That’s what women really expect from you men!

By Marco Dorada
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That's what women really expect from you men!
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Do women sometimes expect too much?

What girls really want from guys in bed

When it comes to the topic “What women expect in bed”, the stronger sex is often quite in the dark. Many men consider themselves good lovers. Without suspecting that they have far less fun during sex than they think.

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That's what women really expect from you men!What women expect during sex – good preparation

This not only means that he comes to her freshly showered and shaved, but that he makes her hot hours or even days before. This is what women expect: SMS or WhatsApp messages telling her how much he loves her and how much he is already looking forward to the date. If he tells her how attractive she is and maybe even sends her a photo of his best piece (but only if she agrees is!), she gets wet and tingly even before that. But don’t overdo it. Especially if you don’t know the woman yet. It’s more of a deterrent. In particular, sending her pictures of your dick is not only a bad choice, but not a good choice at all, so don’t do it! Besides, women do not expect something like that.

Many girls want a long foreplay

Women experience sex at least as intensively as men. However, they need much longer to become aroused. If he cares for them intensively beforehand, he too will benefit from it. During sex, he can then take them with hard, strong thrusts. And jerk off deep inside her while she’s twitching in orgasm. To reach the climax together is a beautiful experience that unites.

What women expect during sex: no fear of contact

Unfortunately, many men only touch their partner during sex in those places that are particularly erotic for them. These are the breasts, the labia and possibly also the bottom. However, in her case the whole body is an erogenous zone. She wants to be kissed and stroked everywhere. For example, many women go wild when you nibble on their earlobes or gently run your hair through them.

Women do not always need an orgasm

For the man, sex is only good if it ends with an orgasm, that is, cuming. Women, on the other hand, are often already satisfied by the intensive exchange of touches and caresses. Or do women expect too much?

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Talk is gold – especially with compliments

During sex, women do not like it if he is as mute as a fish and makes no sounds except grunting and moaning. On the other hand, they really go for it when he makes her love vows or compliments as in a sex story and tells her how beautiful and sexy she is.

This is what women expect during sex: tough guys

Sometimes women like it when they are touched a little harder during sex and he shows her that he is the man. This can be some rough pats on the butt or pulling on the hair, but also dirty talking with rough names like whore or slut. It is important that she agrees with this.

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In any case, one thing is important: communication. Talk to your women. Not just about everything. You will see that what women expect is not so difficult to decipher.

And those who go from being macho to understanding women quickly realize that they sometimes reach their limits. It is up to each individual to decide whether he wants to do this or not, as before.

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