Self-propelled cars ensure more sex in the car

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Selbstfahrende Autos sorgen für mehr Sex im Wagen

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Sex in the car – is the Love Mobil coming soon?

In and of itself, sex in the car is nothing unusual. Many have already done it in the back seat of their car and in many cities there are streets with caravans parked close to each other where whores offer their services. Self-propelled cars could open up entirely new possibilities for car sex.

Self-propelled cars ensure more sex in the carWhat might the development look like?

All major car manufacturers are working on the development of self-propelled cars. This not only means that a driver is no longer needed in such a vehicle, but also that the occupants can deal with other things while driving, such as having sex in the car. This is no longer a risk, because no one has to concentrate on driving. Instead, you can devote your full attention to sexual intercourse at full speed!

Sex in the car as a business model

As soon as there are larger autonomous cars, it is not unlikely that whores will discover this new possibility and offer a rolling whorehouse, so to speak. The customer books the lady and waits at a predetermined place at the agreed time. The “Love Mobil” rolls up, he gets in, pays and the love tour begins. When the agreed time has elapsed, he is removed again.

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A larger vehicle, for example a van or transporter, could even be operated by several ladies together and could also be used for group sex.

Sex in a car – these are the advantages

A few advantages of the business model “Sex in the car” are immediately obvious. The vehicle provides privacy, as tinted windows are certainly used. The clients and whores are also protected from wind and weather, as it is practically a love room on wheels. The girls no longer have to wait for customers in wind and weather. There is also no need to rent an apartment for appointments.

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Are there disadvantages?

Self-propelled cars are expensive. There should be only few noble whores who can buy such a vehicle. Certainly there are people who own such vehicles and rent them out to the girls for sex in the car by the hour. That’s the same story as with the time-share flats. Still the purchase remains a dangerous job for the women, because they never know who gets into the car with them. Criminals could book them for sex in the car, but rob them instead.

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