squid rings made of foreskin

Caution should also be exercised with vaseline or baby oil: even if many couples swear by it as a lubricant substitute, the chemical ingredients in vaginal intercourse can confuse the vaginal flora and cause infections. The same also applies to massage oils – unless they are clearly labelled as lubricants on the pack.

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