Gay story: Wanking with a school friend

By Jens Haberlein
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Gay story: Wanking with a school friend
Gay story: Wanking with a school friend
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When jerking off with a school friend becomes a hobby

It started with a harmless dick comparison

Hello, my name is Tom and I am 18 years old. At the moment I’m still going to school, but I’ll graduate soon. I’m very dirty and jerk off twice a day, but nobody knows about that because I don’t talk about it with anyone. I have five dildos, including one double dildo and one horse dildo. At school I wear Analplugs almost every day because I’m so dirty. There I would also love to have a really cool jerk off with my school friend, but I didn’t dare to talk to him about this sensitive topic.

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Gay story: Wanking with a school friendI’ve been doing it in the bathroom with a double dildo

There’s a boy in my class named Jacob. He is very open and even watches porn at school or talks to his friends about horny porn movies. My dream is to jerk off together with my school friend. I’ve come up with a plan to make this happen. I put an extra an anal plug with a crystal woman in my tight asshole before I went to him. I also took my double dildo and a tube of lubricant with me. When I was with him, I went to the bathroom one evening and left the door open.

I watched a porno with my boyfriend’s favorite actress and jerked off really horny. I was moaning extra loud so he’d see me. When he then came to the toilet, because I was already 30 minutes away, he saw me doing myself with a double dildo on his toilet. I pretended to be surprised, but he just laughed. He asked why I watch porn in the bathroom and not with him on the TV.

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So we went into the living room and, once dressed, watched a porn movie. When the porn was over, he suddenly said that his cock was much hornier and bigger than mine. Of course, I claimed the opposite. My friend said that we should do a dick comparison. He said that the loser should get a fair punishment for his little cock and had the idea that the winner should be allowed to jerk off in the loser’s mouth and swallow everything. I agreed and we got our dicks out at the same time.

Gay story: Wanking with a school friendJerking off with a school friend as a new weekly occupation

He had a huge cock and I knew immediately that I had lost. My buddy had six inches and I only had six inches. He laughed and ordered me to kneel before him. When he began to jerk off, his tail became 4 cm longer again. I was really afraid to swallow his cum because I’ve never done it before. He jerked his horny stick so fast that he came after only two minutes and sprayed all his cum in my mouth. He just laughed out loud and told me to swallow everything. I did it and was immediately addicted to this horny white liquid. He told me to lick the jizz off his dick. I did as I was told.

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But just as I was about to start licking his cock, he rammed his full 20 cm into my mouth cunt. I did a deepthroat for a minute and my friend came right back into my stomach again. Afterwards he let go of my head and laughed out loud. I was so horny, but also angry with him and suggested a wank. He said whoever comes last gets his dick shoved into his asshole by his friend. To simplify the whole thing, we lay opposite each other and together we pushed my double dildo up our ass.

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We started wanking at the same time and I came early. I just laughed and without warning I pushed my cock into his extremely tight bumhole. I fucked him in the ass for five minutes without a break and then I put my cock from his chocolate hole directly into his mouth and came. He swallowed all my cum and looked very happy. We do that every weekend now!

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