These are the top 10 sex fantasies of women

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These are the top 10 sex fantasies of women
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Only men think of one all day?

No way! Women also think almost every hour about the most beautiful minor matter in the world. That women are said to have a blossoming fantasy is reflected in their sex fantasies. We have once compiled the top 10 sex fantasies of women and revealed some taboos.

These are the top 10 sex fantasies of womenThe most blooming sex fantasies of women

#1 – Seduce the best friend’s boyfriend

A rather mean and therefore all the more delightful among the sex fantasies of women. Many women imagine themselves in the head cinema to make beautiful eyes to the friend of the unsuspecting girlfriend. In an unobserved moment, for example, the arm is pushed under the skirt. The friend is first completely shocked, but then cannot resist the charms.

#2 – A threesome with two gentlemen

In the female imagination, the idea of being seduced by two gentlemen and then “taken” is widespread. Women’s sex fantasies range from gentle cuddle sex to hardcore fantasies. In these fantasies, the woman imagines herself being worked on in a sandwich from both sides to ecstasy.

#3 – Pampering with the tongue

The pleasurable pampering of vagina and clitoris is often neglected in the true sex life of women. All the stronger are the sex fantasies of women around cunnilingus. Women love to imagine a man gently caressing his labia and clitoris with his tongue.

#4 – Strip in front of one or more men

Every woman wants to be desired. Where does she feel that more than in the man’s languishing gaze at the strip? She dances in front of him, presents the body and exposes more and more of herself.

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Die Sexfantasien von einigen Frauen gehen noch weiter. Sie stellen sich vor, vor einer ganzen Gruppe Männer zu strippen. Der Gedanke an die vielen gierigen Blicke erhöht auch die weibliche Lust.

#5 – Sexual submission to authority

The sexual submission before an authority is one of the most erotic sex fantasies of women. Here a woman is in a subordinate role and is e.g. requested by a policeman, professor etc. to sexual actions. In women’s sex fantasies they give in and let the man do everything.

#6 – Turning the tables

Quite a few women find the idea attractive that the man only leads during sex. But then the woman unexpectedly turns the tables and takes over the helm. In many women’s sex fantasies they suddenly turn the man on his back. Then they begin to ride him until they come together with their partner.

#7 – Sex with another woman

A somewhat more intimate kiss among good friends can be found at one party or another. Some women, who actually consider themselves heterosexual, still want more. The thought of trying out lesbian games with another lady is one of women’s big sex fantasies.

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#8 – Try anal sex once

In porn it’s everyday life, in normal life it’s often a taboo subject. Many women who love anal intercourse do not dare to confess to their boyfriends. Sex fantasies of women around ass fucking with their boyfriend or other men are quite common.

#9 – Role play with costumes

Women have fantasy and love erotic clothes. In women’s sex fantasies they imagine, for example, how they seduce a man in a sexy nurse outfit. But also the fantasy to seduce the man of the house as an au pair is widespread.

#10 – Role reversal with the man

A large number of women have the imagination to slip into the role of a man during sex. But women’s sex fantasies sometimes go even further here: one or the other lady imagines herself as a man attacking herself and thus seeing her female body from a different perspective.

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