How I had the cosmetics sprayed on my face in front of the skyline

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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How I had the cosmetics sprayed on my face in front of the skyline
How I had the cosmetics sprayed on my face in front of the skyline


Get the cosmetics on your face in front of the skyline

My name is Franziska and I am 45 years old. Still well together, as they say, and – I’ll be quite honest – actually permanently horny. I have been married twice, but I am not made for one guy. Sexually, I get bored quickly with a man. I’m very open to experiments and smut, for example when men squirt me in the face – and preferably in front of a cool skyline. I find that overwhelmingly exciting, then I feel desired and somehow also powerful.

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My dream of sex in New York

How I had the cosmetics sprayed on my face in front of the skylineFor as long as I can remember, I have wanted a trip to New York. And then walking around there in the urban canyons, like I knew from movies. Preferably with a guy like Robert De Niro – the way he looked 30 years ago. I get goose bumps all over my body just imagining it. How he pulls me into a yard at some point and fucks me standing up. Then I have to blow and kneel for it on the dirty floor so that he can splash me in the face. How I would enjoy his facial and lick everything clean….

Yes, that’s how it is. Even mature girls still dream hard. I kind of believe that in this life I’ll get cosmetics in my face in front of New York’s skyline. But it should already be “Big Apple”, not the skyscrapers of Frankfurt am Main. That’s where I am sometimes, meeting online acquaintances. A few horny sex dates were among them, but as I said: I get bored quickly when the guy just wants cuddle sex and can not really let go. I have very large breasts, 95D, and I like it when a man does something neat with them. Sure, I’m into Spanish. But back to New York…

Squirt cosmetics in front of New York skyline

Exactly, this is one of my greatest erotic desires. A guy who lives in the Rheingau region totally went for it. We chatted great and talked on the phone a few times before our first date. He told us about his motor home and that he was looking for a woman who would travel the world with him. Well, we weren’t there yet by a long shot.

Blowjob in New York?

I did like looking at this Bernie though, he sounded enterprising and had a pleasant raspy voice. I immediately thought of De Niro and his dirty grin again, oh man! But first I was to visit Bernie at his apartment on Main. That’s what I did, sexily dressed up of course, so that he also had something to look at. I was wearing a red dress with lots of little white buttons. At the neckline they were all open and also from the middle of the thighs. Red high heels I had also found in the mothballs.

How I had the cosmetics sprayed on my face in front of the skyline

What can I say: When I entered Bernie’s bedroom, I was gobsmacked. My first thought was: In front of this skyline to get the cosmetic full tube off, is exactly my thing. Bernie had a beautiful photo wallpaper with New York skyscrapers behind his bed. What a prospect that he would actually splash me in the face here. I trusted him to do it. Actually, he looked exactly like he wanted nothing more than to squirt me in the face.

Bernie was right up my alley

Why was I so sure of myself? First of all, Bernie had nothing uptight about him at all, but rather embodied the go-getter type. Had made himself chic for our date, wore leather pants and denim shirt and a gray three-day beard. Well, he didn’t look like De Niro, but type-wise there was a certain similarity. He immediately went for me, I could see that clearly.

Sex in New York?

In the meantime, we had drunk a glass of champagne and enjoyed the view of the Main River. The apartment was small, but the bedroom was the largest room. I found that very likeable, and in my mind’s eye Bernieschon splashed his cosmetics on my face in front of the New York skyline. I was hell-bent on giving him the blowjob of his life – and then he was going to squirt all his cream in my face.

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“May I have a lie-in?”, I asked, looking at the king-size bed. I looked in love at the unmistakable tower of the Chrysler building and winked encouragingly at Bernie. “Make yourself comfortable, darling,” the growled. It looked like he was about to lie down with it. And that’s what he did. Skyline and cosmetics were still briefly running through my head, but then Bernie kissed me so spiritedly that I lost my breath.

Bernie may squirt in my face

Everything went great in front of the New York skyline, even if it was just a photo wallpaper. Bernie freed my tits from the bra and played with them unexpectedly resourceful. I purred like a cat in heat and groped for his tail. It was exactly the caliber I like, not too long, but nice and thick. And he was already standing like a one. I did my best blowing and almost went insane because I felt the big moment approaching. Here I should get my Facial and here in front of the skyline let the cosmetics drip into my mouth.

“I’m cumming!” roared Bernie, and I gently pinched his balls to hasten his orgasm. Because I wanted to finally experience it, as he would squirt his sperm in my face. When it happened, I felt like I was on cloud nine.

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