Story: Ein neues Sugarbabe für den Sugardaddy

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Story: Ein neues Sugarbabe für den Sugardaddy

The erotic sex story for browsing

How I suddenly became a hot Sugarbabe

Of course, even as a somewhat older person (I’m 46 years old) I hang around on dating portals and keep an eye out for young girls who are interested in more mature men. A Sugarbabe could be found somewhere, right?

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Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

I am unfortunately widowed, my wife left me her company (a clothing chain). Financially, I can’t complain after selling the company for just under one and a half million euros. Only I did not want to have a new life partner, I am still very attached to my late wife. In order to let off steam sexually, I occasionally give a sugar baby some material attention as a so-called sugar daddy. This can be gifts, sometimes a vacation or even an envelope with a few bills.

Hannah had never been on a trip before – so a visit to me was a good idea

Anyway, I met a young woman on the one portal on one of my trips – I often had to go to Hamburg on business for my newly founded software company. Peggy had just turned 18 and was really very cute. She was very delicate, had a great figure and an enchanting smile. We struck up a conversation and quickly exchanged numbers.

Sugarbabe for me: how I became a sugardaddy | sex story

She had yet to travel in her life and was totally thrilled that I lived in a house with a sea view on the southern French coast near Marseille. I asked her why she was not with her peers and she emphasized that the boys at her age are often still fluffy in the head, childish and immature. With older men this is different and therefore she can imagine having a relationship as a Sugarbabe with a Sugardaddy.

She was really crisp, sent me from time to time quite provocative photos that showed her sometimes in a bikini on the beach, sometimes in a miniskirt or a short dress at a party. I have to admit, just looking at these pictures I got horny and my pants suddenly became tighter and tighter at a certain point automatically. This girl I had to have!

Here are the two profiles of the girls:

Since she had never been on vacation before, I wanted to start at exactly this point and simply invited her to join me without further ado. She could not say more than no. She was immediately thrilled. However, she wondered what to say to her parents, with whom she still lived. She could badly tell that they want to fly to a sugardaddy in France and spend a few nice days there as a sugarbabe.

Meet SugarbabesOne Sugarbabe is a six in the lottery, two babes like an extra number

She made up an excuse for her parents and told them she was going to Mallorca with a friend. In addition, she asked me if this friend could come with me to France, this would also “show gratitude” to me as a sugardaddy for this kindness. Sure, that’s a winner of the lottery, I thought. Two girls and then both together younger than me! If they would then also thank me properly for the invitation, I would have a pretty cool week in the house.

So I agreed and we looked for a flight to Marseille during the vacations – my future Sugarbabe Peggy was still at school, her friend Hannah of the same age was already studying. And found him too. Without further ado, I booked the tickets for the two girls with one suitcase each, reserved the seats and was curious if they would really show up. Unfortunately, I have often had bad experiences with this. Especially young girls can always tell a lot when the day is long….

Would they really be there? I was more than nervous…

We wrote more and more intimate in the following weeks and she became more and more salacious, so that I could hardly wait. Peggy really seemed to have it all figured out. On the other hand, I didn’t know what Hannah was like, but I was more looking forward to my new Sugarbabe Peggy anyway. Hannah had an even hornier figure with bigger tits than her, but I just liked Peggy’s face better. The day of the flight was getting closer and closer and yes, I was very excited, because two girls have never been with me at the same time.

On the eve of the trip, we agreed to meet at the Marseille airport and both emphasized once again how much they were looking forward to their first vacation trip. Peggy still revealed to me that she expects from a man that she may serve him as a Sugarbabe, he should take what he wants. This, of course, let me additionally the tail become hard and my fantasies digress.

How I became a sugardaddy | sex storyWere the two girls trying to drive me crazy on purpose?

As I drove to the airport, I was nervous. Would they really come? And yes, they were there. Both had on summer dresses that could not have been shorter. They looked horny. Both of them. Hannah was prettier than in the photos and Peggy such beautiful white teeth and insanely soft, clean skin. I was sure that I would have a lot of fun with her as a sugardaddy. As a guest gift, I had bought them both a bangle each from my favorite jeweler, they were sincerely pleased and thanked me. After a short greeting we went to my car and drove to my house. Peggy sat in front, Hannah took a seat in the back of the car in the middle.

Her dress slid way up, but that didn’t bother her in the least and she seemed to enjoy my fleeting glances over the rearview mirror. Peggy sat with me and beamed all over her face. Her dress let me spy the beginnings of her breasts and I would have loved to eat them right away in the car, but I could not have explained that to her friend Hannah, because she did not know that I wanted Peggy as a Sugarbabe. And I didn’t even know what Hannah’s position was on the subject of sugardaddies or sex with older men in general, since Peggy told me that Hannah had a 21-year-old boyfriend until recently.

Tipsy disappeared the two beauties in their room

We talked during the drive about the flight and the trip and what they would like to do in the next few days. Hannah was more the beach type and Peggy preferred to chill by the pool or see the city. No problem for me, I liked both and we wouldn’t have to do something as a threesome all the time. I wasn’t the party and disco type anyway, and I’m sure the two girls wanted to go dancing in the evening. Arrived home, we put the suitcases of the hot girls in the foyer and I showed both the premises. They were amazed, such a house they had never seen from the inside, although it was not particularly fancy now.

The sea view was of course the eye-catcher par excellence as well as the pool on the roof terrace, from which you could see both the coast and the city. We had a welcome cocktail and I showed them to their room where they could sleep. Hannah didn’t seem to take the cocktail too well and was pretty tipsy. Peggy took her to her room and sat with me for a bit before she too wanted to end the day and go to bed. I took her to her room and she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she breathed and disappeared behind the door. I went back into the living room and poured myself another glass of wine and just imagined Peggy naked.

Almost caught me my new Sugarbabe while stretching

As I sat there for a while, Hannah suddenly came into the living room. She had a transparent negligee on, her full plump breasts were well visible, she looked pretty horny as she stood there like that. She asked me where the shower was, and I pointed the way, rather flabbergasted by this surprise appearance.

She went into the bathroom and I heard her turn on the shower. It is a large shower with a glass partition. When my bottle of wine was finished shortly after, I went down to the basement and passed the bathroom. The door wasn’t quite closed and I couldn’t help but peek in through the crack. What I saw there almost knocked my socks off: Hannah was sitting on the edge of the shower with her legs wide apart, massaging her breasts and Peggy was kneeling in front of her, licking her pussy.

Story: Ein neues Sugarbabe für den SugardaddyWhat a horny sight! I immediately became horny and massaged through the pants my cock hard to bursting. The two young girls kissed and caressed each other, Hannah moaning as Peggy licked more and more wildly, massaging her clit with her thumb and then fingering her pussy while penetrating her butt hole with another finger. I exposed my cock and jerked it, while the girls drove it together without restraint.

Before I cum, however, Hannah got up and came toward the door. Terrified if they might see me and I might get caught, I slipped away, sat down in the living room and continued massaging my hard-on until I came. I didn’t go back to the bathroom that night, and a short time later I went to sleep. My dreams were pretty wild and I imagined how both girls would spoil me at the same time. At least they seemed to have a bisexual streak.

It was in the pool that I really got to know Hannah and Peggy

The next morning, they arrived in good spirits for breakfast by the pool on the roof terrace. They wore the same robe and looked sexy enough to eat. We had breakfast and laughed a lot, fooling around like little kids. Hannah kept giving me definite looks. Did she know that I had secretly watched the two of them showering last night? Peggy seemed a bit more shy than her friend, but made ambiguous innuendos.

Don’t be cheeky, little mouse, I thought to myself and threatened to throw her into the pool in her robe. She just laughed and didn’t take me seriously. A few moments later she was wet and lying in the pool. Hannah and I laughed and jumped in after them. In the water we continued to fool around and Peggy suddenly kissed me, pressing her breasts firmly against me. Sure, I visibly enjoyed it. When can a man my age have such a young sugarbabe?

I took’s Sugarbabe from behind, her friend looked on

With a firm grip she suddenly had my hard cock in her hand and pulled down my pants with a jerk. Peggy just watched as Hannah made me hornier and hornier. She jerked my hard strap, it became hard and harder in her grip. She stripped off her kimono and I kneaded her firm breasts. The nipples straightened immediately and I nibbled and sucked passionately on them. Hannah moaned in my ear that I should just turn her over and fuck her. She still said she would take the pill and I could fuck her just like that. Not just now, but whenever I wanted to. Without asking them. Show her who the man is.

Of course, I didn’t have to be told twice. I grabbed her by the torso and placed her in the pool so that she stretched her tight ass towards me. With my hands I parted her buttocks and put my thing on her cleft, pulling it through two three times and then thrusting hard with a jerk. She cried out briefly, but I just fucked her like a man possessed, so that a lustful moan was mixed in. Peggy was still watching, but by now she was blatantly rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy with her other hand. She looked outrageously horny, as she sat there so wide-legged on the sun lounger.

The first time in life I had a threesome

I fucked Hannah in this position a bit more before Peggy got up and joined us. “Let me suck your cock,” she said. Hannah acknowledged this with an ungracious growl, but still released my hard-on from her dripping grotto. Both girls now bent over me and alternately sucked my latte and balls. The two of them were really naturals, they had the blowjob really on it. So I came to the first double blowjob of my life and I must admit that was really the upper hammer to be blown by two girls.

I couldn’t stand it for long either and they noticed that. They briefly let go of me and kissed. But only to sink my lance deep into their mouths again afterwards. Now I could not stand it anymore and had to cum. My whole load landed in Hannah’s mouth, but she didn’t swallow, but kissed Peggy again and let my warm cum run into her mouth with a cumswapping. What a horny sight!

How I became a sugardaddy | sex storyMy Sugarbabe and her friend blew to the second round

The girls continued to make out with their cum-smeared faces while Peggy was already massaging my cock again. Apparently, she wanted to bring him to a halt again. So round two was announced. Hannah bent down to me and licked my dick clean, the mixture of my sperm and the pussy slime she swallowed like other women eat pudding. That impressed me. Through the treatment, my little friend grew again to considerable size, I was so horny that I could have fucked one of them again immediately.

Sugarbabe Hannah and her friend Peggy jerked me now alternately, caressing each other in between again and again. Now I wanted more, grabbed Peggy and laid her backwards on the table. Her hole gaped wide open and shone with moisture. It was easy to penetrate them effortlessly. My spear now virtually impaled her and with very slow movements I drove her almost mad. “Fuck me finally with your hammer” she almost yelled at me. But I kept going at a snail’s pace, and she kept whimpering and running out. My cock was already almost white from her cunt slime, really creamy it became. A horny sight!

Peggy licked Hannah until mega orgasm

Hannah tickled my balls from behind and covered my body with kisses. It felt good to fuck the one woman while the other girl kneaded my testicles and again and again lightly pressed my piston with both hands. Peggy moaned loudly under my slow thrusts and scratched my whole back with her long fingernails with horniness. Now my movements became a little faster, my pelvis slapped against her body. She cried out and an orgasm surging in spurts overtook her. But I didn’t want to stop yet, it was still too early for me to cum, so I just kept fucking the teen girl.

Peggy squirmed and tried to pull away from me, but I held her by both wrists with strong pressure. Where was my Sugarbabe now? She had let go of me and watched as I fucked her bosom friend. She couldn’t do that for long, because in no time Hannah placed her pussy over Peggy’s face. “Fuck me, now!” she commanded the sweating and moaning girl who was being fucked out of her mind. Peggy did as she was told and now the two girls were moaning and squealing in competition.

The huge load of cum on the ass of the Sugarbabes

I felt my lance twitch, my tube was well filled again and was about to burst, but I pulled it out of Peggy’s pussy, pulled Hannah towards me, spit into my hand and spread the spit on her butt hole. She guessed what I was up to and stretched her gorgeous butt further towards me.

Fuck My SugarbabesI penetrated her rear entrance with my thumb and then fingered her anally with two fingers. Then I put my cock to her rosette and dran slowly into her. Peggy licked and sucked Hannah’s nipples like a world champion.

By the way, as my Sugarbabe confessed to me later, this was her first ass fuck and Peggy had also not had anal sex before. Anyway, I kept fucking my Sugarbabe in her butt and she seemed to enjoy it. At least, if I interpreted her loud cries of pleasure correctly. But now the sperm shot out of my sack in the direction of my sleeve and I could just pull my pint out of Hannah’s plump ass. With a grunting rutting cry, I squirted in powerful spurts onto her rear end and as Peggy rubbed her friend’s clit with the flat of her hand, Hannah climaxed as well.

In these days we did it several times, once even the neighbors caught us on the terrace. But of that another time. ;-)

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