PETA demands sex ban for meat-eating men

By Benno von Sandhayn
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PETA demands sex ban for meat-eating men
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Sex ban for climate protection?!

The animal rights group PETA has proposed, or rather demanded, that meat-consuming men be banned from having sex. The reason for this is that they thereby damage the climate significantly more than women, who consume much less meat.

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Procreation ban for men who eat meat

The male species, which likes to eat meat, must not continue to reproduce. At least that is what the animal protection organization PETA, which is active worldwide, is demanding. The climate footprint of these men is too high, the organization argued. PETA uses a study from November 2021 as the basis for its claim. This shows that, on average, men’s meat consumption is about 41 percent higher than that of women. And that is supposed to be negative for climate change, according to the study.

PETA demands sex ban for meat-eating men

PETA Germany’s campaign manager, Daniel Cox, has therefore turned to the nation’s women. He demands that they ban their partners from having sex and go on a sex strike. This is to help protect the environment. According to him, each child that is not born saves almost 59 tons ofCO2 annually.

Another motivation to ban sex for PETA

The high consumption of meat causes unspeakable animal suffering day after day. That is clear for PETA. Therefore, the animal welfare organization takes the said study as the basis for the demand to ban sex. Furthermore, Daniel Cox told the Bild newspaper that men have a stronger negative impact on the environment than the ladies. Solely because of their meat consumption.

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Therefore, he appeals to German women and hopes that they share the same opinion as he does. If he has his way, they should implement the sex ban at all costs. He wants them to save the world that way. According to this, women whose husbands like to barbecue and drink alcohol while doing so should refuse to have sex. Cox also lists that men want to prove their masculinity with this behavior. He says that this approach is typically male. This harms the animals and the environment alike.

Men who are not vegetarian are no longer allowed to father children

Every man who is not vegetarian or vegan in Germany should not be allowed to reproduce according to PETA’s opinion. Based on this, Daniel Cox finds that a 41 percent meat tax is appropriate for these men. As if that were not enough, he also believes that a ban on reproduction would be a good measure. But whether that is realistic?

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The CSU member of the Bundestag Dorothee Bär does not agree. She finds Cox’s suggestion rather cynical. She told the Bild newspaper. After all, saving the environment is done for our descendants, she believes. She finds it repulsive to cite harmfulCO2 for this.

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The managing director of the CSU state group, Stefan Müller, also gave an interview to Bild. He believes PETA’s campaign is simply embarrassing. The animal protection organization is entitled to any means to attract attention. Another CSU deputy, on the other hand, is calling for a ban on ideologues thinking like PETA.

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