Sex story: My mother still gives me her breast today

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Sex story: My mother still gives me her breast today
Sex story: My mother still gives me her breast today

Like a baby I sucked her breast

I was still asleep when I heard my mother asking me to open my mouth. Without opening my eyes, I opened my mouth and immediately knew what to do when her breast landed in my mouth. Like a baby, I started sucking on her nipple. She nurses me like a little baby.

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I was proud of my attractive mother

Mom is often compared to Salma Hayek – she’s a Latina and just as beautiful with an amazing petite, toned body and a gorgeous 75-D bust that suits her well. When my friends and I first started noticing girls, my friends gave me a hard time about how hot my mom was, and I was proud of that. Especially because I knew she was hot and their moms were fat and ugly. My usual response to them was, “I wish I could say the same about your mom, but….”. That usually shut her up quickly.

Sex story: My mother still gives me her breast today

They always had some reason for stopping by, like to borrow a book or just hang out, and always asked if my mom was home. In the summer it was even worse. My mother liked my friends and even jumped into the pool with us, always wearing a modest one-piece. I’m sure she had some idea why they were there, but she didn’t make anyone feel unwelcome.

From a young age, Mom and I were on our own. My mother and father met at work. My father was a 28-year-old lawyer and my mother was still at university working part-time at the law firm. My father was the typical white American. My mother says he claimed to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, Italian on Columbus Day, German at Oktoberfest, and that he made her laugh when he ordered a croissant with a terrible French accent.

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My mother appreciated it when my father did the right thing and went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to ask permission to go out with her, even though she was still in college. My grandparents were originally from a small village in Bavaria and had married at a young age. They gave their blessing and my parents started dating, even though their younger brother Ralf was always there as a chaperone.

A month after she graduated from high school they got married and 2 years later my mother gave birth to me, David. My father had a good job and my mother loved to stay home and photograph everything her little boy did. When my mother tells me the story, she always remembers how loving my father was to her and me, his pride and joy.

About four years later, my father went on a camping trip and never came home. He was out with a group of friends climbing a rock wall. My father was really good and had worked as an instructor during law school to pay his tuition. Most of his friends started climbing because of him, but he was definitely the pro in his group. The story goes that he started climbing higher than they had planned. No one knows exactly what happened, but he lost his footing, the ropes were not properly secured and Dad fell.

He spent six months in a coma before he died. It was a sad time for the family. My mother’s family loved him very much. After his death, my mother learned that he had made all the necessary arrangements to ensure that we would be okay financially. The house was paid off and my mother no longer needed to work. She was able to continue living at home.

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When I came home from the hospital, I never left Mom’s bed. She had bought the crib and made up the nursery, but I always stayed in bed with her. I am sure that Dad was not happy about that. After Dad died, she never kicked me out. To me, that was normal and never felt strange. I always loved it when mom hugged me while we watched TV in bed. I felt safe and comfortable. She was the big spoon and I was the little spoon lying in her arms.

When I was in high school, I was taller than them. I joined the school’s soccer team and my friends and I started lifting weights. My mother and I alternated who would be the big spoon and who would be the little spoon. On one of these occasions mom pressed her delicious round ass against my crotch and I got a hard-on. At that time, I enjoyed sleeping with mom for different reasons than when I was a little kid. I was now always aware of what she was doing and wearing. It was a little strange juggling my feelings for her. I loved her as my mother, but I also enjoyed having a hot looking woman in my arms at night.

As her butt rubbed against my crotch, I’m sure she felt my hard cock, but she said nothing. I couldn’t focus on what we were seeing to save my life. After the movie ended, I went to the bathroom in the hallway and started jerking off at the memory of my mom’s beautiful ass rubbing against my cock. I had been jerking off for a little over a year and came as hard as I ever had. I felt like a pervert for jerking off on Mom’s ass, but I told myself that I couldn’t help it because she has a damn good ass. Just ask one of my friends or male teachers.

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Later that weekend, my mother approached me and told me that it was time for me to move into my own room. She reasoned that I was getting older and needed my privacy and so did she. I didn’t quite agree with her and immediately declined. After some back and forth, she agreed that I would sleep in my room during the week and with her on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I still wasn’t happy with it, but she made it clear that the discussion was over. Take it or leave it. I decided to accept it. We continued to cuddle on the weekends and I continued to get boners. I went to the bathroom, masturbated, joined my mother in bed and fell asleep. Everything was good.

A few years later, just before my senior year, my grandpa died. This was a big blow for the whole family. Everyone loved him and we were one big family. My mother was not doing so well and I tried to be strong for her. After the funeral, we returned to Grandma’s house to gather as a family and show her our support and love. My mother’s younger sister, Alicia, had recently been divorced and had moved in with them. It was comforting to know that Grandma would not be alone. During the meeting, my uncles sat in the backyard and talked about Grandpa and, of course, drank. I was offered a flask with the encouragement that it would put hair on my chest. I took a sip and it burned in my throat as I gulped it down. I loved it!

It was getting late and my mother came to me to tell me we were leaving. As we got into the car, she obviously smelled the alcohol on my breath and made it very clear that I was not to drink, even though my uncles said it was okay. I was pretty buzzed and just said okay with a nod of my head.

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I’m not sure why, I suspect the alcohol made me do it, but I decided to tell my mom a recurring dream as we drove home. I also told her that I liked having this dream because it was a very relaxing and peaceful dream where there were no worries and it was just her and me.

“I am lying on your lap and in the dream I am aware that I am an infant. You look down at me and start nursing me and talking to me. Even though I’m a baby, I can understand everything you’re saying: ‘I love you, my little boy. You are such a good little baby with your beautiful brown eyes and your long eyelashes. I’m your mommy and I promise I’ll always take care of you. I love you.'”

When I tell her, she says I remember a memory and tells me that she told me those exact words when I was a baby and she fed me. I’m glad I shared this dream with her, because she was smiling the rest of the way home and in a good mood the rest of the evening. It was a Wednesday and I decided to take the rest of the week off and keep Mom company. We ended up going over to Grandma’s and having a good meal for the rest of the week and weekend.

The next week had flown by. I loved Grandpa and was really depressed to lose him. He had suffered greatly in the last 6 months and so it was bittersweet. I was happy that he didn’t have to suffer anymore, but also sad that he was no longer with us. When I got home on Friday afternoon, my mom wasn’t home yet and I decided to snooze on the couch and watch some TV. Mom came home around 6pm and made dinner. She had been visiting her grandmother.

Sex story: My mother still gives me her breast todayWe ate dinner and retired to the couch to watch some TV. I rested my head on her lap and continued watching our favorite show, The Big Bang Theory. The boys are fun and Penny is nice eye candy. It had been a long week for both of us. During a commercial break, Mom put the TV on pause and asked me how I was doing. I told her I was still getting over Grandpa’s death. She assured me that the pain would subside with time.

She asked me to lie on my back while she put a pillow under my head. I couldn’t help but notice that her big, beautiful breasts were in my face. She asked me to close my eyes while she sang to me in Spanish a nursery rhyme she had sung to me as a little boy while she played with my hair. She also told me that she was sorry that I was having such a hard time coping with the loss, and reminded me that she was there for me and would always take care of me.

I had fallen asleep when I heard Mom asking me to open my mouth. Without opening my eyes, I opened my mouth and immediately knew what to do when her breast landed in my mouth. Like a baby, I started sucking on her nipple. I was so tired that it was difficult to open my eyes. When I finally opened it, my mother was looking down at me. She told me to relax and close my eyes. She said that I would always be her little boy and that she would do anything to comfort me and help me relax. I was back in my peaceful and relaxing dream. I fell asleep again and sucked on her breasts.

When I finally woke up, the living room was completely dark. I got up and made my way to my mother’s room where she was still asleep. I began to wonder if it had all been a dream. It felt so real, but I decided it was obviously a dream. This was the breast dream I had for a long time.

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For a few weeks, everything went back to normal. I was with friends again and they tried to visit me under any pretext. They were obviously trying to get a good look at my mother. We were all boys and we walked around with only one thing on our minds.

It was before my senior year and I was preparing for the SATs. I began to study in earnest. I had promised my mother and I intended to keep that promise. It was Friday night and the exams would begin the following Monday. Mom told me to take a break and come to bed to watch TV with her. I welcomed the distraction and crawled into bed. She had her back to me while watching TV, so I stood behind her, kissed her, and put my arm around her so that it fell on her breasts. It took me a little longer than necessary to realize where my hand had landed. Before I could pull her away, she put her hand on mine and kept it there. I felt my cock getting hard while her nipples were also getting hard. Damn, what was I going to do? I tried to control my breathing while she watched TV in silence.

Suddenly, she turned off the TV and turned around. Our faces were only inches away from each other. She asked how my learning was going and if I felt ready. I told her that I felt good about most parts of the exam, but math was stressing me out. While she was cheering me up and telling me she was sure I would do well, she started unbuttoning her pajama top. She was lying on her back and suddenly both breasts were there, uncovered and exposed! They were stunning! No, they were perfect! She has lightly tanned C cup breasts with small dark nipples whose areolas are not much bigger. Damn, they are beautiful!

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She reached out her hand and held her breast out to me. “Come here, baby. You need to relax. Let mommy help you, like I did when you were a baby.” Holy shit! My mother offered me her breasts and I did not hesitate. My cock immediately got hard when she told me to relax by her breasts and I started sucking hard. She yelped in pain and told me to slow down as I lay across her belly. After a while I realized that I was mindlessly caressing her belly while I had her breast in my mouth. I started stroking her belly with my hand and she seemed to like that because I heard her moan softly a few times.

I decided to give it a try and slowly wandered up to her other breast. Finally, I put my hand on her other breast and left it there without moving my hand. When she said nothing, I started moving my hand up and down, making sure to rub her hard nipple with my palm. I looked up and saw her throwing her head back, obviously enjoying the attention I was giving her breasts. Soon I started rubbing her nipple with my hand, squeezing and grabbing her breasts while sucking on them. Her breasts were touched by her son and she enjoyed it! I suspect she didn’t even realize how loudly she was moaning as she started bouncing her hips up and down. Her nipples felt like pebbles in my mouth.

She moaned and “ah” as she began to tremble. I gave her an orgasm and she was in heaven. She started to shake and her hips moved up and down rapidly before she came to a stop with a loud sigh, obviously recovering from her orgasm. She lay there for a minute trying to catch her breath as she gently pushed me off of her. She started buttoning up her pajama top and told me that was enough for tonight and I needed to get back to studying. I left her room and went straight to the bathroom. When I went in, I had already pulled my shorts down to my ankles. I didn’t bother to close the door, but took out my cock, stroked it hard and squirted my cum into the shower stall in what felt like 30 seconds.

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I went back to the desk in my room. I thought about what had just happened and my cock got hard again. There was no way I was going to study the rest of the night. I lay down naked on my bed, reached for some lotion and stroked him very slowly. I wanted her tits more than ever. As a horny teenager I had always admired their size and how great they looked on mom. But now I wanted them all along.

Not much happened over the next couple of weeks. I had to find a way to do it again. I realized that the night I had made mom jerk off by sucking and playing with her breasts was not the first time. The dream of sucking on her breasts had not been a dream. I also learned that after I told her about my dream where I sucked on her breasts as a baby and felt relaxed and peaceful afterwards, she started offering me her breasts every time I expressed any tension or stress in my life.

Guess what I told her on Friday after a long and “stressful” week? She came home after spending most of the day at her grandma’s house. We greeted each other with a hug and a kiss as always. We talked about our day while I kept her company in the kitchen while she prepared dinner. She told me about the guy her sister Alicia had been seeing, and I told her about my “horrible” day. She dished up the plates and we ate dinner. After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and retired to the living room to watch TV. Before that, we ran to our rooms to put on our pajamas. I was wearing a T-shirt and my boxers. Mom came down wearing two-piece pajamas that consisted of a button-up top and shorts.

Friday nights I was usually out with friends, but tonight I had other plans. Mom and I sat on the couch and watched TV for a while before I rolled over and lay down on the couch, using her lap as a pillow. We watched TV for another 10 minutes before I turned my head to look up at Mom and explain why I was feeling stressed. When I explained this to her, I got a little cocky and actually started to slowly unbutton her top. She didn’t say anything, just listened to me as I continued to explain how her top came undone and I could see her perfect breasts. Her beautiful nipples were exactly as I remembered them. Dark and hard. I lifted my head and my mouth encircled her nipple while my other hand reached for her other breast and began to caress it.

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My mother actually grabbed a pillow and put it under my head. When she did, I knew that this was a change in our relationship and that this would definitely happen more often. Like the first time, I sucked her breast while playing with the other, squeezing and lightly pinching her nipple. That was the moment when things began to change between us. Mom looked down at me and smiled.

She looked at me and asked softly, “Baby, do you like sucking on mommy’s breasts?”

“Mm, hmm”

“Do you like to hold and squeeze mommy?”

“Hm, hm”

“Does that make you feel better?”

“Mm, hmm”

“Baby, Mommy will always do everything she can to make you feel safe and relaxed.”

She put her head back and let me continue. I noticed that her orgasm was approaching. As before, she moaned louder and louder and I felt her hips begin to thrust upward. She “oohed” and “ahhed” louder and louder and kept asking me to suck her tits harder. When she said that, my cock was rock hard. Her asking me to suck harder confirmed that I was giving her sexual pleasure and that she liked it.

Finally, she let out a loud “AHH!” and her body simply collapsed. She gently pushed my head away and pulled her breast away from my mouth. She leaned her head back and sat there with her breasts gently moving up and down as she breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath. After a while, I sat up and made my way to the bathroom. My cock was hard, pitching a tent in my boxers and begging for release. Instead, my mother reached out and held my hand. I helped her up and she held my hand as she led me to her room. Damn, she looked so sexy with her open top barely covering her delicious breasts.

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She pulled me into bed with her. She told me to take off my t-shirt and lay on my stomach so I could relax from the horrible day I had had. I did as she said while she ran to get a bottle of lotion. She climbed into bed, sat on my back and on my butt. She squirted some lotion into her hands and began her massage.

She began by working her way up from my waist to my neck. Since my mother is very petite, while sitting on my butt, she had to bend down to reach my neck. To my surprise, she had taken off her top completely and massaged me topless. As she touched my neck, I felt her healthy, firm tits rubbing against my back. At this point, my cock was stuck between the bed and my belly and felt like it was about to explode. During the massage she was very quiet, only the soft music on her phone could be heard. While her hard nipples rubbed against my back, I couldn’t tell if she was doing it on purpose. At that moment I didn’t care, because her hard nipples felt good on my back.

It was hard not to come, but the feeling soon passed as she went back down to my waist and continued with my legs. She focused on giving me a really good massage that put me to sleep. She paused for a moment and asked me to lift my hips while she took off my boxers. Since I was feeling relaxed, I didn’t think any more about it. She took them off completely before starting to massage my buttocks. She kept kneading my butt cheeks and it felt great! She wandered down to my thighs and up to my butt before massaging my back one last time. She tapped me lightly on the butt and asked me to turn around.

I turned slightly, forgetting that I was completely naked, until I felt my cock sticking up in the air. My natural reaction was to cover up and apologize. With a knowing smile, she asked me if she had caused this. I nodded my head quietly and then excused myself. She grabbed my hands and told me I had nothing to apologize for. I was her son and she had obviously seen me naked. Yes, about 10 years ago,” I thought to myself. Reluctantly, I allowed her to pull my hands away and put them on my sides. She asked me to close my eyes and explained that she would now massage my front.

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She started with my arms and massaged my neck first before massaging the other. When she reached my neck, she worked her way down. In the process, she “accidentally” bumped into my tail and quickly apologized, saying it was so big that it was in the way. I did not complain and moaned softly every time she “accidentally” touched him. She continued to stroke my torso and cock before working her way down my legs.

At that moment, a sexy lady had her small soft hands all over my body and my cock started to hurt. At that moment it happened. My mother took her hands away for a moment while she applied more lotion to her hands. She said she knew she had caused my erection and that she wanted to help me with it.

This was the first time I felt someone else touching my cock. I had often jerked off at the thought of someone else doing it for me, but now it was a reality.

“My God, baby, you’re really hard. Your cock, oops, sorry, your penis is beautiful, honey. You remind me so much of your father…. I want you to relax and enjoy it,” she said at last in a low, sultry tone.

At that point, Mom sat next to me and I did what came to mind. I reached out and pulled her to me so I could suck and play with her tits. She started stroking my cock even harder as I took her tits into my mouth. I asked her if I made her feel good, and she responded with an “mm-hmm” as she gasped. I told her how good her hands felt on my cock and asked her if she liked holding her little boy’s cock in her hands. She said it felt great and she wanted to help me relax.

I got the next shock of the evening. I told her that I was on the verge. She asked me where I wanted to come. I reached for the stars and told her to lie on her back because I wanted to squirt my sperm on her breasts. I expected her to reprimand me, but instead she lay down on her back and I wasted no time in getting up and throwing a knee over her hips. She reached down and started jerking me off again while begging me to touch her breasts.

“I know you love mom’s big tits. Come off for me baby, come on mama’s big titties!”

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That’s it. I felt my cock explode in her hands! The first two shots actually landed in her mouth, but she didn’t stop. Her hands continued to stroke my cock while more cum landed on her tits and tight stomach. My vision blurred for a while and I felt like I would never stop coming. When I finally arrived, I got out and lay down next to my mother. I looked over at her and saw her wiping the cum that had landed on her chin into her mouth. When I looked down at her, I saw that both her tits were also splattered with my cum.

We both lay there catching our breath without saying anything as we stared at each other. After a few minutes, she quietly got up from the bed and grabbed her pajama top to prevent my cum from dripping onto the carpet as she ran to the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom topless and had wiped my cum off her chest. She had a warm washcloth in her hand and went over to clean my penis. The towel felt good, but her warm hands felt even better, making my cock hard again.

She looked at me with the sexiest smile ever as she dropped the towel and slowly began to caress me. After stroking it for about five minutes, she grabbed my feet and pulled them so that I was now sitting on the edge of the bed while lying on my back. Still making eye contact with me and with that damn sexy smile, she grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my cock as she began to move them up and down. Now I fucked my mother with the tits! Yes, I fucked my own mother in the tits.

“Does that feel good, baby? Do mom’s big tits feel good on your dick?”

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“Mm-hmm,” I replied as I breathed heavily again, knowing I was about to come. She reached for the bottle of lotion, applied some to my cock, and again pressed her tits firmly against my cock as she moved them up and down faster and faster. The lotion made it easier for my cock to slide between my mother’s tits.

“Are you going to cum for mommy again, my boy? Are you going to cum on my tits?”

Half a second after she said those words, my cock exploded again and my cum shot right into her face and onto her chin, landing on her luscious tits. Once again she swallowed what she could before reaching for the towel to clean my cock before walking away.

I heard her going into the shower and wanted to join her, but I froze and couldn’t muster the courage to join her. Soon I heard her turn off the water before she came into the bedroom wrapped only in a towel. She opened a drawer and pulled on a pair of bikini panties before dropping the towel and opening a drawer for her pajamas. I did not want to miss this opportunity.

“Mom, don’t wear pajamas. You look beautiful just the way you are.”

“You want me to walk around in just my panties in front of my little boy? What will people say?” she said with a devilish smile on her face.

“That you are the sexiest mother in the world and that I am a lucky son to have such a hot looking mother.”

“You’re so sweet, honey,” she replied as she closed the drawer and got into bed in just her panties. To give you an idea, imagine Salma Hayek topless and only in bikini panties. She crawled into bed and snuggled her head against my chest while I lay on my back. She was perfect in my arms while her tits were pressed against my side. My cock was getting hard again, but I heard her soft snoring, which meant the fun was over for tonight.

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“These will always be yours, baby. From the day you were born, I fed it to you. But now they are yours and help you relax. You can come to me and suck them anytime….
When I woke up the next morning, the smell of coffee and bacon woke me up and the memory of what had happened the night before immediately came back to me. I got a hard-on as I remembered my mother sitting on her knees and squeezing her two big, beautiful tits around my cock, moving them up and down and teasing me with her words to cum on her tits.

I jumped out of bed and did what I needed to do in the bathroom before heading downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen, the way Mom was dressed confirmed that last night was not a dream. She was sitting at the kitchen table and looked very sexy. She was wearing a loose silk robe with half of her tits peeking out. Her nipples were barely covered. The glass table top showed me that she was wearing bikini panties that were exposed between her legs. My cock was hard the moment I saw her.

“Sorry, honey. I had to put this on, I got a little cold. Sit down, I’ll serve you breakfast.” I sat down and enjoyed Mom’s butt while she moved around the kitchen to serve me breakfast, wearing her silk robe that reached below her fabulous butt. As she reached for a plate from the cupboard, I could see her butt under the bathrobe. After serving me breakfast, she asked me what I was up to today and if I wanted to accompany her since she was on her way to her grandma’s house. I thanked them for the invitation, but explained that I had plans with Ryan.

She turned and briskly left the kitchen. After last night, I stared at her butt and wondered how far she would let our new relationship go. Maybe she would allow me to massage her. Would she allow me to touch her juicy ass? She quickly looked over her shoulder and caught me staring at her butt with a flirtatious smile.

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“Are you looking at your own mother?”

“Sorry, but this isn’t the first time, Mom,” I replied with a big grin on my face. She shook her head slowly as she walked away, wiggling her butt a bit more exaggeratedly.

While I was still in my room, Mom called out that she was leaving, reminding me not to forget that there was a date that night. It was Saturday and we went out to dinner at least once a month. It was something we had done as a family before Dad died, and she had continued it. I finished dressing and made my way to Ryan’s house. I stayed for a bit while he got ready before we headed to the park.

Saturday mornings there were always a lot of people there to play a game. We waited a few games before we got started. All the guys on our team were from our school’s basketball team, so we stayed on the court for about five games before getting beat. In the meantime, more people had shown up and the wait was getting longer. We decided to head back to Ryan’s house to hang out for the rest of the day and play some GTA.

“Come on, I have a surprise for you in my closet.” said Ryan to me as we were halfway to his house. I begged him to tell me what he was talking about, but he wouldn’t let up. When we finally arrived, we greeted his mother, who was sitting in the living room watching TV. She told him that he really needed to mow the lawn when his father returned from his uncle.

We ran up the stairs and closed the door after entering Ryan’s room. Ryan told me to make sure the door was closed while he started going through his closet. He pulled out an old cardboard box, put it in front of me and said, “Merry Christmas, asshole.” I looked in the box and found all kinds of old porn magazines from the 70s and 80s.

“What the hell is that?”

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“I think this is my dad’s old porn collection. I found it in the garage. I thought you might like to look through them. Anyway, there’s one I want to show you.” He reached into the box and flipped through the various magazines before finding what he was looking for. It was a hustler. He flipped through it until he found one of the girls who was completely naked and looked a lot like my mother. She was a Latina, petite, had big tits with dark nipples and a really nice ass.

“Does she remind you of anyone?” he asked with a shit-eating grin on his face. I reached for the magazine and stared at the girl for a minute before closing it and tossing it back into the box. She really looked like my mother and her tits were identical. I got a hard-on just looking at the girl in the magazine, remembering what we had done last night. I wondered if Mom’s pussy was that hairy too. I reached into the box and pulled out another magazine before sitting down on his bed. The magazine had a section with stories that readers had allegedly written about their sexual exploits. Most of them were unbelievable, of course, but there were some that piqued my interest.

One was about a brother and sister fucking each other. Another was about a father and daughter and the one that caught my attention was about a son and his mother. It detailed how they first fucked each other and the ways he fucked her – missionary position, doggy, cowgirl, etc. This made me think and wonder if my mother would really go that far and if I would be willing to fuck my own mother.

After a while, we put the magazines aside for a later visit and started playing GTA. Soon it got late and I got up and left, telling Ryan that my mom would be waiting for me. Of course, he told me to say hello to my mother on his behalf. I told him that I would definitely tell her, even if I never did. I came home, showered, and waited another hour for my mother before I saw her coming down the stairs. She always dressed fancy when she went out with me, but that night her look was especially exciting.

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She wore a figure-hugging little black dress that reached mid-thigh and showed off her big tits, cleavage and shapely legs. I stared at her as she came down the stairs, not really knowing what to say. The dress accentuated her slim waist and hips and perfect ass as she turned for me.

“Baby, I know how much you love my boobs. I thought I’d wear something you’d like today.” She grabbed the keys and we made our way to the garage, where she insisted I open the passenger door for her while she gave me the keys. I walked around the car to the driver’s side and got in. We decided on a new restaurant and headed there.

“I hope the table is to your liking and I must say you make a lovely couple.” I’m not sure if the host was trying to butter us up, but Mom looked at least ten years younger and hotter in her dress and I was wearing a jacket that made me look older. He asked if he could start us off with some drinks and my mother ordered two glasses of Merlot. The table we sat at was in a corner and offered us some privacy. It was obvious that the table was meant for real couples.

I couldn’t help but test the limits of our new relationship. After the waiter came back with our drinks and took our food order, I looked at my mom and told her she looked beautiful and asked her if she really put the dress on just for me because her boobs looked so great? She assured me that she had and asked me if I agreed with what we had done the night before. I told her that I liked what we had done and hoped we could do it again. She told me that we could.

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“Great! Let’s do it right now.”

“What do you mean, honey?” she asked me with a confused look on her face. I stared at her tits for a while before asking her to show them to me. I was about to ask her, but I decided to tell her. I didn’t want her to have a choice.

“Show me your tits.”

“Right here, right now? Are you serious?”

“Yes. Show me your tits.” She reached up to grab the first strap of her dress, but looked at me hesitantly. I looked around to make sure the waiter wasn’t coming and looked back at her and nodded my head. She quickly pulled down both straps and her tits were revealed. The same beautiful tits I had sucked and the same tits she had wrapped around my cock came out, in all their glory, just for me.

“Is that what you wanted, baby? You wanted to see Mommy’s big tits?” She released her breasts for maybe 10 seconds, but to me it felt like an hour. She quickly pulled her straps up and we toasted her tits before she took a sip and started laughing. That was about the time the waiter brought our food. She just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Do you think he saw something? Oh my God, David. You’re going to get me in trouble. Look at what you’re making me do.” We focused on our dinner, which was delicious. The extra glasses of wine helped us enjoy the evening. We declined the offer for dessert and were soon on our way home. I realized that my mother was horny when she put her hands on my lap during the ride and asked me again if I had enjoyed last night. I could only nod as I did my best to focus on the road.

“Baby, do you like sucking on my breasts? Does sucking on mommy’s breasts really help you relax?”

“Yes, I do.”

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“You make me feel so special, baby. I feel special when you suck on them. When she used the word “special,” I had to clarify. We had come this far and she had her hand on my lap, I just wanted her to make it clear what she meant.

“Mom? If I suck your breasts, will you have an orgasm?” She stroked my things for a minute or two before answering.

“Sometimes. But it always feels good.”

“I’m glad I made you feel good.”

“Do you like Mommy’s hands on your cock?” Before last night, she had never spoken like that. But now her words made me hard and horny and I hoped that last night would repeat itself.


“Did you enjoy cumming on Mom’s big tits last night?” she whispered seductively.

“Yes, damn it.” That was the moment when I felt her hand on my cock. She began to rub her cock over my pants.

“Did my tits feel good on your cock?”

“Mmm hmm.” I tried my best not to cum in my pants. The way she spoke and rubbed her hand on my cock made me nervous. I’m not sure if that was their intention, but luckily it was when I turned the corner of our street. A minute later, we pulled into the garage. I quickly got out and went to open her door. I helped her out and she pulled me to her to kiss me on the cheek and compliment me on being a gentleman on our date.

While we were making our way to the bedroom, Mom suggested we change and get in the hot tub. I quickly agreed and headed to my room to grab a bathing suit. When I entered my room, she stopped me and looked at me with a sexy pout.

“Sweetie, can you help me with this zipper?” she asked as she turned around. I carefully pulled down her zipper as far as possible. She pulled down the straps on her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. She stood with her back to me and wore only a black thong panty and high-heeled shoes. The thong between her butt showed her smooth ass cheeks. I had seen her in a slip last night, but it wasn’t as revealing as what I was seeing now. My cock got harder and my mind went crazy wondering how far this would go.

Deutsche Erotikstars

She turned and looked at me with a smile on her face. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for helping her with the dress while pressing her tits against me. I’m sure she could see the shocked look on my face.

“Thank you, sweetheart. Didn’t you want me like this when we got home?” she asked as she walked away without waiting for an answer. I just stood there staring not only at her butt, but at her whole body. She is so damn sexy and I loved what just happened. I had no idea where this was going, but how could I not love seeing my sexy mom’s petite figure with the narrow waist and thong panties showing off her gorgeous ass?

I quickly put on my bathing suit, grabbed a towel and headed for the hot tub. I must have changed very quickly, because mom was still not there. I dropped my towel on one of the chairs and got into the hot tub. I sat down and enjoyed the jets of water for a while before I saw Mom come out barefoot, with her hair up, wrapped only in a towel, and her shoulders bare. She walked over to the chair where I had placed my towel and took off her towel. She was topless and wearing only the bottom half of what I can only assume was a bikini. She had always worn a one-piece when we went to the pool. I was not even aware that she had a bikini.

She walked over and held onto the railing as she got in. She asked me if I liked what she was wearing, and of course I told her I did. She came over and sat down next to me. We sat there for a while, me staring at her tits and her leaning her head back, enjoying the rays massaging her back. We talked about dinner and how crazy it was that she had shown me her tits. She insisted that it would have been my fault if we had been caught, because she claimed that I had made her do it.

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While we were going back and forth about who was really to blame, her hand landed in my crotch. She began to massage my cock. She rubbed my cock for a while before telling me that she was only topless because I had already seen her breasts. Since she had already seen my cock, it was only fair that I took off my swimsuit. As she said that, she was already helping me untie my pants and started pulling them down. I helped her by lifting my butt and she took it off completely, struggling a bit because of my stiff cock.

She put her small hands around my cock and slowly started stroking my cock. Her little hands felt great on my cock and all I could do was look at her and tell her how good it felt. There sat my mother next to me, topless and looking stunning, while her two hands enclosed my cock. As I looked at her, I felt the urge to kiss her. Not the way I usually kissed her, with a kiss on the mouth or cheeks, but like the few girls I had kissed in school. I wanted to put my lips on hers and sensually explore her mouth with my tongue. I wanted to feel her lips on mine and her tongue in my mouth. I held back because I was afraid of what she would say. She must have sensed what I was feeling. She pulled her hands off my cock and straddled me. She stood up and now stood with one knee on either side of my lap.

“Here, baby. Are you sucking mommy’s boobs?” she said as she stood on her knees and brought one of her breasts to my mouth. We did not break eye contact as I opened my mouth and she fed her nipple. I started sucking on her breast while she held onto my shoulder with her other hand to encourage me and tell me how good I made her feel.

“That’s it, baby. Suck on it, suck on mommy’s breast. That feels so good, honey, so damn good. You make me feel so good.” I couldn’t help it, my hands instinctively reached for the back of her thighs and began to caress her legs, moving my hands up and down. She switched breasts, her hands changing position as she fed me with her other breast and continued her encouragement. I continued stroking her legs, but I hesitated to put my hands on her butt. I could feel the underside of her ass cheeks as my hand went up, but as much as I wanted her ass in my hands, I couldn’t do it.

Deutsche Erotikstars

“These will always be yours, baby. From the day you were born, I fed them to you. But now they’re yours to help you relax. You can come to me and suck on them anytime you want. I will always nurse you, just like when you were a baby.” I continued to suck on mom’s tits. I slowed down and just enjoyed her hard nipples in my mouth. I wasn’t sure how far this would go, thinking of the incestuous stories I’d read in the old porn magazines at Ryan’s, but I didn’t care. At that moment I was her baby and mommy was feeding me with her love. It was just a new way for us to express our love for each other. Mommy just fed her baby.

We never lost eye contact while my mouth was on her breasts. She looked at me lovingly and stroked my pearl, telling me how much she loved me and asking me to suck on her a little harder. I sucked hard and she encouraged me to suck even harder. The first time I sucked on her, she asked me to be gentle, but now she had an expression on her face and begged me to suck even harder on her breasts. I simply did what she asked. At that moment she began to tremble, rubbing her pussy against my cock and throwing her head back. She grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me closer to her breasts as she continued to shake. When she slowed down, she looked at me with lust in her eyes.

“Kiss me. Come here and kiss mommy!”

I knew exactly how she felt, I felt the same way. I brought my mouth to hers and we kissed, gently at first, enjoying the sensuality of our first kiss. It was not long before our lips and tongues went wildly at each other. This wasn’t a schoolgirl I was passionately kissing, this was my mother and I wanted to show her how much I loved her. This went on for a few minutes before she broke away from me and told me to get up and sit on the edge of the hot tub.

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“Get up, baby. Sit up there, I know how much you love my tits on your cock,” she said with a devilish look on her face. I wasn’t going to complain, even though getting out of the tub brought quite a temperature difference. I sat up and she pushed my knees apart so she had room between my legs. She pulled up her tits and put them on my cock. She moved them up and down a few times, but they didn’t slide up and down smoothly.

“We need something to make them glide smoothly over your cock.” What she did next literally blew my mind. She lowered her head and took my cock into her warm mouth. That was an incredible feeling! I had been with a few girls and only two of them had given me a blowjob. This wasn’t my first blowjob, but it was the best I had ever gotten, and she had barely taken me in her mouth. The way she held my shaft as she slowly took more and more of it into her warm mouth was incredible. I just sat there and was completely overwhelmed as she bobbed her head and felt the warmth of her mouth as she continued to suck on my cock. My beautiful, hot, sexy mom had my cock in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob ever. The way she had teased me all evening, the way she had shown me her breasts in the restaurant, the way she had rubbed my cock on the way home, the way she had come topless in the hot tub, the way she had fed me her breasts and kissed me, I knew that I would not last long would hold out.

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I leaned back and propped myself up with my hands as I looked down at my mother, who looked stunning with my cock in her mouth. I began to wonder if the stories I had read about mothers and sons or fathers and daughters might be true. Mom and I have always been close, but I wondered how many mothers and sons would be even closer if they expressed their love for each other physically? How many girls would form a strong bond with their fathers?

Suddenly I felt my balls begin to tingle, a feeling I knew all too well. I was very close and knew what was about to happen. I started gyrating my hips and warned her that I was about to come. I tried to gently push her away, but she just batted my hand away and took me deeper inside her. She kept bobbing her head and sucking hard on my cock as if trying to get my cum out. The moment one of her hands gently caressed my balls, I exploded and came as violently as I had never experienced before. I thrust my hips up, shoving more of my cock into her mouth and feeding her my cum as she swallowed one strand after another. She continued and finally I felt that she had sucked me dry.

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When it was all over and I felt that feeling that every man has after cuming, she looked up at me with a big smile. I felt good and thanked her for it. I wondered if I could also go to her if I wanted a blowjob. How would that work? Mom, suck my dick or mom, can you please suck my dick?

“Did you like that, honey? Did you like jerking off in mommy’s mouth?” She got out and grabbed both of our towels and tossed mine to me while wrapping hers around her chest. She took my hand and told me it was time to go to bed. I wrapped my towel around my waist and followed her upstairs to her bedroom. She showered first and then I did. Again I had the urge to drop my towel and go to her, but I hesitated. After she came out, I went in and took a shower myself. When I came out, I was speechless. She was lying on her bed looking like a stunning porn star, hands above her head and dressed only in the most provocative red panties I had ever seen on her.

I couldn’t help myself. I went over and laid on top of her. She spread her legs for me and wrapped them around my waist as we began kissing and wrapping her arms around my neck. I kissed her hard and felt my cock getting hard. She moaned as we kissed, and that’s when I realized that not only was I capable of fucking my own mother, but I wanted to. I was still a virgin, but I knew what I wanted to do with her.

We kissed for a long time like lovers before I moved down to enjoy the softness of her neck before my mouth landed on her tits. I could never get enough of her flawless breasts with perfect dark brown nipples. Her breasts felt great when I started sucking on them. She had told me that they were mine and I could have them whenever I wanted. Her nipples were hard and I could not stop. I went back and forth from left to right and loved it when mom moaned.

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“Yes, baby, yes. That feels so good!” I didn’t bite her, but sucked on her nipples as hard as I could. My cock pressed against her and I’m sure she could feel my hard cock, at least I hoped she could. After a while I kissed her again and enjoyed how her tongue played crazy in my mouth. It was obvious that she was horny.

My hands wandered up and down her tight body, making her moan even louder. She reached down and grabbed one of my hands and guided it to her pussy. I had touched other girls’ pussies over their jeans before, but I had never gotten this close as my hand stroked them over her panties. I felt the moisture coming out of her pussy.

“Take off my panties, baby. Take off mommy’s panties.” I stood up and now knelt on either side of her legs. I looked at her nervously, not knowing exactly what to do. My experience with girls, or in this case women, was very limited. As gentle as I wanted to be, I was nervous and didn’t want to do anything wrong.

She reached for my hands, placed them on either side of her waistband and instructed me to pull it down, asking me if I wanted to see her pussy.

“Pull my panties down, honey. Don’t you want to see Mommy’s wet pussy? My God, baby, you’ve got me so excited.” I did as she told me and was speechless when I saw her smooth, hairless and wet pussy. I pulled her panties further down and off her legs, but I couldn’t stop staring at her pussy. I expected her to be hairy, but I was glad to see her clean shaven.

I had the desire to taste them. I had read in the magazines the day before that sons have an instinctive need not only to fuck the pussy they come from, but also to lick and eat the pussy that gave them life. I was now kneeling in front of her pussy and her legs were on either side of me as I continued to stare at her. I had the full view of a stunning woman looking at me with her beautiful face, perfect tits and clean shaven pussy.

“Touch me, baby. Make mommy feel good. Move your hands up and down slowly and I’ll show you how to make me feel good.” I sat on my ankles and slowly moved down her legs, stroking her thighs and hearing her moan as my hands slowly moved down until my fingers touched her slit for the first time. It was the first time I touched a pussy and the fact that it belonged to the sexiest woman in the world only made my cock harder.

Deutsche Erotikstars

She took my index finger in her hand and gave me a lesson in sex education, showing me the different parts of her pussy. Above all, she showed me where her labia and clitoris were and explained what feels good on a woman. It had been almost thirteen years since Mom had had sex with another man.

After a while she let go of my hand and instincts took over. I lay down next to her and we began to kiss softly, my fingers following the same rhythm as our kiss. As our kiss became more intense, so did my fingers.

“Right there, right there,” she said, gasping. I stimulated her clitoris and she began to tremble slightly.

“Suck my boobs, oh my god, suck mommy’s boobs.” I moved my head down and took her tits in my mouth while she held them up for me to feast on. Her pelvis began to gyrate harder, thrusting up and down, up and down.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Put a finger in me. Put your fingers in my pussy. Do it, oh fuck, do it!” I had seen it all before in porn, but now it was my mother begging me to put my fingers inside her. I moved my hands down and found her hole. I started by running a finger up and down her slit, teasing her clit a few times before my fingers entered her for the first time. I started with just one finger, but she very quickly begged for more.

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“Put more fingers in, baby. Put more fingers in my pussy!” I turned around to adjust my hand so that I could finger fuck her even better. My hand now went in and out of her as fast as I could and she pushed her pussy up while my fingers thrust wildly in and out of her.

“Take it baby, take my breasts and squeeze them. Make me feel good!” I grabbed her tits and kneaded them as best I could. At first I started gently, but when I noticed that she moaned louder and louder the harder I pressed, I grabbed her really tight and that’s when she started shaking and quivering uncontrollably. She also let out a very loud scream before telling me to stop as I had done a good job.

Deutsche Erotikstars

While she lay there trying to regain her composure, I went between her legs and put my nose very close to her pussy. The smell was intoxicating and familiar, as if I had been there before. I was determined to taste them. When my tongue touched her for the first time, she immediately pulled back and told me I didn’t have to do that. I pushed her hands away from my head and told her I had to do it. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew a lot more about her vagina than I did before the whole thing.

I focused on her labia first before moving my tongue up to find her clit and savor the taste. My mother reached down and grabbed my head. She told me to slow down and gave me instructions on where to lick and what to suck on. I did as she told me and knew I was doing a good job when I heard her start to moan and press her pussy against my face. Because of my experience watching porn, I took my hand and started to finger fuck her. Her moans became even louder and showed me that I had done well.

“Yeah, baby, yeah. That’s it. Lick it, baby, lick Mommy’s pussy!” She moaned loudly and spoke to me in a loud, excited voice while I gently sucked her clit and pumped my fingers in and out as fast as I could. She continued her encouragement as she raised her pelvis against my mouth. She began to tremble and I knew she was about to come. I did not stop. I kept her clit in my mouth and as tired as my hand was, I knew I had to keep going. I had to do this for them.

Suddenly she let out a loud scream, her butt fell onto the bed and she just lay there shaking as I slowly pulled my fingers out and pulled my mouth away. She looked up at me and could only say the words “Thank you” as she patted the bed next to her and motioned for me to lie down next to her. I moved closer and held her in my arms while she enjoyed her orgasm.

It wasn’t long before she took a deep breath and snored softly. I fell asleep happy because I was able to give my mother great joy.

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The dynamics of our relationship certainly changed after that night. How could it be otherwise? Aside from making love, Mom and I had enjoyed the pleasures of oral sex with each other. I had learned what it means to give a woman oral sexual pleasure. It was my own mother’s pussy that I had tasted. I loved them. If we could, I would have spent the rest of my life with my mouth on her sweet cunt. I’m not sure if it was the taboo of snacking on my own mother or the innate sexual attraction between mother and son.

Unfortunately for me, she insisted on keeping some rules, albeit with some changes. I was forced to continue sleeping in my bed during the week and only be with her on the weekends. That should keep me focused on school. However, during the week she came to my room to tuck me in. That was my favorite time of the evening. She came and stood in front of me while taking off her top and exposing her beautiful breasts. She lay down next to me and held it out to me, just as she had done when she fed me as a baby. I fell asleep while sucking on her breasts and she stroked my head and told me how much she loved me.

Her clothes in the house also changed. Of course, my favorite part was when she was just walking around in her panties, but there were times when she had to put something on. Another time she just wanted to tease me with sexy clothes. She wore short shorts and tight tops, especially when Ryan came to visit. She knew for a fact that he had a crush on her. I remember the first time he saw her, he got a boner and ran into a wall while staring at her. It was hard for Mom and me not to laugh. She wore a tight top without a bra that showed off her erect nipples. She loved the attention she was getting from both Ryan and me. It just gave Ryan another reason to visit her more often and talk about her incessantly when we were at school. It was quite clear that he was infatuated with her.

Deutsche Erotikstars

Things also got better between us on the weekends. I slept over on weekends and she started wearing underwear to bed. She kept it on and looked like a slutty porn star while she sucked my cock, only to have me undress her when it was my turn. We also started exploring different positions and places, like her sucking my cock while we watched TV in the living room, or her sitting on my face and telling me to lick her pussy. The first time this happened was after we had a good time in the hot tub and she had several glasses of wine.

We usually got out of the hot tub and put on our robes before going back in. When we both got out of the hot tub, she grabbed my hand and ran naked across the yard as we walked into the house. It was a full moon and when I saw her running completely naked in the garden, my cock was harder than ever. She is petite and has a 34C bust that looks great and feels even better. The possibility that our neighbors might have seen us excited me even more. We went to her room where she told me to lie down on the bed. I did as I was told. She climbed up, sat on my chest and looked down at me, showing off her perfect tits.

“You like mommy’s pussy, huh? Do you like licking mommy?”

“Uh huh.”

“Baby, the way you fingered my pussy, I’m so fucking horny. Now you have to lick my pussy.”

Deutsche Erotikstars

She did not wait for an answer. She moved up and let her pussy land directly on my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and quickly began to lick as if my life depended on it. I loved how smooth her mound felt on my face. She always shaved it, making sure it was nice and smooth for me. I loved watching her open her mouth and throw her head back to show me how much she was enjoying my efforts. Her pussy was on my mouth and she rubbed her cunt against my face with a desperate tone, demanding that I lick it out. At that moment, I knew if we continued like this, she would eventually give in or I would force myself on her.

“LICK HER……LICK HER…..LICK MOMMY’S PUSSY, YOU FUCKING LITTLE PERVERT!” She kept rubbing her pussy against my face while telling me how good it felt and what a little pervert I was for licking mom’s pussy. Damn, I love it when she talks dirty to me like that. Of course, I had seen something similar in porn, but now, with my mother’s cunt on my mouth, my cock was as hard as ever and I loved having her on me.

She begged me to make her cum, and by now I knew every part of her pussy intimately. I started running my tongue all over the place looking for her clit. I grabbed her by her full, wonderful ass and moved her up and down in rhythm with my tongue until I found the little bean I was looking for. When I finally found her and sucked her into my mouth, her pussy juices gushed out as she climaxed with a force, wetting my entire face.

Her orgasm was too much for her and she was shaking out of control. After she came, she lay down next to me and tried to get her breathing under control. Finally she fell asleep, completely satisfied with her son licking her pussy. I knew what we were doing wasn’t normal, but I also knew I loved it and wasn’t ready to stop. Our relationship was sexual through and through, but we never really talked about it.

Deutsche Erotikstars

Unfortunately, we also never had sexual intercourse. It certainly wasn’t because I didn’t want to. If at any time when we were naked and making love she had told me to fuck her, I would have done so without hesitation. We did everything but fuck. In fact, the only fucking I did was finger fuck her. She sucked my cock and I licked her pussy, but for some reason she didn’t initiate it and I didn’t push her.

On one occasion when we were in bed and I was lying on my back enjoying her sucking my cock, I felt the need to take her smooth, sweet tasting pussy into my mouth.

“Mommy, I need your sweet pussy in my mouth. Come up.” We had never talked about it, but I knew she loved it when I called her mommy, and so did I.

Without letting my cock slide out of her mouth, she spun around and threw one of her legs over my head so that her pussy landed right in my face. I had not expected that. I assumed she would spit out my cock and switch positions with me so I could get between her legs and eat her delicious pussy. I love her scent, it always makes me hard and that day was no different. When she turned around and her pussy landed on my face, her scent was just as sweet. I immediately began to lick them.

As I began to lick her slit and her juices flowed into my mouth, I enjoyed her pussy in my mouth and the feeling of having my cock sucked at the same time. It was hard to concentrate on licking her pussy, but I was determined to repay her for the pleasure she was giving me. I concentrated on giving her the same orgasm I felt inside me. I wanted her to cum in my mouth like I would with her.

Deutsche Erotikstars

I pushed my head up and pressed my face firmly against her pussy as I began to lick and suck her intensely. She moaned louder and louder and stopped sucking for a moment to enjoy what I was doing to her, begging me not to stop and make it even harder. My tongue was right at her clit and I flicked it as much as I could.

“Yeah, baby, yeah. Please don’t stop, lick Mommy’s pussy. Oh fuck, your mouth is driving me crazy.”

The short pauses when she sucked my cock gave me the opportunity to comply with her request. I loved licking her pussy, but the way we were positioned was a little different. Her pussy was right in front of my face and she begged me to lick it. I licked as best I could this beautiful pussy that had given me life. As she began to tremble and show signs of an impending orgasm, she put her full lips back on my cock and began to suck vigorously while simultaneously stroking my shaft. The moment her juices flowed from her pussy onto my face, I felt my balls tighten and I shot cum shot after cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed it all and didn’t let any of it drip out. This was the most intense orgasm we had both experienced since the beginning of our new relationship.

It took a while before we finally calmed down. My love for my mother also grew that night. It was a sexual love, not a romantic love. I had not the slightest idea that we would one day be husband and wife. We were involved in a taboo relationship between mother and son and we were just having fun. My love was based on the desire to give her the sexual pleasure she had not experienced since my father’s death. I felt that it was now my duty and pleasure to satisfy her sexually.

Once I came home dirty and sweaty from playing basketball. It was on a Saturday. Mom had decided to stay home while I went to play basketball with Ryan. We played for six games before we were beaten by another team. We were both exhausted and I decided to go home for a shower and a long nap. When I got home, Mom had just finished showering and was standing in front of the mirror doing what girls do after showering. I said hello and jumped in the shower. The water felt comfortable and it took me a little longer than usual before I got out. When I came out, a wonderful surprise was waiting for me on the bed.

Deutsche Erotikstars

When I came out, I found her lying on her stomach with her bare butt to touch. She had fallen asleep waiting for me. There was no way I was going to miss that. I loved running my hands over her sexy body, but now that her gorgeous ass was exposed, I knew what I had to do. I grabbed a bottle of lotion and spread some on my hands. I started massaging her back, taking my time as I stroked her back with my hands and massaged her vigorously. Slowly she woke up and moaned softly as she told me how good she felt and what a good job I was doing.

I moved further down and massaged one whole leg before massaging the other. It was her tight ass that had first caught my attention, and I wanted to save that for last. As I massaged the rest of her body, I noticed that she had fallen asleep again. I took the opportunity to put my hands on her buttocks. I often did that when I licked her, but I never had the chance to focus only on her ass, and this was my chance.

I poured some lotion into my hands, warmed them up and started rubbing her butt. I briefly placed my hands on the back of her thighs and slowly moved them up until they landed on her butt. At first I gently pressed on their cheeks, but the feeling they had was incredible. I groped and squeezed harder and harder and enjoyed the fullness of her buttocks.

“Oh my god, baby. That feels good. Do you like mommy’s ass?” she asked me, spreading her legs so I could see her glistening pussy and dark little starfish. There was something beautiful about her, something that drew me to her. I stayed behind her and not only caressed her ass, but also finger fucked her. I started grabbing and squeezing her ass, gently sliding my finger inside her. I was in no hurry to make her cum, just gently massaged the inside of her pussy. That must have taken almost half an hour when she started squirming and begging for me to do it faster and harder. I decided to make the orgasm as intense as possible.

While I kept the fingers of one hand in her pussy, I pushed one of her cheeks aside with the other hand while I licked her tight little dark hole for the first time. She lasted maybe ten seconds at most before she cried out loudly because she lost control and her whole body shook uncontrollably. I thought I had broken her, because she was just lying there breathing heavily and her body was still shaking sporadically with small aftershocks long after.

When it was finally my birthday, we went out to eat with the whole family at a restaurant downtown to celebrate. As always, Mom was dressed to kill. She looked hot in a little black dress that only reached halfway up her thighs, her butt filled out the dress nicely from the back and it showed a lot of cleavage in the front. I’m sure some of her brothers and my male cousins had trouble not staring with a stiff cock in their pants. I know it was me. The dress was skin tight and showed her slim waist very nicely. As the night went on, I became very horny and put my hand on her thigh, the one closest to me, and caressed her smooth skin. I wondered if she was wearing underwear, but I didn’t dare move my hand up far enough to check.

Everyone had a great time. After we ate dinner, blew out the candles and ate the cake, we wished Grandma and everyone else a good night before Mom and I got in the car and headed home. I was horny and could hardly wait to run my hands over her beautiful body. I could only imagine what my hands on her thighs had done to her all night. I’m sure she was ready to be finger fucked or have me eat her up. I couldn’t wait to get home and slurp up her sweet tasting pussy juices.

Deutsche Erotikstars

On the way home, Mom grabbed my hand and guided it between her legs. My suspicions were immediately confirmed: she was not wearing panties and her pussy was very wet. I ran my fingers up and down her slit and enjoyed her pussy. She was soaking wet and my fingers slid easily into her pussy.

“My God, Mom. Your pussy is so wet, I bet you couldn’t wait to get out of there so you could have my fingers in your pussy, huh? Is that what you wanted? That your son finger fucks you?”

“Yeah, baby. Just go nice and slow. Damn, I love the way your fingers make me feel.

I wasn’t sure how she could focus on the road. She moaned as I fingered her and she encouraged me to keep going and not stop.

When we finally pulled into the garage, she practically dragged me into her room and turned us around so that I was now standing in front of the bed as she undressed me before pushing me down and putting a finger to her mouth to tell me to be quiet. She turned on soft music and asked me if I liked her outfit while she stood in front of me and slowly danced to the music. I told her how much I and some of her brothers liked the way the dress showed off her body. I sat there completely naked while watching her dance.

“So you think mommy is sexy?”

“Hell yeah. You look hot! I love how the dress shows off your butt.”

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She turned around and started rubbing her ass against my cock. The fabric wasn’t particularly soft, but I didn’t care. Her ass felt great on my cock. She kept dancing and telling me how my hands on her thighs made her horny and how much she enjoyed it when I finger fucked her on the way home. All the dirty talk made me even hornier, and I’m sure she was too. I figured she shouldn’t be the only one having fun with all the dirty talk.

“You know, mommy. If we were lying on the bed and you opened your legs wide for me, I would love to lick your pussy. Can you imagine that with your son licking your soft little pussy?”

“Oh baby, I love it when you lick mommy’s pussy. You make me so wet.”

She turned around and asked me to help her with the zipper. I stood up briefly to help her before sitting back down. She held her dress up over her chest with one hand and pulled her arm out one end before pulling her arm out the other side. With a seductive expression on her face, she looked at me and dropped her hands so that the top of her dress fell, exposing her large, beautiful breasts – the same beautiful breasts that she had nursed me every night for some time. She teased me and although I had seen her many times, I never tired of seeing her tits. I was totally in love with her.

Suddenly she pulled her hands away and the dress fell to the floor. She stood before me completely naked and looked like the goddess she was, only in high heels. Damn, her legs looked sexy! She rocked her hips for another minute and I just stared at her, not knowing what to do. She came closer and started giving me a lap dance. She turned around, bent over and rubbed her bare ass against my stiff cock for a while before turning around, sinking to her knees and taking me deep into her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head to the rhythm of the music. She obviously wanted to tease me, because if she wanted to make me cum, she knew exactly what to do.

Deutsche Erotikstars

After she had sucked my cock slowly and sensually for what felt like an eternity, she stood up and asked me if I liked my birthday present. Of course, I told her I loved it. At that moment she climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She looked at me and we started making out. I felt her grab my cock and begin to slowly masturbate me, once again just to tease me without making me cum. My mom was on top of me, her hand on my cock, her tongue in my mouth and my hands enjoying her deliciously round ass. I thought life couldn’t get any better.

But when she lowered herself and I felt her hot pussy enclose my cock, I realized that life could get even better. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but it felt great. My cock felt like someone was squeezing it tightly with a very warm, wet hand. Her mouth had given me so many warm and loving blowjobs, but never anything like what I was feeling at that moment. My cock got hotter and hotter as she lowered herself further onto me until my whole cock was in her tight, hot cunt. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered very softly

“It’s time to fuck me, baby. Mommy has waited long enough. I need to have your beautiful cock inside me.”

Those were the words I had been waiting for for so long. The feeling of finally being back in the same warm pussy I had come from surpassed anything I had expected. It surpassed anything I had ever felt, but it also felt very familiar, like I was where I belonged. Slowly she lifted her hips and let her cunt slide up my cock before bringing it back down.

“You like that, baby? Do you like the way mommy’s pussy feels?” I nodded, not wanting to speak lest I wake up from this fantastic dream.

“Did you want to fuck me, baby? Huh?”

I couldn’t find the words to say yes, I couldn’t even make a sound to answer her with a “Hmmm”. All I could do was nod my head. Her hands were on my chest and her cunt was moving my cock up and down and I could only watch as it slowly disappeared into her pussy. I felt her warmth on every inch of my cock as she slowly took more and more of me inside her. I lost my virginity to the woman I loved most in this world, my mother.

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She started bouncing on me and threw her head back as she enjoyed having my cock inside her after so many years. The last man she had fucked was my father and now his son was fucking her. She bounced on me for a while before I did what I’ve always wanted to do: fuck her hard and nice. Finally the time had come and all I could do was lie there and enjoy the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down.

“Suck mommy’s boobs, baby. Suck them!” Everything was so unreal. I lost my virginity to the woman in my life that I loved the most. Mom had given me life and raised me mostly on her own. Now she gave me the most precious birthday present of all.

I opened my mouth and she brought one of her tits to my mouth. When I felt her nipple against my lips, I closed my mouth and started sucking like a little baby. I clung to her nipple and enjoyed it while her warm pussy engulfed my cock. Everyone had raved about sex and sexuality, but no one had ever described the feeling of a warm, tight pussy sliding up and down your cock. That’s exactly what was happening to me, and the best part was that it was my beautiful, hot, sexy as hell mom pushing down to force my cock into her hot, tight pussy…..Finally!

Free sex pics of your star on fanseven!Hectically I sucked alternately on her perfect tits with dark nipples and kissed them. We were now lovers, in the truest sense of the word. We had finally consummated our relationship after doing everything else. While we were desperately kissing and sucking on her breasts, her hips wouldn’t stop pumping, allowing me to fuck her over and over again. This was my first time and as much as I wanted to enjoy it forever, I soon felt my nuts start to boil. I knew I was about to come and the thought of injecting my seed into my mother’s unprotected womb excited me greatly. Perhaps the greatest of all taboos and against the laws of nature, but I was determined to cum in her. When my nuts tightened and I was about to, I reached down between us and began to work her clit. I knew her body very well by now and I wanted her to cum with me.

“Oh yes, oh yes, make me cum baby, make mommy cum. Your big fat cock feels so good!”

She began to tremble and shake as she slowed her hips. I reached around her, grabbed her ass and pulled her against me so she couldn’t get away as I came in what felt like gallons. As I pumped my cum directly into her, I held her tight while my nuts pumped spurt after spurt into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, baby. I can feel you coming inside me. I can feel your cock filling me with your cum!”

I continued to thrust as I pulled her down to me and pumped more of my seed into her. It felt like that was the longest I had ever injected. I wanted everything to stay in her lap. When my cock went limp and fell out of her pussy, I felt only a little of my cum running out. After that, Mom turned around and lay down next to me, we were both completely exhausted.

Deutsche Erotikstars

When I woke up the next morning, I looked over at her and couldn’t believe that I had finally fucked this goddess lying next to me. She was now more than just my beautiful mother, she was now my beautiful lover. She lay there naked, sleeping peacefully with her hair disheveled and her stunning naked body showing off her beautiful breasts and smooth little pussy.

Very slowly, so as not to wake her up, I climbed on top of her and started kissing her neck. In her sleep she began to moan while I kissed, licked and sucked her neck. She always loved it when I did that with her.

After a while, I slowly kissed my way from her neck down to her chest between her breasts before gently licking her nipples. It was still early and we had the whole day. I took my time as I licked her nipples first, feeling them harden before licking all around her firm breasts.

“I love it when you do that.”

I continued to lick her breasts as she slowly woke up. She opened her legs and wrapped them around me while my cock pointed directly at her pussy. She asked me to kiss her and told me that her pussy was wet and waiting for me.

“Baby, you really got me wet the way you woke me up. I want you to fuck mommy baby. I need you inside me.”

I wasted no time and grabbed my rock hard cock and made my way to her pussy. I could not wait. When my cock was in position, I thrust and did not stop until I was at the end. My pelvis bumped against her pelvis and my nuts were on her ass. I stayed in that position for another second, enjoying the warmth of my mother’s cunt, before pulling my cock out and thrusting it back in. Instincts took over as I began pumping my cock into her pussy. It is instinctive for a man to fuck a woman when his cock is inside her, and at that moment my cock was in my mother’s cunt.

My hips did what came to mind and I began to fuck my mother. I started slow to get her going before I started fucking her hard. My hips pushed hard against her and my cock punished her pussy by thrusting hard, over and over again. I had come before, so I hoped I would last longer this time. As we fucked and I thrust my cock hard into her, I realized how much she loved to fuck. At first she moaned, but when I fucked her aggressively, she started screaming, which only excited me more.

Deutsche Erotikstars

“Uhh, uhh, uhh….fuck me, baby, fuck me….uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I was no longer making love to my mom, I was fucking this beautiful, sexy and extremely horny woman who was begging me to fuck her and not stop while the sound of our bodies hitting each other echoed through the room. I kept thrusting into her, doing my best to satisfy her, hoping she would want to fuck me again when this was all over. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of our sexual relationship. Long after I got married, that pussy would still be mine.

I thrust into her hard, giving her all of me as I lay on top of her, squeezing her tits between us, kissing her and touching her full, firm ass. God, I love her ass. But as much as I pushed into her, I felt the need to have more of me inside her. Without warning, I pulled back and turned her over before pulling her to her knees and thrusting my cock back into her wet cunt. I grabbed her hips and pulled her against me as I thrust hard into her. That was what I needed. My whole cock was inside her now, I was giving her all of me and her cries told me she loved it.

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“Mmmmmmm…….mmmmmm……uhhhhhh…..uhhhhh…oh fuck, oh fuck….fuck me, baby…fuck mommy’s pussy….fuck mommy’s pussy”

I fucked Mommy’s pussy as hard as I could. I was where so many of my friends and male teachers dreamed of being. Her cunt was the perfect sheath for my cock and it felt so natural to hold her hips while I thrust my love into her. The whole experience was so wild that I entered her as hard as I could while pulling her to me again, over and over. I felt the familiar tingling in my nuts and held onto her as I pushed my cock as deep as I could into her and pumped my seed deep into her womb – claiming her as my own and making her pussy mine.

At this point, I was completely exhausted. I had been a good boy because I had fucked my mother royally and her pussy was now mine. I loved her as my mother, but we were now lovers too. I would fuck her again and again and again, many times.

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