Oh dear: In love with a prostitute – What now?

By Daniel Kemper
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Oh dear: In love with a prostitute - What now?
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This is how it can go – In love with a hooker

Actually, so many of us know this: falling in love with exactly the one person who is taboo. We cannot conquer it because it is already taken. We run after her, but she does not dignify us with a glance and that drives us crazy. But for some, it hits even harder. Because they are: In love with a whore, a complicated and momentous situation.

What to do?

Au weia: Verliebt in eine Prostituierte – Was nun?You’ve been seeing each other for a few months, you visit her and actually always have a really good time with her. But then one day you notice that it suddenly feels different between you. In love with a prostitute? Is there suddenly more feeling? Does it crackle? Have you fallen in love? In love with a hooker?

This is how it can work. In love with a prostitute – It is not at all uncommon that attachment and feelings develop when we spend more and more time with a person. When we feel safe and secure with her. So if you suddenly realize that you are really in love, here come your options to deal with the situation:

Are you really in love?

No matter who it is, whether it’s a married work colleague or you’re in love with a prostitute, you really need to get to the bottom of your feelings yourself first and find out what this is all really about. What do you really feel? Is it a little crush, is it an infatuation, is it love? In love with a prostitute?

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You don’t know and every encounter can become an unpleasant ordeal. But with this simple little trick, you can be more aware of whether you’re really in love.

In love with a whore – The trick – Take a distance. What happens?

If you take your mind off the person in question for a while, don’t see them, and stay out of their way, watch closely what happens to you. Do you still think about her after two weeks, miss her and long to be near her?

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Could they be true feelings, because you can’t forget them? Extend your time off if you’re still unsure. If it’s a minor crush, it will pass if you avoid the person for a while. If it’s more, then you owe it to yourself to go all out and try to end up with her too.

Sex & Love, Love & Sex – In Love With A Hooker

Nothing connects as much as regular sexual encounters. As soon as we establish physical closeness, we let the other person get closer to us, and this, too, can naturally touch our hearts. Some of you may know that you can fall in love all by yourself in these constellations.

Sex disguised as love and love disguised as sex: it can be a complicated box and no easy task figuring out how to separate one from the other. Because sex not only connects people, it can also entangle us well with the other. Intoxicate our heads. Turning our heads.

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Therefore, it’s quite a good idea to take a little break from sex if you notice that you’re not getting your feelings straight right now.

Does she fancy you too? In love with a prostitute: take the test and your confession

Don’t leave anything out! After you’ve done the distance test and you’re still sure it’s that one woman, you admire her eyes, miss her voice color, being without her touch really gets you down – Then go! You owe it to yourself to find out if she might feel something similar about you. She winks at you and you sometimes have a hunch that she really likes you?

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Do not hesitate any further, but plan the day to confess your true feelings to her. Because that’s the only way you’ll know if you have a future together or if “in love with a prostitute” is just a chapter in your life.

Create the right conditions – In love with a prostitute

If you tell her, you should go about it the right way. Rehearse your little talk a few times at home in front of the mirror. Dress right, maybe bring her a flower.

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Keep it short. Get to the point and that point is: what do you love about her? Why them? So, don’t make the typical beginner’s mistake of texting them for hours with your headcanon. A successful love confession always consists of a good balance of:

What do I feel? And what do you feel? What do I love about you? What do I hope you feel for me?

Maybe you invite them somewhere, create a special ambience for your conversation. In any case, the rule of thumb is that you should remain yourself, authentic and honest.

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In love with a whore? Be romantic and if you just aren’t, be bold, open-hearted and show her what she can expect if she can get involved with you.

In love with a whore – What are your options?

What else can you do but go all out if you are sure she could be your beloved. Therefore, gather your courage and exhaust all the possibilities that remain to you. Because then you can’t blame yourself in the end, you weren’t too cowardly to have put all your eggs in one basket. Then it’s up to her…

In love with a hooker went wrong?

If the situation doesn’t turn out for the best for you, don’t make the mistake of chasing after her for weeks or crying into your pillow and thinking you’re the ugliest sad sack in the world.

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But rather: Distract yourself and actively disengage. It works! If you make a full effort to distance yourself from the issue every day, engage in new things, create new habits and do yourself a lot of good, your heartbreak will fade away in no time and your broken heart can heal. At the beginning it sounds impossible, but step by step and with composure you will manage it.

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Maybe one day you were unhappily in love with a prostitute, but this also becomes an important experience in your life. You’ll learn about love, no matter how painful that was, and you’ll grow from it, too.

How life goes – Hopelessly lost your head? Look on the bright side: it’s nice that life gives you these exciting moments. You are just very much alive here….

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