Revolution for women or just a camping toilet?

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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Revolution for women or just a camping toilet?

What does the revolution look like for women?

Can peeing become a cult? The latest reports around mobile urination aids for women certainly give that impression. But is this really a revolution for women or just a camping toilet? Or does the mobile pee cup serve other purposes? We explore these questions below.

What exactly is this pee aid anyway?

Revolution für Frauen oder einfach nur eine Campingtoilette?The mobile pee chamber for women is an elastic housing made of silicone and flexibly adapts to the vagina. Woman can thus discreetly slide the device into her skirt or elastic pants for relief. The device is seen as a revolution for women, as sitting on dirty toilets and long queues are now a thing of the past. Moreover, when camping in the wilderness, women no longer have to go to the nearest bush.

What else can the female urinal do? The mobile urinal for women is an excellent tool for all those who are not averse to water games of a special kind. The mobile pee cup from Go Girl is e.g. made of medical silicone and thus well suited for erotic games at home and on the go. This way the bed stays dry and the sparkling wine from a natural source can even be enjoyed afterwards. From the fetishism glasses, this mobile urinal is therefore just as much a revolution for women.

Is the pee chamber an icebreaker?

Revolution für Frauen oder einfach nur eine Campingtoilette?In the past, men who were non-smokers often carried a lighter. They didn’t want to miss the opportunity to offer fire to a pretty lady to strike up a conversation. Today there are more and more non-smokers, but pee every woman must. A man with a mobile urinal for ladies can act as a saviour in an emergency. The device is therefore not only a revolution for women, but a flirting opportunity for any man who dares.

Revolution for women or just toilet for camping? – The bottom line

The mobile urinal for women is more than just a camping toilet. It can literally relieve ladies in almost any situation. In addition, it is a nice tool for fetish games. If a woman has no other toys with her, her urinal can quickly become an adult toy. Therefore, the device is clearly a revolution for women, which clearly goes beyond a camping toilet.

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