Sex in the hot tub: This is how it’s really fun

By Daniel Kemper
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Sex in the hot tub: This is how it's really fun
Sex in the hot tub: This is how it's really fun

Erotic games in the water

How could you say no to sex in a hot tub? No doubt they are like mini pleasure castles that few can resist. The reasons for this are many, but the most important is that water evokes erotic associations that make these wet and capacious vessels of pleasure a recurring target during sex.

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There was sex in the hot tub before

Sex im Whirlpool: So macht’s richtig SpaßThe first of these bathing devices came into use in 1917, and although it was originally used for therapeutic purposes, we bet there was no shortage of people using it for wet and wild sex from day one. Today we reveal the best tips for a passionate encounter in the hot tub, without risks and complications and in search of the greatest satisfaction.

Don’t let the temperature get too extreme

Yes, we know you’re into extreme sex, but the water temperature needs to be just right to make the experience a sublime act. Even if you’re very hot, the water should be lukewarm rather than boiling, and experts say it should be between 38 and 40 degrees. No, the heat of the tub is not proportional to the heat of your libido!

Make sure you shower first

Yes, it’s important that you both get into the hot tub squeaky clean so that soaking in the tub is a crystal clear experience. On any occasion you contemplate having sex (whether in the bathtub, in bed, or even in the car), this rule of thumb applies.

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He writes for the column “The men’s diary – Erotic experiences and practical tips of a Bavarian womanizer” very personally and from his very own perspective. Hobbies: used to build models, now badminton three times a week; relationship status: single; profession: communication trainer

Water features

Water and the fun jets of a hot tub can give you lots of ideas for pre-sex games. For example, hold your breath and touch your erogenous zones to pleasure underwater (try not to drink water), and have your partner do the same to you. You can also touch each other underwater and play with the water with lots of imagination (it’s okay to bring toys, and we’re not talking rubber ducks).

Not everything goes with a hot tub

There have been many cases where people have crashed or even died in a hot tub. The idea of combining sex, drugs, and alcohol (rock and roll is okay) while you go out and soak in the hot water may not be such a good idea because your blood vessels will dilate (and drugs will be added), you may drown, or slip when you get out (be careful, that’s another precaution you should take).

Sex im Whirlpool: So macht’s richtig Spaß

The ideal sex positions in a hot tub

Immersion in the wet and swaying world of a hot tub certainly lends itself to a variety of positions, such as the very spontaneous“dolphin” position, where the woman mimics the doggie position in the water, or the “table” position, where the woman places her hands on the edge of the tub while her feet touch the floor. You have to lower yourself down and rock her from the waist up in the hot tub (which is relatively easy because you weigh less in the water).

Oral sex in a hot tub

Oral sex on the edge of the bathtub is one of the most famous and popular positions. There’s no explanation or recommendation for this other than not slipping, but oral sex in water requires a certain level of expertise (see the hot tub scene in the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe’s biopic “The Dirt,” available on Netflix).

The ambience

Placing scented candles around the hot tub is a great idea to create the right lighting and atmosphere to enhance the sensuality even more. In addition, you should have bathrobes, towels and sandals ready to avoid accidents or dripping water. The use of aromatic oils for the water is not recommended as they can damage the drive system of the nozzles.

The perfect lubricant

No, water is not enough, on the contrary, water sex without the right lubricant can lead to discomfort from friction (even skin burns). Also, the condoms that you are allowed to use in the hot tub can cause problems in the water, which is why you should use waterproof lubricants all the more.

Deutsche Erotikstars

But of course, imagination also plays a role when it comes to jerking off in a hot tub in good (or preferably very bad) company.

Aquasutra – Sex games in hot tub

Underwater blowjob and other frivolous water sports turn the hot tub into a sex arena.

Couples newly in love are always looking for that special kick. But even after a few years of marriage, an erotic change in love does you good. Tingling sex in the hot tub guarantees an exciting evening full of bubbling lust.

Now not everyone has a whirlpool at home in the bathroom. So where can you celebrate the special erotic event? Let’s say right away that if you want the evening to be a real success, you have to be prepared to spend a little more. No half measures! Being stingy is not appropriate in this case, unless you are content with a narrow bathtub and fart yourself the bubbles into the water.

For just under 300 euros there are already inflatable whirlpools to buy. But who has enough space for such a thing in their own home, especially since the construction takes strength, time and nerves, especially the inflation. It’s better to save the energy for blowing for the real thing.

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Many hotels from 4 stars offer extra love suites with Jacuzzi. It’s worth doing some research and comparing prices in advance. Some hotels even have so-called Temptation Rooms, explicitly designed for a passionate time-out. An interior sensually tuned to eroticism, additionally with mirrors on the ceiling along with love swing, invites to give free rein to sexual fantasy and to drop all inhibitions and shells.

Usually included in the service of love nests, fine champagne, candlesticks, rose petal decorations, a lavishly filled fruit bowl and aphrodisiac bath additives. Especially the essential oils of the Asian dragon fruit tree and those of the lotus get the blood pumping and guarantee fierce, taboo-free sex. In a small surprise love box you will find all kinds of inspiring things for erotic partner games such as: plush handcuffs, condoms, massage oil, lubricating cream and a small booklet with the most popular and exciting Kamasutra positions for an unforgettable night of love with sex in the hot tub. The latter is more precisely “aqua sutra”, spicy positions for wild sex games in the water. Here are the most popular water sports fuck disciplines at a glance and to try out.

The water lotus

The man leans back with his back to the pool wall, sitting on the small step, relaxed. With arms outstretched, he should hold on to the edge, stabilizing this position. This is recommended because of the slight buoyancy of the body in the water. The man’s legs are stretched out, somewhat spread.

Deutsche Erotikstars

The woman approaches with her butt in mastiff style and lets the stiff member slide into her vagina. While he remains passive, she sets the rhythm. The bubbles rising from below additionally tickle the testicles and labia and thus give sex in the hot tub that certain something.

The floating sea turtle

This aquasutra position requires a tool in the form of a large beach ball. It should be filled half with air and half with water. This time the woman remains passive, but gets her money’s worth. Floating belly-down in the water, buttocks up, she holds onto the edge of the whirlpool with both arms. The elastic ball is located under her pelvis and serves as a comfortable support during this type of sex in the hot tub. The roundness of her buttocks peek out slightly from the water. This item also falls under the heading “Great Dane Style”. The man penetrates her from behind and determines the pace and thrusting strength until the joint orgasm.

The secret of the sunken temple

Especially limber couples may try this position. In this sophisticated version of “sex in the hot tub”, man and woman are equally active and turned towards each other. Both hold on to the edge of the Jacuzzi tub with their arms and push their pelvises towards each other under water so that the member can effortlessly penetrate the vagina. Then the woman puts her legs on the shoulders of the man. Thus, the stiff penis can penetrate deeper into the vagina, the temple of pleasure, and also better stimulate the G-spot.

The Maharaja’s morning greeting

This clever way of playing requires some practice. You should be able to hold your breath for a long time. It is about fellatio and cunnilingus with simultaneous immersion. In more profane terms, you could call it an “underwater blowjob.” In the classic film “The Prince of Zamunda,” starring Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem, we see a vivid example in one scene.

There, during the daily morning bath, the pampered prince gets his little prince washed and polished by attractive naked servants, underwater. So, if you want to give your partner an unforgettable proof of love, this extravagant variety of sex in the hot tub offers itself. But also the man may prove himself as a pearl diver and lick her pleasure pearl until orgasm in the comfortably warm water.

Finally, an important note. For all the joy and wild ecstasy of sex in the hot tub – safety first. Aqua Sutra love practices are not for beginners and should be tried only at your own risk. A slip hazard should never be underestimated.

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