This is why women in uniforms are so attractive

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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This is why women in uniforms are so attractive
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More than just a garment

Doctor, nurse, policewoman or stewardess: what do all these women have in common? They are all popular in the erotic imagination of people. That’s how you often see them in porn movies. Most of the time these porn movies also tell a more detailed story than is usually the case for porn movies. But what makes women in uniforms so sexy and why are they part of the erotic fantasy? More about that here.

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This is why women in uniforms turn everyone’s head

This is why women in uniforms are so attractiveThe uniform fetish is more than just the preference of a piece of clothing. All the thoughts that women in uniforms trigger in a uniform lover are part of his very own erotic fantasy. This type of fantasy is more about the dominance/submission tangent. So those who prefer women in uniforms are all about being dominated or dominating themselves.

For example, let’s illuminate a popular fantasy of women in uniforms among women: that of the female doctor. She is the savior in distress. Many men are attracted to women with whom they feel safe. These women in uniforms are willing to do anything to save lives.

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The same goes for the policewoman. It provides order and comforts. The policewomen have an important advantage here: these women in uniforms have handcuffs. That’s enough to spark the imagination for all sorts of exciting scenarios. Women in uniforms go.

Women in uniforms: the nurse

Many men love women in uniforms. The number one woman in uniform remains the traditional nurse. But why is that? Men like the idea of being mothered. Therefore, when it comes to women in uniforms, it is mainly the nurse that is meant. The nurse pays attention to every little thing. Even if this is not the case in real life, she is often dressed very sexy in pornographic movies.

This is why women in uniforms are so attractive

The stewardess, on the other hand, is at the mercy of her lover’s desires in role play. The schoolgirl pleases is also very popular, especially because of her docile nature. In this case, the man returns to his roots as a dominant man and plays the “almighty” card by having a young woman to fulfill his every sexual desire.

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It seems that men fantasize mostly about hostesses during the vacation season, followed by tour guides (22%), hotel receptionists (17%), nannies (11%) and waitresses (6%). This was revealed by a survey on women in uniforms.

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Another list of preferences for women in uniforms comes from the blog of Dr. Mark Griffiths, a psychologist and professor at Nottingham Trent University. According to this, popular women in uniforms are: Cheerleaders, nurses, cleaners, secretaries and office workers.

The transgression of the forbidden

Ärztin, Krankenschwester, Polizistin oder Stewardess – Erotische RollenspieleIt should be understood that the roles that these women take in fantasy do not really correspond to reality. Fantasies allow us to cross an imaginary line that reflects the forbidden. You don’t necessarily hit on a nurse in the hospital, and you don’t necessarily fall in love with the cop who gives you a parking ticket.

Sexual desire is mostly about the perfect scenario where, for example, the fireman picks us up and rescues us from the flames. This sense of survival is also found in sexual desire. It is the uniform and the characteristics attributed to the person that make him erotic. This person may not be attractive as such.

Among the most popular sex games for couples are role-playing games, which are very popular with both men and women. In the course of an evening it is possible to slip into the role of another person and have the impression of making love to a completely different person, without the negative consequences associated with it.

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With or without preparation, it is very easy to make. All you need is a costume and a little imagination to completely break the routine.

Sexy ideas for erotic role play

Ärztin, Krankenschwester, Polizistin oder Stewardess – Erotische Rollenspiele The Doctor: In real life, the doctor is rarely exciting. However, in a more sexual context, it examines every part of a body. This can very quickly become very erotic and exciting.

The Teacher: The sexy teacher found in many porn movies. But this role figure is also very suitable for the game for two. Under her stern exterior, she can introduce her student to the joys of life.

The nun: she is the ultimate symbol of chastity. But it provokes in some people a sudden desire to transgress what is forbidden and to sin!

Japanese paradise

When it comes to women in uniforms, Japan is every uniform lover’s paradise. The book Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs by Joan Sinclair (Abrams) introduces you to the world of fuzoku (sex trafficking). The book describes a universe that is both public and secret. On the outside, these sex clubs are legal. However, the practices are illegal in many cases.

In these clubs it is possible to have sex with stewardesses, women in schoolgirl dresses and all imaginable uniforms. Besides, you can do it in any recreated scenarios: subway cars, offices or inside an airplane.

The factual report: blindness and eroticism

The Japanese also have a whole range of props for the penis, thanks to the Kokigami technique. This is an erotic game that consists in dressing up the penis in paper or fabric costumes to seduce the partner. The sex stores have a diverse repertoire of costumes to live out the uniform fetish.

By the way, role-playing with uniforms and costumes was already practiced by the Japanese aristocracy in the 17th century.

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