Sex on the chair – The best 9 positions in a sitting position

By Faizel Ahman
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Sex on the chair - The best 9 positions in a sitting position
Sex on the chair - The best 9 positions in a sitting position

What are the positions for sex on the chair?

Having sex on the chair is an interesting idea for many. But what do you have to keep in mind so that the fun is really guaranteed? In the guidebook, there are several tips on how to do this. Before that, there are recommendations on how to prepare for the positions in the sitting position, and at the end there are some helpful hints.

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Sitting positions can be challenging

Sitting positions can provide challenges. Especially for those who want to try for the first time. There is hardly any space on a chair, so no one can lie here. The seat is hard and other details like armrests can be distracting. Nevertheless, this type of sex can be stimulating.

Sex on the chair - The best 9 positions in a sitting position

Therefore, various preparations are advantageous. The chair should be as simple as possible. Anything else can have a detrimental effect. On the seat belongs a cushion to increase comfort. If you still prefer more comfort, you can use an armchair. Sex on a love swing is also possible.

But now let’s start with the tips for the positions in sitting:

First tips for special positions

Once the chair is well prepared and the couple is together, you’re ready to go. There are several ways to have sex on the chair. Here comes the first one.

Try Xisca

This one is called Amazon. It goes like this: The man sits on the chair and the woman on his lap. At the same time, they both look at each other. The lady can lean a little more backwards or forwards. The partner supports them as needed. She can put her legs up or hug her partner with them. What is especially nice about the Amazon is that the two partners can always look at each other. This offers a lot of proximity.

There is also the reverse Amazon for sex on the chair. He sits back in the chair and she sits on his lap. However, she now turns her back on him. She should lean forward and can also support herself on an object. Here she takes control in terms of intensity and tempo. Since the partner has his hands free, he can also pamper her clitoris.

More options for sex on the chair

The next position is called Volcano Fever. It is based on the Kama Sutra and is suitable for women who are particularly limber. She stands backwards in front of the chair on which her partner is sitting. Now she leans forward. She puts her forearms on the chair to support herself. The partner penetrates her from behind in this position and holds her tight. Thus, stimulation of the G-spot is also possible.

Sex on the chair - The best 9 positions in a sitting position

The rocking chair is a rather wobbly affair. At the same time, the man sits on the chair again, with one leg extended. The other remains on the floor. She sits back down on his lap, looks at him and wraps her legs around his body. The woman should hold on to him well. The man, in turn, now moves forward and back. This feels particularly intense for both of them. He holds her butt tightly to penetrate her even deeper.

Continue with the so-called balancing act of sex on the chair. She kneels on it and goes far forward with her upper body. In the process, she makes herself as small as possible. He comes from behind and embraces her hip during penetration. The name of the position comes from the fact that it must balance well.

Even more tips for varied positions

The bridge is suitable if there is experience in yoga. The man sits on the chair and she sits on his lap. Both look at each other and touch their upper bodies. She holds onto him with her thighs. Then she leans back with her upper body as far as possible. In the end, her head hangs down. Safety is provided by a cushion that cushions falls to the floor, if that should happen. This position provides an opportunity for deep penetration. This stimulates her G-spot intensely.

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The so-called rider also provides variety. This position puts an enormous load on their triceps. He lies down on the floor with his legs under the chair. She squats over his loin area. She is supported by the edge of the chair, which she holds on to with her hands. Now she sits on the partner. The arms provide her with the strength to move up and down. In this position, she is the dominant, setting the intensity and tempo.

Normally, the Viennese oyster is performed in bed. However, it is also possible on the chair. The partner sits down and she sits back on her lap so they can both look at each other. She places her lower legs on the man’s shoulders. Then she bends her back backwards. He holds her tight and penetrates her intensely.

Try Xisca

Oral sex is also an interesting practice for sex on the chair. For this, not always only the bed must serve. The lady sits down on the chair and spreads her legs. Now it’s his turn to spoil her. Of course, the whole thing also works the other way around. He sits down and she spoils him.

Some more advice for sex on the chair

This kind of sex should never last too long. Of course, many would like sex with their partner to last as long as possible. After all, it can be quite exhausting. Sex on the chair mainly stresses the legs, but also the arms. That’s why relaxation is the order of the day in between. If you don’t pay attention to this, you’ll quickly notice that things get uncomfortable. Tightening the legs involves a certain risk of cramps.

Therefore, both partners should be quite athletic, because sex on the chair challenges the thigh muscles. The tension must be held for a long time so that no one falls off the chair. When bending the legs, it becomes even more difficult. Therefore, training is worthwhile.

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