Erotische Geschichten im Erotikmagazin

By Mario Meyer
Estimated reading time: 11 minutes
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Erotic stories for every taste

Free sex stories with style and level

There is a lot of truth in the much quoted saying “really good sex takes place in the mind”. This becomes clear to anyone who frequently reads sex stories on the Internet. Erotic stories allow the reader to dive into a world that he creates by the power of his imagination.

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Erotic stories in erotic magazine | Free sex storiesPorn stays florid, erotic stories have depth

While porn movies stay on the surface, readers can dive deep with a hot erotic story. He is virtually the man who does it with a beautiful woman in the most diverse positions. An erotic story also allows for further development of sexual skills. The reader tries out new positions. If he enjoys it in his imagination, he is even more likely to enjoy it in the real world.

These girls fulfill your secret fantasies

On this site the reader will find erotic stories that cost nothing. They are often created from real life. Not all of them tell real events, of course, but they are often based on them. Free sex stories allow the reader to get to know the erotic world of another person. This is more fascinating than always watching the same positions in tasteless porn movies. After reading an exciting story, desire often sets in.

It is good if you have a suitable partner. This allows the reader to process what he has just experienced in the best possible way. Below is a selection of interesting sex stories to get you started. These serve only as a first orientation. After that, it is up to the reader to look for more erotic stories and experience more and more new sex adventures.

Sex horny vacation experiences with Rahel and my wifeAn erotic sex story:
Vacation experience with two women in Thailand

Average reading time: 12 minutes
Read the whole sex story here

Erotic stories are often about men’s fantasies that come true. This story is about sex with two women. It is also one of the many cuckold stories. The erotic sex story is told by a man who likes it a little harder during sex. He is married to a woman from Thailand who also shares his passion. In addition, she is bisexually inclined.

As usual in good erotic stories, the narrative begins with an introduction in which the characters are introduced. The story begins in Frankfurt. The narrator is on vacation with his wife on a Thai island. There he meets an acquaintance. The first thing he notices is that the woman’s breasts are very large. This increases his desire even more. Horny stories live from unusual situations. This is also the case here. Not only he has desire for the woman, but also his partner. So at first he is allowed to watch how the two women do it with each other. But soon it will be his turn.

The horniest role plays with sexy women

In a very sensual language, which is not often found in sex stories, the narrator manages to bring the reader closer to his world. Erotic stories like this take the reader into an exotic world. The sex here is also a little unusual. The reader can expect not only an exciting, but a very sensual reading experience. The reader gets to know a world that may still be foreign to him. Afterwards he can talk about the topic of BDSM and if he hasn’t tried it himself yet, now is the opportunity to get in there.

Read the whole sex story from Thailand here

Marzennas Züchtigung - BDSM Story - Free SM StoryThe Fetish & BDSM Story:
Marzenna’s corporal punishment

Average reading time: 29 minutes
Read the whole SM story here

Free sex stories about BDSM are very popular. This story takes its time to introduce the characters. This is good, so the reader builds a relationship, which makes erotica short stories even more exciting. In the story, the narrator is described as a not-so-young man with a belly. At his workplace starts a new colleague, Marzenna. She is turned on by many men, but gives everyone a basket. Only the narrator manages to get her to go out with him.

Fetish & BDSM Flatrate for SMers and Perverts

While many erotic stories focus only on sex, this tale depicts a long conversation between the two. It turns out that Marzenna likes to be a slave. This is fitting, because the narrator is very dominant. What comes next should be experienced by the reader himself. Just so much: If you like to read erotic fetish stories, you will enjoy the text. Everything that makes BDSM sex so exciting is described here accurately and with attention to detail.

Read the full BDSM story about Marzenna’s chastisement here.

Bubbles: my mother during incest blowjob sex storyA horny sex story:
An eighteenth birthday blowjob

Average reading time: 9 minutes
Read the full sex story here

Erotic stories told from the point of view of women turn on women and men alike. In this story a young woman tells about her sex adventure on her 18th birthday. Janina has had a lot of sex with her boyfriend before her big day, but he liked to get a blowjob. Like many women, she is rather skeptical about this. Of course, she would like to please her boyfriend, but keeps putting it off.

Fulfill your desires with a young teen girl

Erotic short stories like to tell about deflowering and so does this one. However, this case is not about the first sex, but about the first blow job. At first, her birthday does not seem to be under a very good star, because her father is not there. However, he still contacted her punctually at midnight. The call came at the worst possible time, because the narrator had other things on her mind or in her mouth. Erotic stories describe sex in great detail and here the narrator also goes into quite a bit of detail. The language is appropriate for the hot topic and certainly excites not only men but also women.

Some ero stories like this are very quick reads. However, the reader should take his or her time and enjoy every word of it. Only then do erotic stories unfold their effect. How the blowjob of Janina exactly runs, should not be revealed here. Horny sex stories are many on this site. This is certainly one of the most exciting sex stories that will keep the reader’s mind busy for a long time. And those who have not yet made their girlfriend blow, may find one or two suggestions.

Read the full blowjob short story here

Ziemlich heiß: Das erste Mal Sex mit einer LatinaThe erotic sex story:
Sex with an exotic latina

Average reading time: 10 minutes
Read the whole sex story here

Erotic stories sometimes combine different themes. In this story, the theme is not only hot sex, but also a major age difference. The narrator of the story is 46, the woman with whom he has hot sex is just 19, so this story encourages men who are already a little older to approach younger women. Many would like to have sex with a more mature man.

The narrator meets Fernanda at a friend’s party. He gets the phone number and arranges a meeting with her. Many free sex stories would have the first meeting played in a public place. This erotic story gets straight to the point. The meeting is at his home and what happens there reads very exciting. If you’ve never had a young Latina in bed, you can make up for it here. As mentioned at the beginning, erotic stories can be a substitute for real sex and even surpass it.

Taboo role play with Latinas and other girls

Without giving too much away, it should be said that the sex is vividly described and the man or woman has the feeling that he is playing a fly on the wall and is in the middle of the action. If you have read erotic stories like this, you know that porn movies do not show all details by far. In this story, the narrator describes events and feelings that can hardly be captured on film.

Read the whole erotic story with the hot Latina here

How I became the sex slave of my roommate - Free sex stories - Free sex storyThe awesome story:
How to turn a roommate into a sex slave

Average reading time: 10 minutes
Read the full sex story here

If you love erotic stories on the theme of BDSM, you should definitely read this tale. The special thing about this BDSM story is that it is written from a woman’s point of view. The narrator first describes her appearance. She does this so well that the reader sees her vividly before his eyes. She lives in a shared apartment. Her roommate is 19 years older than her. That was a conscious decision, because she finds younger men childish. The roommate is also described in detail.

Sexual fantasies do not have to remain wet dreams

The narrator has always had cuddle sex so far. The erotic sex story subsequently describes in great detail how she becomes the sex slave of the roommate. This one has a very dominant appearance. Horny stories take the reader to unusual places. Here it is a BDSM club where many erotic stories are set. The narrator experiences a completely different kind of pleasure there. Erotic fetish stories recreate the tremendous diversity of the BDSM scene. Here you have the feeling that the woman was really there and it is not just a made-up story.

Read the full sex story about the pleasure slave here

My secret double life as a dominatrixA fetish story:
How to become a part-time dominatrix

Average reading time: 14 minutes
Read the whole fetish story here

Erotic stories usually describe sexual practices in great detail. This is fine and expected by most readers looking for sex stories. This story takes a slightly different approach. She describes in the first person the life of a woman as she becomes a dominatrix. She led a dissolute life until the age of 24. After that she settled down, got married and had a daughter.

For erotic short stories, the writing style is very high quality and will satisfy more demanding readers. The narrator goes through ups and downs of life, as readers of erotic short stories know. She starts a new job as a flight attendant, gets laid off, and runs into a former boyfriend. Afterwards she gets an offer to work in a BDSM studio. She refuses, because this could endanger her marriage.

Put yourself in the hands of an experienced lady

Masterfully, as is rarely found in ero stories, the narrative describes how and why she then accepts after all. If you enjoy reading erotic stories that are characterized by beautiful storytelling rather than coarse language, this is the book for you.

Read here the whole SM story about the dominatrix with double life

Sex slave KlaraThe erotic short story:
Sold as sex slave

Average reading time: 14 minutes
Read the whole erotic story here

Those who look for free sex stories on the Internet expect exciting stories, but hardly high quality. That may be true of some stories, but certainly not of this masterpiece. It is difficult to assign it to a genre. certainly it belongs to the category of horny sex stories. Sexual acts are described in detail, which take place in the mind’s eye of the reader. The narrator is a man who has made another woman his sex slave. However, the man is playing a double game.

The story almost develops into a detective story. We will not reveal how this works here. Moreover, the narrative can be counted among the cuckold stories. Among other things, it is about another man watching a couple having wild sex. A big surprise follows at the end. Erotic stories usually do not have such a twist.

Hot videos of girls in sexual role play

The reader should take fifteen minutes and enjoy this unusual story. The language is erotic, but always remains elevated. Even those who enjoy reading more sophisticated literature will enjoy this tale.

Read the full erotic story about the fuck slave here

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