Sex Holidays: Celebrate On These Dates

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Here’s what you need to know about these days

What, pray tell, are sex holidays and why should they be celebrated? Was that possibly a clerical error? No, it wasn’t! Because in fact there are now national and international sex holidaysThe aim is to remind us what else is important – apart from the fun and pleasure – about sex or the opposite sex, that we are much freer in our sexuality than was the case in our parents’ time and that we want to keep it that way. And of course, the sex holidays remind us about prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

An overview of the most important sex holidays

sexual intercourse day

International Sex Day is July 28 every year. There is no explicit goal that has to be achieved, but the day provides an opportunity and perhaps also a reason to take a closer look at one’s own sex life.

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Sex therapists say that one’s sex life is always a journey that never ends or where there is always something to discover. The most important thing, however, is to enjoy! Sex is also healthy, reduces stress and promotes blood circulation – whether alone, in pairs or possibly in a group. So let’s pay homage to sex on one of the designated sex holidays and promote our health!

orgasm day

Sex-Feiertage: An diesen Daten wird gefeiert

With the orgasm one speaks also frequently of the “small death”. This is due to the fact that when you climax, you lose all control, including control over your consciousness, as you do when you die. In this regard, there are very interesting approaches in the field of spiritual forms of sex, i.e. in Tantra, for example, which teach you to be able to relinquish control and reach a climax; as is well known, this is often difficult, especially for women.

Orgasm Day is celebrated all over the world, but actually on different days. In our latitudes, it takes place on December 21. In 2006, a Californian peace movement created the holiday, which is why it is also called Global-Orgasm-for-Peace-Day in English-speaking countries. It is one of those sex holidays that is supposed to focus on, among other things, freedom and education on the topic of “sexual climax.”

Masturbation Day

Another important day on the list of sex holidays is the day of masturbation or also called “Masturbation Day”. This will take place on May 28. It is now generally agreed that masturbation is not unhealthy in any form. Unhealthy is maximum when you have to satisfy yourself so often that it makes regular daily life impossible. On the contrary, there are studies that prove that masturbation is even very healthy, provides better sleep, reduces stress and relaxes – so actually today more important than ever.

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For people who do not know how to reach a climax, it is often recommended to masturbate first. This is often the case with young people. Even today, masturbation is for many still an absolute taboo subject and is therefore quite rightly honored with a specific date.

The Schniblo Day

Schniblo day is one of the sex holidays for the gentlemen of creation. It is supposed to be the equivalent of Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). Not least for this reason, Schniblo Day takes place on 14 March each year. What can the men look forward to? To Schnitzel (Schni) and a Blowjob (Blo)! For this, in turn, there is the counterpart of the cake and cunnilingus day to add a little more to the list of sex holidays. The latter finds its own lines below.

Aufgepasst – heute ist Schniblo-Tag!

National Day of the Condom

National Condom Day coincides with the annual Valentine’s Day on February 14. And there is a reason for this: on the same day, one would like to remind all lovers how uncomplicated it is to use contraception against unwanted pregnancy and, of course, not least against sexually transmitted diseases. Even if there are many condom opponents, because they often prevent spontaneous pleasure, sometimes smell strange or supposedly do not let you feel the sexual partner, they should still be seen for what they are: A solid means of protection. Therefore, this sex holiday is also entitled to a proper celebration.

Viagra day

Also the day of Viagra has its justification among the sex holidays n. Because who wants to have endless long sex, thanks the US company Pfizer for this drug, which is already available on the market since 1998. Men with erectile dysfunction have since been able to indulge in sustained lovemaking without inhibition. By the way, Viagra Day is on March 27.

Cake and Cunnilingus Day

As mentioned earlier, Schniblo Day as a day for men is closely followed by Cake and Cunnilingus Day (April 14). This is one of those sex holidays, which probably appeal primarily to women and secondarily to men. On April 14 there should be cake and as dessert the partner.

Bisexuality Day

Bisexuality Day is held annually on September 23 to encourage people to reflect on their own sexuality. In fact, there is a study by sexologist Alfred Kinsey that 90% of all people have a bisexual predisposition in them. All the more reason to add this day to the list of interesting sex holidays and celebrate it properly.

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All these sex holidays have their raison d’être and should be celebrated exuberantly. They challenge us to rethink the topic of sexuality and to realize how free we actually are. They give us a reason to address the issue of sexual discrimination and clearly learn to accept all forms of sexuality. But also your own journey through your sex life can be interesting once again, pay attention to these sex holidays and different expressions.

In this context, scientific studies like Alfred Kinsey’s on bisexuality also seem to be coming to the fore. No matter how you celebrate your sex holidays: Have fun and be nice to each other. And who knows, maybe it will work out with the neighbors!

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