Sexstory – Surprise succeeded: Pleasured naked in the forest

By Marco Dorada
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Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Pleasured naked in the forest
Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Pleasured naked in the forest
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I wanted to knead her big breasts

Once again I wanted to prepare a surprise for my Latina: I planned to use her naked in the forest. But not just like that, but with a certain sophistication and things that she had certainly not experienced before. So I made a plan, how I would be able to implement it and thought back and forth, what I could do with the blonde South American with the big tits so everything.

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Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!
Eronite empfiehlt dir Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!
Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!

Just the thought of doing it with her again made my pants get tight and my cock swell. I had to jerk off while writing these lines.

The sun laughs and naked in the forest was a good idea

Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Fucked naked in the forestOne Tuesday, I wrote her a note asking if she was free on Thursday morning. A few hours later came the answer: “Yes, I did. What are you going to do?”

But instead of going into it, I made one on mysterious and did not want to tell her right from the start what I had in mind with her: “I’ll pick you up the day after tomorrow at 11 o’clock from home. Put on something airy, but sexy it must be. And paint your nails black. You know me.” That it would all come down to a fuck was certainly clear to her, because whenever we met, we also fucked each other or she devotedly sucked my cock until I squirted into her sweet blow mouth. Her reaction was not long in coming, a simple “Okay” came back and I was already jerking off like crazy again in view of the fact that in two days I would be able to put my elaborate plan into action with her. Always shortly before coming, however, I stopped masturbating, because I wanted to save my sperm for my horny Latina.

When I picked them up from home, not only did my heart rejoice, but my little friend in the pants stirred and bulged the fabric. Her black top had such a large neckline that her big tits really jumped out at me. I would have loved to have immediately grabbed and rolled them properly. She wore a tight, short skirt with it, which matched her top in color and style.

When she got into the car with me, I was sure of her passion

She came to me and gave me a peck on the cheek, smiling at me very sweetly. We hugged briefly and I sucked in her lovely scent. The scent of her full hair was fresh and pleasant. I opened the car door and gallantly held it open for her so that the blonde sugar doll could get in.

Das ERONITE Dating

She took a seat in the passenger seat, I closed the door, walked around the car and got in as well. We drove for about fifteen minutes, chatting about God and the world, until we drove out of town and arrived at a large rest area.

At a deserted parking lot I made a stopover

No one was to be seen when I stopped the car on a large asphalt concrete area. However, I did not continue, but grinned at her. “What is it? Aren’t we going any further?” she asked, visibly irritated. “Yes, let’s go. But first I have something for you,” I replied and took out a black head mask with an opening for the mouth and a black, but absolutely opaque eye mask.

A black head mask with opening for the mouth in the test

“Put on your head mask,” I commanded. “Now and here?” she asked incredulously. “Yes, where else? Come on!” I ordered her and she obeyed. She looked great, with the mask pulled over her head and only her full, red-painted lips showing. With my right hand I embraced the back of her head while my thumb stroked her lips, which she then opened slightly. If I had nothing else in mind, I would have unpacked my cock on the spot and pushed it into her sexy mouth. Instead, however, I additionally slipped the opaque eye mask over her and her world unceremoniously disappeared in the dark. She could now see absolutely nothing. And that was exactly part of my plan.

Das ERONITE Dating

With my fingers I traced the contours of her shapely body, over her neck, cleavage, magnificent breasts to her legs. As she spread them slightly, I ran my hand along her thighs, but did not touch her in her most intimate place. The blonde Latin American moaned slightly, a fine sigh escaping her. But before she could get horny, I got out, opened the car door and let her leave the car as well. This dream girl just stood in front of me and could not be sure what would happen today. What would happen to her.

Was I completely serious? Yes, it was!

Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Fucked naked in the forest“Now get undressed – completely,” was my next instruction, which I whispered more than I said. “What, here? If anyone sees me?!” she asked in horror – more feigned than serious, knowing she could trust me at any time. “There’s no one here but me and a lovely young woman,” I breathed in her ear. She didn’t quite know what to think, but peeled herself out of her clothes and stood before me absolutely naked. I pressed her against the car, pushed her legs apart with my knee and kissed her neck.

With one hand I kneaded her right breast while my lips were now nibbling at the base of her neck. I noticed how her nipples became harder and erect, but while caressing them I left them out and checked with a skillful grip in her crotch whether she had already become wet. There, her slightly swollen labia awaited me, already covered by a slightly wet film. Of course she noticed my hard cock and pressed against me.

She was nervous and her pussy became wetter

With a firm grip on her arm, however, I maneuvered her back into the car into the passenger seat. I fastened her seat belt, sat down again and drove off. Nervously, she slid back and forth on the seat – she didn’t know whether anyone could have seen her in her Eva costume. Finally, she sat stark naked in the car. While they drove, I grabbed her from time to time shamelessly at the wetter cunt and said that a truck had just passed, whose driver had looked unabashedly at her tits. This was not quite true, but the blonde Latina was already a bit turned on by this idea.

Das ERONITE Dating

Again and again my fingers penetrated her now soaking wet pussy, played on the clit and fingered her sometimes slower, sometimes faster. She moaned and would have liked to be fucked now and here, but I just did not stop, but continued until I arrived at the edge of a forest. Here I slowed my ride and drove along a dirt road until we were a little deeper in the woods. Here I stopped. The blonde girl had absolutely no idea where we were, she was wearing the masks that prevented any sight.

She knew neither where nor why we were here in the forest

Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Fucked naked in the forestI got out and slammed the car door a little harder. My Latina did not know where I had gone. For five minutes I just stood outside enjoying the fresh forest air, taking a few deep breaths. She had no idea and the five minutes seemed like several hours sitting naked in the car with the mask over her head. She did not dare to take them off, which was better for her. Her thoughts went on a merry-go-round: Where was she? What was he going to do with her? Would he beat them? Did he just want to fuck her? Were they alone? If not, would he allow others to feast on her body or even use her? Questions upon questions buzzed around in her pretty little head, but she couldn’t find an answer.

Heat spread inside the car and she began to sweat slightly. However, before she could get a clear thought, the five minutes were up and I went back to the car. From the trunk I took a basket of fresh fruit and cold water and a blanket, which I spread out in a small clearing. My part-time blind blonde was still waiting dutifully in her seat, but now I brought her out and pushed her down on her knees.

I saw only her inviting red made up lips

She must have wanted to look at me, because she looked up. But she saw nothing. Unlike me, who was presented with a truly erotic sight. Naked in the forest, the blonde with the big tits knelt in front of me, her red made up blow mouth looked like an invitation to blow. And now I really felt like a juicy blowjob.

Das ERONITE Dating

With one grip I freed my piston from its prison and pushed it against her lips without further warning. Immediately she opened her mouth and sucked my stiff dick into her gullet. She started with sucking movements, I just stood there and enjoyed the spectacle. With a lot of spit she worked my lance, her tongue danced over my glans.

“Listen,” I murmured to her, “when I come, I want to come in your mouth, but you don’t swallow or spit it out. I want to see you drip my seed out of your little mouth, right onto your breasts!”

“Good for the skin,” she said to me, rubbing a

Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Fucked naked in the forestShe just nodded, but continued to blow and suck devotedly on my increasingly harder and larger strap. She also licked again and again over the sensitive spot on my perineum. She knew that I particularly liked that and was especially excitable there.

She now had her hands clasping my thighs from behind and sucked my cock in hands-free, then released it again almost completely and when she arrived at the tip of the penis, she swallowed it again completely. It was so incredible how she deepthroat naked in the forest with her mouth cunt really milked my piston. Again and again I pushed him deep into her throat. She had to gag, but she went along with it.

Slowly I felt the tugging in my balls and the juice rising. I moaned out and she realized I was about to come, but she kept sucking in anticipation that I was about to shoot my full load into her mouth. Because for a long time I would not endure this ape-horny treatment.

So it happened: my cock began to twitch and in several spurts I pumped my warm sperm into her mouth. As I had instructed her, she did not swallow it, but let it run out of the corners of her mouth. Since I cum several times, it was quite a lot that dripped on her naked tits. It looked very horny how she knelt so “decorated” in front of me and with her hands she even rubbed my cum on her breasts. “Good for the skin,” she smiled mischievously at me and massaged it all in until there was nothing left but a slightly shiny film.

While fingering I clapped my hand over and over again on her butt

After she sucked my now flaccid penis clean, I gave her something to drink and fed her the fruit. “Can I take off the mask?” she asked me. “No,” I answered shortly, “it stays on until we go back. I have something else to do with you.” I helped her up and maneuvered her upper body onto the hood of the car. It was a horny sight! Her thick boobs pressed on the sheet metal and her bronze Latina ass stretched naked in the forest perky in the air.

Das ERONITE Dating

I stood behind her and pulled her cheeks apart. Blondie literally ran out, her pussy was soaking wet. In this position she wanted to be fucked now. I could clearly tell because she kept pressing her pelvis against me and rubbing her ass against my hard cock. But again I didn’t do her the favor of giving her a fuck now. Instead, I pushed a finger into her pussy, which she acknowledged with a short squeak. Two, three, four fingers followed until she squirmed with pleasure under my hand. Sometimes slowly, sometimes faster I fingered her. The pussy juice ran down her legs. She was so horny that she would have loved to come several times in a row.

My water was their water – from mouth to mouth

Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Fucked naked in the forestBefore she came to orgasm, however, I stopped and pulled her over to the blanket I had spread out in the clearing. She was told to lie on her back, which she obediently did. I took a big gulp from the water bottle, but left the water in my mouth and wet her lips with it. The second sip I gave completely into her mouth. She enjoyed the cool water, from which a few drops ran down her neck.

I took off her head mask, she could briefly see that we were in a forest, but only a short time later I slipped the eye mask back on her, which I had to remove for a moment to remove the head mask.

“I have a present for you,” I said, pulling a small box out of the basket. It was a vibrator. I had already sent her a picture of this once with the hint that it was a gift for her, which she had long forgotten, but of course remembered again at that moment.

She smiled gently when she saw what I had brought for her

She could only see the pleasure giver for a moment, but her mouth twisted into a smile. “Thank you,” she breathed very sexily. In the meantime, she was again lying on her back naked in the forest, listening to the rustling of the leaves in the wind and continuing to see nothing. “Don’t move,” I murmured to her and began to make a wet trail on her body with my tongue, which I blew over right after. Also her breasts and the nipples I did not leave out. She got goose bumps, her fine hairs stood up.

Das ERONITE Dating

Only with my tongue I explored her whole body, only to blow again and again over the wet trace. Pleasantly excited, she purred like a little kitten. Due to her temporary blindness, she felt every tenderness, every touch very intensely. However, I interrupted my gentle treatment with the words: “I now give you the vibrator in your hand. You’ll spoil yourself with it and give me a horny show, while I’ll watch you and your reaction very closely.”

First she was ashamed of me, but then her horniness won out

Shame arose in her. Should she really present herself to me like that? Lie in front of me with open gaping cunt and do it yourself with the knock and rabbit vibrator? – She winced when she heard the whirring of the vibrator and instinctively reached for the giver of pleasure. I gave into her hand and she immediately started stroking herself with it. Already when the vibrator touched her skin, her shame gave way to an irrepressible horniness and my sweet Latinablondchen already did not even notice me as a voyeur.

Sextoy test: Thumping Rabbit vibrator with knocking function
The Javida Rabbit vibrator with knock function in the test at Eronite

Naked in the forest, she drove herself along her legs, grabbed her own nipples and twirled them. She kneaded her tits while pushing the vibrator further and further towards her vulva. Sei breathed audibly heavy and concentrated on the touches, on the senses she still had left. My blonde Latina became wetter and wetter, the first threads of wet horny juice covered her labia. She lay there as if on a platter.

She rubbed her pleasure juice with the tip of the rabbit, her clit now clearly visible as it was stimulated with the two vibrating rabbit ears. The heavy breathing had already turned into a distinct gasp as she forced the tip of the vibrator into her pussy and it did its work there. She held the device very still and just let it work. At this, she moaned softly, but noticeably audibly. New waves of pleasure kept running through her body as she literally devoured her purple friend with her cunt.

I invited them to come – just for me

Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Fucked naked in the forestI enjoyed watching her pelvis rise and she came closer and closer to the edge of an orgasm. With her tongue the black-haired beauty licked her lips again and again. My cock was so hard that I had to massage it again and again. I was also naked, but of course the hot Latina could not see that.

“Come to climax – just for me. Moan out your pleasure, keep fucking your tight cunt so horny,” I cheered her on just before orgasm. I watched as the vibrating device parted her labia again and my Latina drilled it deeper and deeper into her cunt. It seemed to me that she wanted to give me a very special show. Exclusively for me. “This is your birthday present,” she fluted happily, “look very closely, these deep insights are just for you.”

The Rabbit relentlessly worked her clit, it vibrated throughout her body. The tapping function did the rest, stimulating the inner walls of her vagina while the curved shaft literally massaged her G-spot. I didn’t have to ask her long to climax, because she already exploded with a sound of screaming, moaning and whimpering. She came to orgasm naked in the forest so violently that she briefly lost consciousness. Her body twitched and shook. At the same time she kneaded her breasts herself. My cock was already getting hard again and I jerked it, seeing her pussy being worked on by my Latina self.

She pressed her ass against my hard cock

When her climax had subsided a bit, she just lay there. Lying on the blanket naked in the forest and puffing. Cunt slime ran out of her pussy. She gasped for breath. And still she could not see anything. I looked at her and was glad to be able to lie here with her. Now I wanted to give her some time to recover from the just experienced orgasm and fed her again with the fruits that were still in the basket. At the same time I stroked her body, kissed her back and noticed how I myself was already getting horny again. She lay on her side and my cock, which was now getting harder and harder, pressed against her butt.

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For twenty minutes we lay in this position and did not speak a word, but simply enjoyed this situation. I could have fallen asleep so tightly embraced, but I also wanted to fuck her today! To do this, I instructed her to get on all fours and stretch her buttocks upwards: this way I could reach her gaping pussy well, because I squatted down a bit, stood behind or slightly above her and put on a rubber. Since she was still wet enough, I put my cock at her horny hole and let it slide slowly into her pussy.

I was too horny and just wanted to cum

Sexstory - Surprise succeeded: Fucked naked in the forestShe moaned again pleasantly, which caused me to thrust a little faster. I got faster and faster until I rammed her like a wild bull. Her tits dangled and offered me just like her horny Latina ass a wonderful sight. I saw my cock disappear and come out again and again in her dark, tight hole. That looked so horny that I could hardly hold on to me. I just wanted to cum. Deep inside her I pumped in several short spurts into the condom. Wow – that was really cool and a really nice experience!

After that we lay naked in the forest for another twenty minutes in silence next to each other. I was the first to get up, get dressed and take her eye mask off again. The light was bright and she blinked her dark eyes, having to get used to the brightness again. She looked around questioningly, saw the forest, the picnic blanket and the fruit basket. Sugar-sweetly she smiled at me, pulled me close, gave me a kiss and breathed a “thank you” in my ear. I grinned and grabbed her buttocks.

Lansgam we headed back and I dropped her off at her house again. When I returned home later, I lounged on the sofa in the salon with a glass of red wine and reviewed the day. Saw once again in my mind’s eye how my Latina blew my cock and let my cum drip onto her big tits, how she satisfied herself in front of me and as my birthday present offered me particularly intimate glimpses of how she stretched her horny Latina ass towards me on all fours and I fucked her doggystyle from behind until it came to me again and I pumped my cum into her.

Tag der Bestrafung: Meine Ausbildung zur Sexsklavin

Already I was preparing the next experience that I would imagine with my South American flame. For example, I will soon publish a story here on Eronite where I will tie up my Latina and use her as a collared sex slave. And I already know that she will like it again. Like me.

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