Test report: The We-Vibe Bond for those who like to experiment

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Test report: The We-Vibe Bond for those who like to experiment
Test report: The We-Vibe Bond for those who like to experiment
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Are you ready for some fun experiments?

Sex toys are widely available. Almost three quarters of all singles have one or the other toy at home and use it regularly. However, most of the toys are for women. The range for men is still relatively modest (at least for now). The We-Vibe Bond, which is the subject of this review, stands out all the more.

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Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!

The We-Vibe Bond briefly introduced

Test report: The We-Vibe Bond for those who like to experimentThe We-Vibe brand is known for its smart sex toys for women, couples and men. The We-Vibe Bond is the first wearable for men, according to the manufacturer. However, the name is a bit misleading. Usually, the term wearable is used to describe an electronic fitness watch. This review, however, is not about fitness watches, of course, but about sex toys. The We-Vibe Bond is a vibrating penis ring designed to be worn under clothing. It’s built flat so it’s barely noticeable. The material is soft and has a high elasticity. This means that the penis ring fits tightly, but does not constrict or hinder blood circulation. It can be worn for several hours a day without any problems. Two control options are available: via a classic remote control and via the We-Control app.

The app is free and available for iPhones and Android smartphones. This allows the wearer (or partner) to turn the We-Vibe Bond vibrator on and off and choose between different vibration patterns. Available are:

  • Low / Medium / High
  • Impulse / Wave / Cha-Cha
  • Tease / Ultra
  • Tempo / Heartbeat

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The power supply is provided by an integrated rechargeable battery, which can be recharged with the help of a charging cable included in the scope of delivery. The vibrator of the We-Vibe Bond works so quietly that under normal circumstances none of the surrounding people will notice anything.

Die wichtigsten Eigenschaften des Sextoys im Überblick

VerwendungszweckTragbarer Penisring für Stimulation
MaterialSilikon medizinischer Qualität (frei von Phthalat und anderen
Abmessungen7,8 x 4,4 x 4,8 cm
StromversorgungFest verbauter Li-Ionen Akku
LieferumfangWe-Vibe Bond vibrierender Penisring, Fernbedienung, USB
Ladekabel, Kurzanleitung, Aufbewahrungstasche
GarantieZwei Jahre durch den Hersteller

The advantages of the new sex toy

The test showed that the manufacturer had not promised too much. The penis ring was really easy to attach and also remove again. Although it didn’t slip even when walking, it didn’t constrict or cause uncomfortable rubbing or pressure points. It’s incredibly fun to walk around with the remote in your pocket and stimulate yourself without people around noticing. This also works very well with the app.

In the test it proved to be advantageous that the We-Vibe Bond is waterproof(IPX7 certificate). You can clean the toy in lukewarm water without hesitation. If you own other We-Vibe brand sex toys, you can control them all with the same We-Control app, as the devices are compatible with each other.

Have there been any disadvantages?

Of course, because where there is light, there is always shadow. This statement applies to the We-Vibe Bond penis ring. The relatively short battery life proved to be a weak point in the test. The manufacturer specifies two hours for this. However, this is a value that is hardly ever achieved in practice. To do this, you need to select the vibration level “Low”. But then the stimulation is not enough. Since the battery is not replaceable, the We-Vibe Bond must be put down to charge. Replaceable batteries would be better. While using the toy, charge the second battery and swap the two. This can be done quite inconspicuously in the toilet.

Sextoy test: the Satisfyer Little Secret panty vibrator

The empty battery looks like any other and can be charged under the eyes of colleagues without attracting attention. Another point of criticism is the volume of the We-Vibe BondVibrator. It operates quietly enough to go undetected in a normal environment such as a busy office or a busy restaurant, but use during a meeting or in a quiet environment is not recommended due to the risk of detection.

How to use the We-Vibe Bond penis ring?

The penis ring has a diameter of 35 mm and can be fastened with an elastic band made of silicone. The We-Vibe Bond is placed at the very base of the penis shaft so that the band sits behind the testicles. It is equipped with a custom-fit link that is used to adjust to the individual size of the penis. In addition, the tape is elastic. This ensures a secure hold without interfering.
When and how the We-Vibe Bond Stimulator is used is left to the imagination of the wearer. For example, you can watch porn on your smartphone or tablet and turn on the We-Vibe Bond penis ring to do so.

Test report: The We-Vibe Bond for those who like to experiment

However, you must not overdo the fun. It would be extremely embarrassing if the stimulation went so far as to make you cum. But the We-Vibe Bond penis ring is only really fun together with your partner. The man wears the stimulator and his wife or girlfriend has the remote control or exercises control using the app. Something like this is an excellent idea when you go out together and visit a restaurant, for example. The strict mistress can torture her slave to her heart’s content without the people around noticing anything.

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For example, if an attractive woman in sexy clothes enters the room, the partner sets the We-Vibe Bond to full power and draws the man’s attention to the beautiful stranger. He gets into extreme stress because he is stimulated twice: by the sight of her bottom in skin-tight leggings or her legs and thighs in a very skimpy miniskirt and the stimulation by the We-Vibe Bond penis ring. It takes a lot of willpower to prevent a powerful erection with a big bulge in your pants. Such a scenario is more than just fun.

Test report: The We-Vibe Bond for those who like to experiment

It can be the prelude to a hot night. The stimulator awakens his desire and keeps it at a high level for a long time. All the greater is the relief when it is finally allowed to unload. As soon as the couple returns home, they go wild over each other and do it all night long.

Care instructions

The We-Vibe Bond penis ring requires little maintenance. It is usually enough to rinse the toy with lukewarm water after use. Please always store it when it is completely dry, so that no unpleasant odours arise. Only air dry at room temperature and never place on the heater. To prevent damage to the We-VibeBond penis ring, do not leave it in the sun. With these points in mind, the We-Vibe Bond vibrating penis ring will deliver secret fun for the wearer and their partner for a long time.

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