Winning back an ex-partner – What is the best way to do it?

By Marco Dorada
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Winning back an ex-partner - What is the best way to do it?
Winning back an ex-partner - What is the best way to do it?

Winning back the ex-partner with a proven strategy

What woman does not know the feeling of endless emptiness after a heated argument or even a breakup? The feelings are there unchanged, and suddenly all thoughts turn only to how she can get her ex back. Before devising an effective strategy, she should honestly ask herself whether partner reclamation is really sensible and desirable given the overall situation.

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As soon as the woman in question is totally sure of her feelings and wants to get rid of the gnawing longing from her life, it can start. From now on, her behavior is guided by the motto “win back my ex-partner at all costs” and determines her actions. Depending on her personality, she may be brash or a bit more reserved in using a tried-and-true strategy to win back her ex.

The following reasons speak for a relationship restart

It is advisable to think carefully first and not to head straight for the target. If you want to get your ex back, you should be clear about what led to the rift or breakup. Being honest with yourself helps to identify what caused the relationship to fail. Before beginning the efforts with which the woman wants to win back her ex-partner, she should put her feelings to the test. Does she feel fear of loss and loneliness, does she mourn the image of the couple she has in her head of herself and her ex? Is she really concerned about his person if she wants to get her ex back, and are her desires for a future together realistic?

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Any woman who wants her ex back should profess her love for him. Did he cause the breakup, or did a long distance relationship or different lifestyles destroy the relationship? Perhaps the physical attraction is still so strong that she definitely wants to win back her ex-partner. She misses the tenderness and sex and feels the loss all over her body. The very thought of her ex gives her pleasure and pain of separation at the same time.

Winning back partners - What is the best way to do it?

Another argument to pursue partner reclamation is the familiarity that united the couple. The resulting emotions should not be underestimated and are a further incentive to want to win back the ex-partner. Especially beautiful moments together remain in memory, while less pleasant moments gradually fade. Shared experiences have strengthened trust in each other. This is another reason why involuntary singles often prefer to win back their ex-partner instead of getting involved in a new relationship.

This is how it works!

It can also play a role in winning back the ex that a woman’s fighting spirit has been awakened and she does not intend to leave the field to a competitor for his affection without resistance. That being said, after a breakup, not all feelings for a person are necessarily suddenly extinguished.

Winning back your ex – this is how it can work

Even if it is difficult, first and foremost, a no-contact policy should be agreed upon and adhered to. It is often worth waiting for the ex-partner to get back in touch. Meanwhile, the woman should not sink into self-pity or give in to her heartbreak. If you want to win back your ex-partner, you must not remain in the victim role. Clear thoughts can be grasped outdoors and during sports.

Winning back partners - What is the best way to do it?

Those who learn to take time for themselves become more aware of their feelings. In addition, there is free space for all the things that may have been neglected in the course of the relationship. New impulses may lead to other hobbies, an external change, or the study of a foreign language. If a woman succeeds in reinventing herself, she becomes interesting for her ex again – as long as she remains authentic.

The Master Plan 3.0

The stronger and more independent she becomes, the more her chances of actually winning back her ex-partner increase. If the ex contacts her again, he will have a positive surprise. His wish for a reunion should not be promptly fulfilled by the woman, but quietly let him wait a little. Of course, a “chance encounter” can often be arranged, but this requires clever tactics.

How to fail the plan to get the partner back

First commandment: never chase after your ex, spy on him and bombard him with messages and calls. Moreover, discussions do not lead to the desired result. Convincing the ex that she deserves a second chance is only possible for a woman through her behavior – and through fairness.

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She should also keep her hands off making the ex jealous. In doing so, she demonstrates neither maturity nor respect. Another don’t is love expressions used to pressure the ex. He may know that he still means a lot to his former ex-partner, but nothing more. Just as out of place are heaps of gifts. Men who are desperate to win back their ex-partner should remember this.

Jump start to revive a relationship

Instead of considering the breakup as final, numerous singles wish to try again with the ex or exes. It should not be forgotten that there were usually good reasons for the separation. Whether the goal is to win back a man or a woman, these strategic steps can make it work:

  • Provide clarity on why the ex or exes should not be abandoned
  • Keep your distance for a longer period of time and wait to hear from your ex again.
  • Leave heartbreak and self-pity behind
  • Use the distance to the ex to devote yourself to neglected things
  • Reinventing yourself to reignite the interest of the ex
  • Prove the personal independence

If this approach to getting his ex(s) back is unsuccessful, the breakup may be inevitable. Then, under certain circumstances, there still remains the possibility of a friendly bond between two people. However, both must honestly want this serious change, so that it does not come to unpleasant entanglements. There is hardly anything more dangerous for a friendship than when someone continues to secretly or even openly pine for his or her ex.

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