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The porn business is often viewed critically by the media landscape. How do the press and TV report on the erotic scene in Germany and Austria?

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Tear thong: This makes men really horny

Tearing open blouses so that the buttons pop off, causing runs on nylons, ripping bra and thong - this is an expression of sexual desire and passion. Tight thighs, firm buttocks and plump breasts put some guys so under power that they can not control themselves.

A sex story

BDSM Sex Story: Slave Kedi Gets Ridden to…

The pretty, young girl Kedi - until then still a virgin - worked for some time to be allowed to serve me as a slave. Just in time for her eighteenth birthday, she presented herself and prepared to begin her slave training under my rule. A BDSM Story.

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Featured: What Makes Fiona Fox Porn?

With the Fiona Fuchs porn comes a breath of fresh air in the erotic industry! A performer emerges on the German porn scene who has what it takes to become a star: the young student Fiona, who causes a sensation and stiff limbs in a men's shared flat. Introducing the girl!

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