For women and men: this is why oral sex is necessary

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For women and men: this is why oral sex is necessary

Oral sex is necessary and possibly even healthy

Oral sex is not considered real sex by some contemporaries, after all, it does not involve penetration. This is, of course, complete nonsense. Human sexuality is far more diverse and is not limited to penetration. According to recent research, oral sex is necessary and even important, as it can increase intimacy, strengthen a couple’s relationship, and possibly even be beneficial to health.

Total intimacy: this is why oral sex is necessary

Für Frauen und Männer: Darum ist Oralsex notwendigOral sex is about satisfaction or sexual stimulation with the mouth. The main tools used are the lovelies and, of course, the tongue. The primary sexual organs of a person are thus licked, kissed or otherwise caressed with the mouth. The man licks thereby primarily the clitoris of the woman or her labia, the woman again cares with tongue and mouth for the glans and the entire penis of the man. Often, the blowjob or licking is still seen merely as a kind of foreplay, which is then followed by real sex. However, this distinction should not be correct. Oral sex is not only real sex, oral sex is even necessary. What’s more, oral sex is important and often leads to greater sexual fulfillment and well-being for women and men beyond the bed.

To spoil the sexual organs of a person with the mouth is an extremely intimate process. You can hardly get physically closer to another human being. It is, in a sense, total intimacy. This is associated with a strong physical closeness that goes far beyond purely sexual aspects. Very often, it is through oral sex that effective stimulation or arousal takes place in the first place, especially with women. The reason for this is not least that it involves direct access to the female genitals and in particular the clitoris.

In the meantime, there are even recent studies that are supposed to prove that oral sex plays a role in evolution that should not be underestimated. One of the theories goes like this: Oral sex is how many women find sexual satisfaction in the first place. Therefore, they stay much longer with a man who is able to satisfy them in this way. Consequently: Oral sex is necessary to make a long-term couple relationship possible in the first place, without which the rearing of offspring would not be possible.

Why oral sex is always important

There is no question: oral sex creates closeness. It is not for nothing that it is often perceived by women and men as a very special token of love. Oral sex is necessary because both sexes experience intense physical closeness through it.

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This closeness in turn has a positive effect on our psyche and possibly even on our physical health. It causes a significantly higher oxytocin release. Oxycotin can lower the stress level and thus protect against cardiovascular diseases and even heart attacks. And then there’s another reason why oral sex is important: it’s just so damn fun and mega awesome.

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