4 tips for the perfect dating profile

By Faizel Ahman
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4 tips for the perfect dating profile
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How to increase your chances as an online dater

First impressions count. This saying applies not only to the first personal meeting, but also to online dating. On average, users only take around five seconds to read a profile. A dating profile should be meaningful and interesting, but without exaggerating..

4 tips for the perfect dating profileObserve formalities in the dating profile

e suitable candidates can be filtered out quickly, but this also means that interested people only fly over many profiles. If you want to be successful in online dating, you have to stand out. “Picture and text should result in a harmonious overall picture that appeals to potential lovers. There are a few tricks to follow,” says Wolfgang Herkert, Managing Director of Lovepoint and an expert on sex and partnership.

“Both the profile text and the first letter of contact should not be too long. A short, concise and humorous description is more likely to lead to a date than when users first have to read through a novel. Then they know everything about each other, but as soon as it comes to a meeting, you have nothing more to tell each other.

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Therefore, online dater should rather give only a small insight into their own habits and the emotional world to remain mysterious and interesting. Users should also pay attention to spelling. In everyday life, short messages are often case-insensitive. However, this must not happen with the introduction text.”

Being honest gives you plus points

“Everyone probably knows the saying ‘lies have short legs’ – which means that lies can usually not be sustained for long. Young women in particular like to use filters and editing programs to change their photos to such an extent that little resemblance remains.

Who does not tell the truth with the own on-line profile or shows a changed picture of itself, perhaps first more success with the Chatpartner, but at the latest with a personal meeting everything flies up and the disappointment is large.

Stay authentic in your dating profile

“An honest and authentic profile does not have to appeal to every member, but to the right person. Therefore, it is advisable not to use general phrases such as “being sporty, reading with pleasure and shopping with friends” when listing hobbies, but to become concrete.

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An example: The phrase “I like to travel” gets a more personal note with the addition “with the backpack through America” and also gives an approach for a first topic of conversation. When creating a profile, online dater should always ask themselves first whether they are looking for recognition or new friends, or whether they are looking for true love or a sex partner and adapt their profile accordingly.”

Giving an overview

“Our experience has shown that an online dating profile is particularly well received when it is humorously designed and directly appeals to the potential date. The searcher doesn’t feel like any candidate, but is addressed personally. In this context, users can also give a small outlook on the future and communicate goals. Sentences such as “I would be delighted if you would accompany me on my travels and be just as fond of animals as I am” draw a picture of what the time together could look like”.

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