Slippery snack: vagina flavored chips

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Slippery snack: vagina flavored chips
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Kettle chips with pussy flavor: How awesome is that?

No, it is not a joke. The vagina-flavored chips actually exist. They are made by the Lithuanian company Chazz and are so popular that they are sold out. The resounding success of the unusual kettle chips came as a surprise even to the manufacturers.

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What is behind this idea?

Slippery snack: vagina flavored chipsThe Chazz company was looking for ways to boost sales of its potato snacks. In the process, people came up with the idea of using sex as a marketing tool. Sex sells – sex sells – is a saying that can be heard again and again in the advertising industry. But instead of simply printing pictures of attractive women on the packs, Chazz took a different approach. They produced vagina-flavored chips because they believe that many Millennials (people born between the eighties and the late nineties) suffer from an acute lack of sex. They have less sex than the generations before them, but on the other hand they are more creative. Many Millennials have forgotten what an aroused pussy tastes like or have even never tasted one. The new chips are supposed to compensate for this shortcoming. The manufacturers promise a lot. They claim their pussy chips are meant to bring back memories of the first love adventure or to make consumers of the chips finally try the taste of a wet pussy for real.

How are the vagina flavored chips made?

The production of the chips corresponds to the usual processes in the food industry. What makes them special is their taste. Finding him was not so easy. A large part of the workforce was involved in the “research”. They researched the Internet, made inquiries in forums, asked women and men in many countries, and certainly included their own experiences.

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The big question was: What does a pussy taste like? Once agreement was reached on this earth-shattering issue, the chips company formulated a specific brief, which they sent to several major spice manufacturers in the EU. The accepted the probably unique challenge created different spice blends.

How does this girl taste?

The folks at Chazz decided on the concoction that was closest to the natural pussy flavor and added it to the kettle chips. The success was resounding. The vagina-flavored chips were as coveted as wet pussies hungry for sex.

How does a pussy actually taste?

This question really comes to mind after the success of the unusual chips. Unfortunately, there are still many prejudices in this area. Many women even today believe “down there” they would smell bad and the taste and smell of their aroused pussy would repel men. The opposite is true. A healthy vagina smells and tastes good. Experienced men who have tasted many pussy describe the taste similar to that of natural yogurt or sesame oil: slightly salty and sweet at the same time, mixed with delicate nutty notes.

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With growing desire, additional substances are secreted in the secretion (vaginal secretion), which increase his appetite for sex. However, out of false shame, many women do not believe this and use all sorts of fragrances and perfumed gels to mask the natural taste and smell. But in doing so, they often achieve the opposite. Many men find the soapy taste and smell repulsive and artificial. Hopefully, the vagina-flavored chips will start a rethink.

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