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How can I become an erotic actor?

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Erotikdarsteller werden oder wie ein Traum wahr wird

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Real lust instead of a monotonous job

Become an erotic actor or how a dream comes true

What man hasn’t dreamed of sex with beautiful women, fantastic-looking babes competing with each other, which of them comes first. For most people, this only happens in their mind or at best in a porno. But it can become true, because erotic performers are wanted.

How can I become an erotic actor?Erotic performers are envied

Most men live in a relationship in which sex becomes routine over time. There’s no fire or passion there anymore. That’s why so many married men go to whores, by the way, because they experience the lust there that no longer exists at home. However, this has a big disadvantage. Whores are expensive. Erotic actors, on the other hand, are even paid for sex! And what sex! No boring flower sex, but wild, unbridled lust with hot girls who have no inhibitions. It’s where fantasies come true.

Pornocasting, for example, regularly involves shooting scenes for a threesome or anal sex, or the actresses spoil their male partners in hot outfits that normal men only see in porn. Becoming a porn actor has its advantages and is definitely more pleasant than a boring office job.

How can you become an erotic actor?

One thing is clear: jobs as porn actors are not reported to the employment agency as vacancies. If you want to become an erotic actor, you usually have to apply for a porn casting. It’s like a talent contest for the erotic industry.

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In fact, there is a great demand for erotic performers. Especially men are in demand. This is not only because by far not everyone who enjoys sex has what it takes to become an erotic actor. More and more porn is being shot and users want to see some new faces from time to time.

How does it work at the casting?

Anyone who dares to play in porn can apply on the website www.erotikdarsteller.com . There is a link to the casting. The German label Eronite Movie Productions is looking for amateurs who would like to play in porn at regular intervals. Of course, a hot clip is not shot immediately.

First of all we go to the casting. This is being done in a larger city somewhere in Germany. Sometimes a club is rented for it, sometimes it also takes place in a hotel. Usually one or two dozen men appear for the casting, all of whom would like to become porn actors. How it goes at a casting for pop stars is well known from various talent shows on television. Porn auditions, on the other hand, are about sex. The (male) participants must prove that they are suitable for the job. Usually 2 or 3 known female porn stars are present to perform the test.

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Those who pass the test are included in the agency’s database and can often expect to be given their first small roles after only a short time. However, before the time comes, the future porn actors must sign a declaration in which they assign the rights to their own picture to the casting agency. This is a basic requirement for every erotic actor.

Becoming an erotic actor is not easy

Above all, stability and endurance are required. The conditions for porn casting are anything but ideal for sex. There is a big difference if you watch a porn at home and masturbate with pleasure or if you are on set live and have sex on command. It happens to many men, including even experienced porn stars, that their best piece does not move at the decisive moment.

Sex with a porn star: a dream comes true

In addition, most people have to wait a very long time and are extremely nervous during pornocasting. No wonder that only a few master the casting at the first attempt. But that’s not a serious problem. The employees of Eronite Movie Productions know about it. If everything else fits, candidates get a new chance at the next casting.

The prerequisites to become an erotic actor

Since these are so-called adult videos, the law requires that all actors are at least 18 years old. No minor may become an erotic actor. Porn actors should also not be romantic types, but have fun having wild sex with changing partners. You must be able to concentrate on the action and not be so quickly distracted by external influences. You will quickly realize that porn sex is something completely different than private sex. In private sex, partners are concerned with satisfying their own lust and that of others. Porn, on the other hand, focuses on the (invisible) viewer. He should find the clip cool and be able to relax while doing so. Erotic performers have to translate the fantasies of others into reality. This is not always easy and requires a high degree of discipline.

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A small example: The female porn actor looks very attractive and also wears suspenders, fishnet stockings and high heels. He would like to throw himself at her, push her to the ground and throw himself at her. But that wouldn’t go down well with the viewers because they wouldn’t be able to see what’s happening. So he has to bow to the director’s instructions and position himself so that the camera can see the woman. This is not so easy and requires some practice. In addition, the sex should last as long as possible. A Minute Man nobody wants to see in porn. Often the scene has to be repeated two or three times before it is accepted.

What do I have to pay attention to when applying as an erotic actor?

Anyone who wants to become an erotic actor must also submit an application folder, as with any other application. It’s a little different, though. Nobody is interested in the curriculum vitae or the school leaving certificate. Instead, future erotic performers should report openly and honestly about their strengths and weaknesses in the sexual field. This means, for example, which type of woman they prefer, which sex practices they like and which they strictly reject. This helps the production team to select suitable rollers and turning partners. If an erotic actor has a certain inclination, that is not bad, on the contrary. Maybe actors with this inclination are being sought right now.

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In the application documents also a few photos may not be missing. So-called full body shots are best to get a first impression. Nude photos may also be included, but do not necessarily have to be handed in.

For many, becoming an erotic actor means fulfilling a dream. With endurance and willpower the goal can be achieved. The best way to get there is by pornocasting. There, the candidates are tested to see if they have what it takes to become porn actors. The best way to apply for porn casting is online on the website of the casting agency.

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