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Viennese oyster: sex position for stretchy people

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You think the Viennese oyster is an Austrian delicacy? Far from it! Rather, it is a super popular sex position for stretchy people, which not only makes you fit, but also promises orgasms. Why, let’s explain here!

First of all: How the Viennese oyster works

The position is an extended missionary position. So she’s down, he’s up. Only that with the Viennese oyster the woman’s legs are raised and placed on his shoulders. This of course requires a little fitness, abdominal muscles are also an advantage. But no stress if you’re not so limber. You can also put your legs on loosely, so you don’t have to stretch them, so it hurts your muscles. So just stay relaxed at the Wiener Auster. Because that’s how you have the most fun and enjoyment!

Viennese oyster: sex position for stretchy peopleWhy do you do body acrobatics in bed?

Due to the inclined pelvis of the man and the angle of inclination, he can stimulate the woman particularly well and depending on how hard the thighs of the woman are pressed together, both can find really well to orgasm. Another advantage of the oyster is that in this position the G-spot of the woman is often reached well. That gives her the ultimate kick!

Dosed, but definitely try it out

Why don’t you take a break when it gets too exhausting?

Granted: The Viennese oyster is a certain challenge at the beginning. You have to be agile and flexible, stretchy and need a secure base. However, you should not stress yourselves, because you can dissolve the position again and again, so small pauses come up and you can even delay your sexual pleasure with it.

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By the way, where does the name come from?

By the way, the Viennese oyster got its name because in 1840 the painter Johann Nepomuk Geiger published a scandalous watercolour of a portrayed couple in this position. In a short period of time, the position established itself in Viennese brothels and today has become a popular sex position all over the world.

The position is currently considered one of the most popular sexpositions in bed. She is now praised as an orgasm booster and promises women the highest satisfaction.

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