At the same time come with the new penis ring NŌS

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At the same time come with the new penis ring NŌS
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With the NŌS penis ring couples get together

The orgasm is one of the most beautiful sensations in the world: this breathtaking, exhilarating feeling that becomes even more beautiful when you experience it together. While for 95% of men the classic penetration can already lead to the goal, only about 18% of women come through penetrative sex alone.But now there is the penis ring NŌS.

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At the same time come with the new penis ring NŌSNŌS – the new benchmark for penis rings

The penis ring novelty from FUN FACTORY now puts an end to the Orgasm Gap. NŌS helps couples to come at the same time in the future. Because the special shape of the ring ensures a harder, long-lasting erection, while the two extensions stimulate the clitoral glans with pinpoint accuracy. So with NŌS, couples – in the most beautiful of moments – are now even closer than ever.

With NŌS (Latin for we/us), the name says it all, because the WE comes first when having sex with your partner. Its unique design is perfectly attuned to the clitoris and penis: two gently curved extensions surround the clitoris and the two powerful motors inside provide perfectly placed impulses that send everything from delicate to powerful vibrations – all the way to an electrifying orgasm.

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At the same time, the slightly narrowed inside of the ring flatters the shape of the penis and exerts targeted pressure on two hotspots of the shaft – for a comfortable fit and longer, harder erections. NŌS takes togetherness to a whole new level.

Versatile game ideas for lots of FUN

In addition to its unique design, NŌS offers numerous game possibilities and invites you to discover new positions – or rediscover old familiar ones. Because the vibrating penis ring can not only be worn with the extensions upwards. If you put it on with the vibrating tips pointing downwards, you can stimulate the testicles and clitoris at the same time, for example in the reverse riding position or in doggstyle. And also as an exciting extra in the blow job NŌS makes a very good figure. Four different speed levels and an arousal-increasing “flirt setting” ensure particularly intense sensual moments.

Even if things get a bit wilder or wetter, NŌS stays reliably in place thanks to its firm fit. At the same time both have their hands free to caress and pamper each other.

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So many things are more fun together than alone. Whether it’s standard dancing, a party game – or sex. NŌS connects and makes couples come not only together, but at the same time. Better together.

NŌS is available in black and deep sea blue. Like all FUN FACTORY Toys, the new penis ring is made in Germany and made of velvety, medical silicone. NŌS is available for 69,90 Euro here.

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