Bangboss strongly advises against Corona vaccination

By Mario Meyer
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Bangboss strongly advises against Corona vaccination
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Corona vaccination gone wrong with the bangboss?

His autograph is his sperm. So “bangboss” Manuel got congratulated on his birthday by Eronite in September. Working in the porn industry for 15 years – light years in the scene – and always looking for fresh faces and wet, unspent pussies to introduce his huge bosscock to.

20 relapses after Corona vaccination20 relapses after vaccination

But now he is calling for great caution in vaccinating against SARS-CoV-2. The vaccine meant to eradicate Corona is very dangerous, the bangboss reports on his Facebook account, warning his friends and fans about the consequences of the Covid vaccine. Not without reason, because after he had himself vaccinated, his penis had grown by no less than ten centimetres, according to his own statements (we haven’t measured it yet)!

But this was not the only side effect of the Corona vaccination. His bosscock also unloads a whopping load of cum in twenty spurts as he jerks off. The bukkake at the gangbang, on the other hand, seems like a blob of crème fraîche in a cream of mushroom soup. The bangboss spreads facial glazes of all cream!

He has already announced that he will soon come forward with the whole truth and inform the world public about the dangers of the Corona vaccination. The pharmaceutical companies can already dress warmly!

8.9. - Der Bang-Boss feiert seinen Geburtstag!

Just recently he was invited to a teen birthday party and picked up a sexy 18 year old mouse. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend, but still he took the sperm-magic slut to the guest bathroom and talked the girl with the hot tits and tight ass into sucking his bosscock after the Corona vaccination and get deepthroat fucked in the mouth. But he wouldn’t be the bangboss if he hadn’t filmed it and posted the video here on the internet. A throat fuck without the girl gagging, she sure didn’t do it for the first time. And after inoculating her, he was able to squirt a lot more than usual directly onto her outstretched tongue. Let’s hope her boyfriend doesn’t see the video – because otherwise inferiority complexes are bound to happen.

All videos from the Bangboss can be found here.

Editor’s Note: Since not all readers understand satire, we reiterate here that this post is satire.

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