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Vaginal orgasm: The climax of womanhood

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Vaginaler Orgasmus: Der Höhepunkt der Frau

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Vaginal orgasm – the climax of sex?

In several studies, sex researchers from Germany and Italy dealt with the topics of vaginal orgasm and female climax. The results of the studies are surprising and will disappoint many men.

Vaginal orgasm: The climax of womanhoodWhat’s behind all this?

Vaginal orgasm is a lie and the climax of the woman is reached in other ways.

Whether the results of the study are really correct is not one hundred percent certain. Many women themselves say that a vaginal orgasm regularly helped them to climax. By the way, vaginal orgasm means being brought to climax by your partner with his best piece during sex.

The researchers say that this impression would be deceptive. Rather, the woman’s climax would be reached by rubbing the clitoris. The clitoris is not called clitoris or lust button for nothing. Its cap corresponds to the glans of the penis and is also receptive to kisses, gentle stroking or licking. Sooner or later this triggers an orgasm.

How has women’s sexuality changed over time?

The researchers at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf also dealt with this topic. They carried out a large study with more than 10,000 female students, which lasted several years. The results are pleasing and reveal a trend that is continuing.

Today’s women are much more eager to experiment and more open than a generation ago. Back then, for example, masturbation was still a taboo topic for women and the only true one was a vaginal orgasm during sex. Today many women honestly admit to satisfying themselves at least occasionally. Whereas 20 years ago only 11 percent had a vibrator, today it is 38 percent, more than every third woman.

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What about loyalty?

Better than most people think. Today’s women are much more experimental than their mothers or grandmothers, but at the same time more loyal. A comparable study from 1981 stated that 34 percent of the women who took part at that time had cheated at least once.

In the current study, this percentage dropped to only 4 percent. Indirectly, this sheds a good light on the men. The result shows that most of them get along well with their partner and support sexual experiments. The rising sales of sex toys seem to confirm this.

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