8 unmistakable signs of the end of a relationship

By Marco Dorada
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8 unmistakable signs of the end of a relationship
8 unmistakable signs of the end of a relationship

Eight clear signs of the end of a relationship

It is not uncommon for relationships to persist even though they have long since passed their zenith. One of the two partners, or both of them, can’t let go, even when the relationship has long since ended. The following text deals with end-of-relationship hints. If one or more of these points apply, the partners should consider whether it would be better to end the marriage or the partnership.

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8 unmistakable signs of the end of a relationship1. frequent misunderstandings between the partners

If you are looking for clues to the end of a relationship, the first place you often end up is communication. Misunderstandings arise all the time. One has the feeling that the partner reacts to things that man or woman have not said so. It happens occasionally in any relationship. If the misunderstandings accumulate and quarrels arise again and again, it is often better to end the relationship.

2. avoid disputes

Even seemingly harmonious relationships can carry the seeds of separation. This sounds paradoxical at first glance. Often, however, partners avoid conflict because they are constantly apologizing to the other. Indications of the end of a relationship are when the partners no longer want to deal with the other. They just agree with him or excuse themselves to have his peace.

3. one does not like to see the other anymore

The list of relationship endings also includes when partners are constantly avoiding each other and no longer enjoy being together.

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If you prefer to be by yourself, read a book and be happy when your partner goes to work or to the bar alone, you have several clues to the end of your relationship.

4. different ideas on the subject of children

Different ideas on the subject of children also provide clear indications of the end of the relationship. It starts with the question of whether the partners even want children. Those who want to hold on to the relationship often hope in vain for a change of heart. Even if both partners agree on this topic, both often have different opinions on the subject.

5. the handling of money

Some people spend more money than they have in their account, others get nervous when their account balance drops below 2,000 euros. Money and sex are the two most common topics of contention. If you notice that you are constantly arguing with your partner about this, you should take these indications of the end of the relationship seriously and draw your own conclusions.

6. mourning old relationships

Indications of the end of a relationship can also be constant brooding about past relationships and comparing the current partner with the past one. If you catch yourself doing this, it’s better not to repress it, but to follow up on the feeling. If the longing is very strong, such feelings are often indications of the end of the relationship.

7. the dear relatives

Sure, no one marries their mother-in-law or father-in-law, but it’s still worth taking a closer look at the family. If they do not accept the daughter-in-law or son-in-law, and if they constantly quarrel with each other, these are two reasons that should be taken seriously.

8. violence in the relationship

Psychological or physical violence is an absolute no-go. Anyone who experiences this is best to pull the plug immediately and end the relationship. If it even comes to rape, physical abuse or stalking, then it is better to involve the police.

Conclusion and summary

These eight clues to relationship endings are only a small sample of the possible reasons. Other reasons may include different views on sex and different views on religion or even politics. Whether or not these are indications of the end of a relationship is ultimately for each person to decide. If you notice that your tolerance limit has been reached or even exceeded at one point, it is better to draw a line under it.

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