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Scandal at circumcision: squid rings made of foreskin

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Skandal bei Beschneidung: Tintenfischringe aus Vorhaut

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Squid rings from foreskin mixed into food at ritual in Izmir

Turk Suna (26): “I just felt disgust”

Suna is a fun-loving young woman. She was born in Bottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia, has Turkish roots and flies every summer to her relatives in Izmir. She would never have dreamed that she would one day eat squid rings from foreskin. Even today, the pretty German Turk has to shake her head at the thought alone.

squid rings made of foreskinWhy did they serve squid rings made of foreskin?

Suna stands at the airport Köln-Bonn (CGN) and is still totally perplexed how her cousin Berkan (29) could do something like this to her. They’ve known each other since childhood, she was supposed to marry him. That’s her father’s wish. Instead, she stayed in Germany and studied fashion design in Cologne. She does not wear a headscarf, is not particularly religious, has German friends and is a prime example of successful integration. The 26 year old thinks a lot of family tradition, but is still emancipated and would like to marry the man she loves. And none beforehand for them from other chosen ones.

Her cousin Berkan is a cook, heavily in love with Suna and quite disappointed that the planned wedding is not going to happen. His plan was perfidious and perverse. He wanted to take revenge on his cousin and since he himself could no longer put his lout into the young woman, she should have something else from the family in her: Squid rings made of foreskin. He was sure she’d eat it. Of course she was not allowed to know anything about it and so he hatched his meanness. The trap was set up and in Izmir she was to snap mercilessly at the circumcision of a little boy.

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Circumcision involves cutting away the skin (“foreskin”) that covers the tip of the penis of a male baby or child. In recent years, circumcision of newborns has been a hotly debated topic.

The decision whether to circumcise one’s son can be a question of religion or custom (circumcision is part of Jewish and Muslim custom). In other cases, parents may simply want their son to look like his father or other male family members.

After circumcising the boy, he was asked to eat

Suna loves to eat with her family. And after each circumcision of a boy, the head of the family invites you to an opulent meal. This was also the case in Izmir when the nine-year-old Kemal, Suna’s sixth cousin, was circumcised. There was a big celebration, more than 600 people were present to celebrate the ceremony according to Muslim ritual and afterwards to celebrate extensively.

Out of revenge: rub unwashed acorn on schnitzel

What the young German Turk didn’t know: her cousin Berkan was the cook that evening. After circumcision (the technical term for medical intervention), the vengeful man sneaked into the circumcision room and stole the foreskin, which he mixed with the seafood in the kitchen, thus creating squid rings of foreskin.

Afterwards, in addition to all kinds of Turkish delicacies, these squid rings made of foreskin were also served, but only for Suna, who did not eat meat and today should get a “special treatment”. Of course, the beloved didn’t suspect how special she was supposed to be, and she got tired during the meal. Berkan laughed up his sleeve in the kitchen. Later, when the disappearance of the foreskin was noticed and he moved into the focus of suspicion, he admitted his disgusting act and confessed.

Suna shook herself with disgust and threw up afterwards, immediately left Turkey. Now she is still standing at the airport in Cologne, completely stunned. She wants to break off contact with Berkan.

squid rings made of foreskinResteficker aus Deutschland sind begeistert

One person’s unimaginable disgust is another’s delight. The #teamresteficken from the neighbouring country of Austria is happy about new ideas how to upgrade their own menu. Perverse recipes don’t scare the men away when they say that a delicious soup can be “refined” with smegma or that the unwashed acorn can be rubbed on the schnitzel in the beer garden [Eronite reported]. Where most people feel disgusted, the team of the leftover fuckers can only smile tiredly and throw themselves at the culinary delicacies.

Some lick their cheese feet, others swallow their own sperm and some make homemade yoghurt from the vaginal flora for themselves or their loved ones. Even men who want to eat their own genitals after a castration find their suitable counterpart. The squid rings from foreskin are not quite so unusual there. Less crazy people simply drive to a happy grandma, who serves delicious cakes and wants to be taken through completely in return. And the normal people just get six groceries for their love play together.

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Eronite says: “There is nothing that does not exist. No matter how weird or extraordinary.”

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