Sex story: The black chambermaid

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Sex story: The black chambermaid
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The colored maid turned me on

Professionally, I travel a lot as a representative for special dental equipment. Not only in Austria, where I was born, but also all over Europe. I mainly commute between Graz and our headquarters in Liechtenstein. There are hardly any black chambermaids in our region, but there are in the small principality and France!

Most of the time I don’t travel alone, but with a colleague with whom I get along quite well. So we also sleep in the same hotel, but in separate rooms. I attach great importance to my privacy and so it is simply more pleasant for both of us. Apart from that he snores terribly. When we were once in Asia together, it was hard to miss, the walls were so thin.

Sex story: The black chambermaidWould she go for it?

A week ago I was in Lyon, France, and I would like to report on that today. I didn’t really feel like it because I don’t speak the language that well. But anyway, my boss doesn’t know any pardon and so I suddenly sat in the plane to Lyon via Paris. My colleague was there again and we later moved into our rooms in the apartment hotel. His room was on another floor, but we saw each other during the day and at breakfast anyway.

Already when checking in we noticed the black chambermaid. Sweet face, cocoa-coloured skin and a figure to fall in love with. She was maybe 17, 18 or 19 years old. My partner made his usual jokes, but he wouldn’t have dared to talk to her anyway. I’m more of a shy person myself. But this young woman had it in for me. But I didn’t dare approach her directly. So we saw her the next two days and on the third day I gathered all my courage. I gave her a little note: “Be in my room at 10:00 tonight. Under your uniform you are naked. If you agree, the TV remote will be on my pillow at noon.”

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Whew – I had a bit of a dare. What would happen if she went to her boss with it? Or reported me for sexual harassment? I prayed that it would go well. After lunch, of course, I was really curious to see if the remote control would be on my pillow.

What can I say? She had actually accepted my invitation! Now I was really nervous at first. My colleague already asked me at lunch what was wrong with me. But I did not tell him my little secret. I wanted to savour this moment alone and could hardly wait until 10 pm. I had to visit a customer before that, but I couldn’t really concentrate on my sales talk there. Really, I had never fucked a black pussy before, but I was incredibly excited about it. The contrast to my white cock would certainly look good!

Sex story: The black chambermaidRoom service of the special kind

Around 9 pm I returned from dinner to my room. I took a shower, put on aftershave lotion, put on my trousers and shirt and cleaned up a little.

Just before 10 p.m., there was a knock on the door. “Room service,” I heard a soft voice. It must have been “she”. I went to the front and opened the door. In front of me was a really beautiful girl. She had her hair straightened, it was open, playing around her perfect face. A face that a painter could hardly have done better! But I didn’t invite her in, I reached into her hair, pulled her towards me and simply kissed her. I pressed her against the door frame and pushed my knee between her legs. “I will use you today”, I whispered to her. Her eyes became even bigger than they already were, but she showed no signs of resistance. That was my sign.

By her hair I forced her to the floor. On all fours, she now crouched there and stretched her magnificent ass out to me. Then I first wanted to check if she was really naked under her uniform. Just as I had told her to. To do this I simply lifted her skirt and looked at her butt very closely, parted her buttocks with both hands. In fact I now had her full nakedness before my eyes. The pale pink pussy was already shining with moisture and I stuck a finger in her pussy. She moaned softly, she seemed to like it. Then I slapped her cheeks, she enjoyed the way I treated her.

Perfidious: The perfect public humiliation

I took a collar out of my pocket and put it on her. I attached a chain to it and led her through the room to the sofa. There she had to limp. I ordered her to take off the maid’s uniform. When she hesitated, I slapped her on the head. She was visibly frightened, but immediately did as she was told. Her breasts were small but firm. The dark nipples stood out like a one, were hard and I had to suck on them first. Again she moaned softly. I pulled her up by the chain, turned her around and kneaded her wonderful tits from behind. My cock was already hard as steel and I pressed my cock against her crisp ass. She noticed my excitement of course and rubbed her bottom lustfully against my strap.

Sexgeschichte: Das farbige DienstmädchenThe black chambermaid created a vacuum

Again, I forced her to the floor. She knelt there and looked at me expectantly with her big, dark eyes while I opened my pants. My stiff penis jumped out immediately. On the glans, right at the tip, a first drop of lust had already formed, that’s how horny I was at that very moment. I grabbed the maid’s hair, she opened her lips and I was now on the verge of sinking my now steel-hard tube into her sweet mouth. With her tongue she played around my frenulum (the penis frenulum), it was a heavenly feeling. This young thing had it in spite of her age already really well on it. Slowly my shaft slid bit by bit into her mouth. She picked it up completely and created a vacuum. She moved her head rhythmically back and forth. It was a dream to get a blow like that from a black chambermaid.

I enjoyed it, leaned back and let her suck my cock. So young and so horny. What pleasure, what bliss That I can relive that at my age. She seemed very submissive, I liked that. I wonder if I could fuck that black ass today too.

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Again and again the tip of her tongue played around my glans, licked over the shaft and with her hands she kneaded my eggs. Then she did something that almost drove me out of my mind: she licked over my perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus. A feeling that almost made me cum, which lifted me up to the heaven of all pleasures. The black chambermaid understood her job perfectly. Again and again the little dark-skinned girl brought me to the edge of orgasm, but stopped in time before I sprayed on the velvet skin on her face or in her mouth. A start-stop technique that almost drove me crazy.

Schwarze Pussy mit rosa InnenfutterBlack pussy with pink lining

Now I wanted to fuck her! I let her get up, grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her on the sofa with her stomach. Her ass was now right in front of my cock in position, but first I wanted to test her pussy. With my thumb I drove through her gap. She was not only wet, but downright wet. With both hands I grabbed her pelvis by the hips and could easily penetrate her. I pushed, I rammed my hard butt into her pink pussy as far as it would go. Like a wild stallion I fucked her until she moaned and wriggled under me.

I turned her over, put her back on the seat. That way I could admire her luscious black tits even better. With my hands I kneaded her tight, her legs I pressed as far apart as possible, until her gaping pussy was wide open right in front of me. I put my spearhead at her hole dripping with lust and sank my spear in the wet pleasure cave of the colored maid. So I fucked the black chambermaid for another fifteen minutes.

She moaned louder and louder, seemed totally stimulated by the horny sex. The fucking was exhausting for me, I sweated and my sweat dripped on her black skin. Mercilessly I pushed further, wanted to fuck her properly and then inject my white cum into her dark-skinned face. That would definitely give a cool contrast!

» Fuck this black maids

But before that I had something else in mind and so I forced her again to pull her hair upwards by her hair from which I pulled strongly and placed her over the back of the sofa in such a way that we stood behind the couch. I pushed her upper body down so far that her rosette laughed at me exactly at pelvic level. Of course I didn’t let myself get carried away and stuck my thumb up her asshole and widened her butt hole. I spit on her chocolate hole, put my cock on it and rammed it with a jerk into her back entrance.

But I couldn’t hold out for long and sprayed my whole load in the black maid’s face. She still tried to swallow but most of my sperm dripped on her dark breasts.

Unfortunately, after that hot night I did not see the black chambermaid anymore. Whether she was off work or on vacation, I don’t know. Only one thing I know for sure: that I will never forget this experience!

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