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Sex at the Oktoberfest Munich – how do I do it?

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Sex auf dem Oktoberfest - wie stelle ich's an?

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Sex at the Oktoberfest – There are some things to consider

Banging in the Dirndl on the Wiesn in Munich without restraint

In September it’s time again. The Oktoberfest in Munich begins. Millions of people from all over the world visit the Wiesn every year and want to have fun. With beer and hearty music in the marquee, you quickly get closer. There’s drinking, partying and flirting. When the alcohol level rises, sex at the Oktoberfest is not uncommon.

Sex at the Oktoberfest MunichThe dirndl matters

Anyone who is a big fan goes to the Wiesn in Bavarian costume. Men in lederhosen and women in dirndl. It makes you feel like a different person, and flirting is much easier. But how can you tell if the sweet girl at the next table is still single and open for a flirt or even sex at the Oktoberfest?

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The Dirndl loop provides information: When a woman ties the bow of her dirndl on the left side, she signals her single status. That means she’s still available and maybe ready for sex at the Oktoberfest. If man is smiled at and flirted at by her, he should try his luck with her. If she wears the bow on the right side, it means she is already spoken for and in a relationship or even married. With her, a man shouldn’t risk too much and keep a low profile.

Sex at the OktoberfestSafer Sex

If a woman goes to the Wiesn with the thought of having sex at the Oktoberfest, she should definitely have condoms in her handbag with her. If, after hot flirting, you have sex at the Oktoberfest, and one too many contraceptive breakdowns occur after one too many beers, the woman should go to a pharmacy as soon as possible to find out about the morning after pill. This prevents an unwanted pregnancy.

Avoid these please

For many Oktoberfest visitors beer is of course part of the festival. However, you should know your limit. Anyone who dances on the tables in the marquee is fired. It is also not recommended to have sex on the Oktoberfest in intoxication. Many a one-night stand was bitterly regretted the next day. If you have sex on the Wiesn, please don’t have it outside. Because that is public nuisance and punishable by law. Although it may seem appealing to have sex at the feet of the Bavaria statue, it is better to go to her or him at home or at the hotel.

Sex auf dem Oktoberfest - wie stelle ich's an?During mass events such as the Oktoberfest, black sheep naturally also gather. They use the crowd to grab women’s butts or breasts without being asked. Such a thing should not be tolerated under any circumstances. In such cases, women can turn to the security staff or other Wiesn visitors and ask for help. Counselling and help on site also offer activities such as “Sichere Wiesn für Mädchen und Frauen”.


Visitors want to have fun at the Oktoberfest. The beer flows in streams and it is celebrated, danced and tied up. After an advanced hour, sex at the Oktoberfest may occur. If you follow the above mentioned tips, it will surely be an unforgettable experience that will be remembered with pleasure.

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