Men with belly are more attractive to women?

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Men with belly are more attractive to women?
Men with belly are more attractive to women?

Men with belly – desired by women

In advertising and various media, the type of the hard, well-trained guy is propagated again and again, who has not a gram too much fat on the ribs. Supposedly, such men are particularly successful with women. The reality is different. Men with belly are more attractive!

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When it comes to just flirting or an ONS, women may actually prefer slim men. However, when looking for a partner, they clearly prefer men with a belly. This is due to the fact that men with bellies are more balanced and comfortable than slim men. Women expect that the relationship with a fuller man will be more harmonious and last longer.

The belly also testifies to a positive attitude towards life. Men with belly are pragmatic and have experience of life. They know how to enjoy it and don’t constantly think about fitness or are in love with their own bodies. This makes them ideal family men, especially if they have already proven their procreative ability by having children of their own. A slim, well-toned man may look better at first glance.

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However, it often turns out that instead of being in love with their partner, they are in love with their own body and only look so good because they spend every free minute in the gym, are on a diet or do intensive sports. As a result, they may be more nervous, irritable and have little time for their partner. They are sure of themselves and like to start love affairs or affairs with constantly changing women.

Men with bellies, on the contrary, are much more stable and reliable. They are happy to have a steady partner (especially if she is also attractive) and prefer a comfortable family life.

What does science have to say on the subject?

Medical research has confirmed the opinion of women that men with bellies are better partners in a long-term relationship. According to statistics, guys with a small belly also live longer and have fewer health problems than slim men. It has long been proven that the beauty ideal of the slim body, as it has been shaped by numerous films, is not so healthy.

The healthiest people are those who are slightly overweight. This is true not only for men, but also for women. Not only men with belly are more popular with women, men also prefer women with feminine curves.

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