Asked: What are the intimate hairstyles?

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Asked: What are the intimate hairstyles?
Asked: What are the intimate hairstyles?

Intimate hairstyles and their advantages and disadvantages

Opinions can vary widely on the styling of pubic hair – as they do on the hairstyle of the hair on the head. In this article, we want to offer some inspiration for intimate hairstyles. What are the advantages of each version? And what else should you consider when trimming intimate hairstyles?

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These hairstyles are found most often

  1. Bald – the Hollywood Cut
    The complete shave of the pubic hair, which is also called “Hollywood cut” in the technical jargon, offers a particularly high level of hygiene. For example, if you’re into passive oral sex, shaving your intimate area completely can ensure that your sexual partner is guaranteed to have no pubic hair between their teeth after cunnilingus or blowjob.
    Cons: Sensitive skin can react to shaving or alternatives like waxing, sugaring or epilating with inflammation. Also, not all people find this intimate styling attractive: to some it seems unsexy, as it can remind them of naked children.
  2. Natural
    If you suddenly want to change from a natural pubic hair to a complete shave, the following applies: First use a hair trimmer and then move on to a wet razor or another method of hair removal.
  3. Bikini cut
    A compromise between Hollywood Cut and “natural” is the bikini cut, one of the most popular intimate hairstyles. As the name suggests, when wearing a bikini with this style, no pubic hair is visible. By the way, the term “Bikini Complete” is another word for the Hollywood Cut.

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There are numerous variations of the bikini cut, so you can always surprise your loved one with new intimate hairstyles. To create the shape of a heart or an arrow, it is best to use a commercially available template. These are placed on the intimate area to produce the intimate hairstyle. Even in the form of a stamp or a butterfly can trim the pubic hair. Other examples of popular forms of intimate hairstyles:

  • the lightning
  • the flag
  • the shamrock
  • the moon
  • the asterisk

What is the Brazilian Cut?

This intimate hairstyle is also called “Iroquois” or “runway” and is characterized by the fact that the pubic hair line runs over the mons veneris and is about two centimeters wide.

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As you can see, creativity knows no bounds when it comes to intimate hairstyles.

Stencils for intimate hairstyles – Tips

You can find templates like this online. If you prefer perfect results, you should trim longer pubic hair before using a template.

Intimate hairstyles for men?

While sugaring is the most popular among the ladies, men attach importance to high-quality razors for down below. Especially the following intimate hairstyles look dazzling on men:

  • the woodcutter (this is wild growth that has been trimmed a bit)
  • the triangle
  • Iroquois

These are, of course, only examples. Depending on a man’s preferences, he has the same wealth of shapes available to him in terms of intimate hairstyles as women do.


What was or is “in” in terms of intimate hairstyles varies from era to era and from country to country. Three intimate hairstyles that will be particularly hot in 2021 are the heart and Brazilian cut, in addition to the tomboy, according to a beauty expert.

The design of the intimate area is left to one’s own taste, but in practice many people are guided by the wishes of their partner. For most people, however, it will be rather incidental whether the hair of their partner’s intimate area is heart-shaped or diamond-shaped. However, a sexual partner is usually pleased when the beloved surprises him with matching shapes on holidays: for example, with the cloverleaf style on New Year’s Eve or with pubic hair in the shape of a heart on Valentine’s Day.

A few tips in conclusion

  • In everyday life, intimate hairstyles are also a matter of available time: using a shape can prove to be a patience game the first time. So some people will save intimate hair trimming for the weekend – at least initially.
  • For best results, trim your intimate hairstyles the day before your date. This allows the skin in this sensitive area to calm down again, and another shower ensures that any scratches that may have appeared on the skin from shaving are less noticeable.
  • By the way, the most gentle for the skin is sugaring.

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