Leading an open relationship: 6 golden rules

By Jens Haberlein
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Leading an open relationship: 6 golden rules

Having an open relationship – couples have to be careful about that

Leading an open relationship – not always a simple matter. What at first sounds like a lot of freedom and variety, in reality requires a lot of trust and discipline – we have compiled 6 golden rules for an open relationship.

A partnership that is no longer about monogamy – many people adopt this attitude as a lifestyle. Who decides for an open relationship and wants to do everything right, pays attention to the following points:

Having an open relationship - couples have to be careful about that1. Giving a leap of faith

Trust is at the top of the list for couples who have an open relationship. The problem is that not even couples who have been together for a long time and love each other sincerely always make it 100 percent. This is in the nature of man, from a biological point of view we expect dangers and prepare ourselves for them.

Fear and mistrust help us to develop a healthy picture of reality and protect ourselves. This means that a leap of faith is the only way to have an (open) relationship – trusting your partner and that everything will be all right, although there is no guarantee.

2. Being open to other (sex)partners yourself

Anyone who decides in favour of an open partnership must be prepared for the fact that other people will play an important role in the life of their own partner. There is no room for jealousy here. In an open relationship, it is often a question of being able to change sex partners – so it is “only” about sex.

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It is important that the participants agree that it is a matter of physical variety in order to satisfy one’s own needs.

3. Open relationship – and always protect yourself during sex!

Changing sexual partners can pose a danger to one’s own health if safe sex is not practised. If they are people you have met spontaneously and don’t know, the danger is even greater. For this reason, protection has priority. A condom should always be in your pocket when you might have sexual intercourse.

4. Don’t blame your partner

Open relationship – nothing for weak nerves. Some people decide that they want to have an open relationship and in the end do not really get along with their decision. They quickly realize that they are angry and desperate when their own partner flirts and has fun with other people.

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It is important that there are no reproaches at this point. These could put a strain on our own partnership. An open, calm and objective discussion can help to solve the problem. In case of doubt, couples decide against an open partnership.

5. Leading an open relationship and agreeing clear rules

Leading an open relationship also means that both partners must agree on the most important principles. For example, the following questions arise: Can I bring someone home with me? Do we have to tell each other about new acquaintances or do we prefer to keep this a secret?

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If you want to ensure that everything remains harmonious, you need to agree clear rules with your partner. This prevents misunderstandings and disappointments.

6. Plan quality time with the partner – lead an open relationship

Very important: An open relationship only makes sense if your own partnership has priority and love is the main motive. For this reason, people who have an open relationship should always plan time for themselves and their partner – there is no room for other (sex) partners, the mobile phone is put away and the time belongs to you alone.

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