Sex confession: The first time with classmate

By Laura Buschmann
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Sex confession: The first time with classmate
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The erotic sex confession of a young schoolgirl

We promised ourselves not to tell anyone about it

My personal sex confession: I do not know how something like this could happen. I was deflowered by a guy in my class, even though I wasn’t into him and he’s not even that attractive. Before that, I had no sexual experience with boys or men at all. It started over several years that whenever I sat next to him, he would grab the inside of my thighs. Once he also hit my ass, but I never did anything because it made me horny.

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Sex confession: First time with classmate | sex storiesIt’s horny to tell my secret with my sex confession

But I would like to introduce myself first: my name is Nan, my parents are from Thailand but have been living in Germany for more than 25 years. I myself have been 18 years old for a month and go to a higher commercial school. After graduation, I would like to study WiWi (economics) with a focus on “Asian markets”. If it works out, I’ll get my doctorate, too. Such an academic doctorate is already a great adornment. ;-)

But now to the point: My classmate turned 19 a few months ago and he also invited me to his party. I drank quite a bit there and that’s why I got the idea to sleep in the same bed with him.

He then turned off the light and we lay in his bed. When I had already dozed off a bit, I suddenly felt his hand on my ass. He slowly put his hand in my pants and then put his finger in my pussy. I found this so horny that I had to moan loudly. He then continued to finger me for some time. It didn’t escape me that he liked it too and so I took his already hard cock out of his pants and jerked it.

Here you can get to know Nan with pleasure!

He moaned very loudly as he did so. Afterwards I decided to give him a blowjob, although I had never done anything like that before. I played with my tongue on his glans, licking it like an ice cream. Then I took his cock so far in my mouth until I had to gag. He found it so horny that he soon squirted into my mouth.

At first I did not come to orgasm, but then….

However, he thought it was too bad that I hadn’t come yet. However, he did not share that with me. He said that we should really sleep now. However, I may have only slept for 20 minutes.

Then I woke up while he was just trying to insert his thick cock into me. This made me so horny that it also went very easily. So he fucked me again for a long time. I could already feel my whole abdomen cramping up after a short time. I experienced my first tremendous orgasm. Shortly after, he also squirted his sperm deep inside me.

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When we were both done, we promised each other not to tell anyone. Nobody knows that we met several times after that to fuck. You never know what kind of cool things people from your own class are up to. Maybe a lot more classmates would have to make their sex confessions!

Now I’ve got such a taste for fucking with my classmate that I want to learn more about sex. If you want to get to know me, I have
my personal profile
for this purpose. There are also a few more photos of me. ;-)

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