Recognize signals: Red Flags – Warning Signs in Dating

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Recognize signals: Red Flags - Warning Signs in Dating
Recognize signals: Red Flags - Warning Signs in Dating

Better than your own instinct?

Red Flags are often used as a warning signal on online dating sites. Especially if the algorithm thinks that you would not fit together. This may be so, but of course it does not have to be. If you pay attention to your gut feeling and don’t ignore warning signs when dating, you’re usually on the safe side.

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What the Red Flags are all about

Red Flags, as already described above, are warnings that are mostly used on online dating websites. The bottom line is that the red color is meant to signal nothing more than a big “Attention”. Even if the programmers of these sites certainly mean well and artificial intelligence is far advanced: Most people still prefer to rely on their own instincts. Therefore, dates are regularly arranged with potential partners, even if various Red Flags have advised against it in advance.

Recognize signals: Red Flags - Warning Signs in Dating

What are the most common warning signs in dating?
Every woman can tell you a thing or two about what has gone wrong in dating. Again and again, men in particular fall into the same behavior patterns and thereby disqualify themselves. Of course, every woman has her very own list of no-go’s during dating. But by and large, they are mostly the same. Therefore, we would like to present the most famous Red Flags here.

Taboo subject expartner

Regardless of whether as a shining example of a glorified past, or as the main character of rants and tirades. The ex should not be an issue at all. Either it just gets embarrassing when people are constantly talking about a stranger.

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Or you feel like you have to compete with an unknown on a high pedestal. Neither is a good way to start a conversation in which two people are supposed to get to know and like each other.

Evade problems

If the counterpart gives a wide berth to any difficult topic, caution is called for. Of course, you don’t want to start off by telling people about your financial problems. But anyone who is too closed off and pretends to live in an ideal world comes across as untrustworthy. Those who dodge or, even worse, stare constantly at their cell phones fail the first get-to-know-you exam. The women usually have several red flags ringing at the same time.

No one wants to succumb to a narcissist

Of course, it’s great when the other person reveals a lot about themselves right at the beginning. However, alarm bells should start ringing when the potential partner talks exclusively about himself. After all, he should have at least as much interest in you as vice versa, right? Even people who are very full of themselves know these rules of the game on a first date. So if someone is talking exclusively about themselves and praising them to the skies, be careful.

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It is the same with people who take on the role of a victim in a conversation and permanently report about how badly they are doing. These people are not mainly looking for a relationship, but for confirmation of their own point of view. If you get involved, you will have to deal with a victim in the future who is always innocent and who can never be held responsible for the current situation. Other people or the entire system are constantly to blame.

In both cases, it’s best to pull the ripcord right away and leave. Because with people who are like that, you’re usually just wasting your time. Sad but true. At least something like this can be detected early if you don’t ignore the warning signs when dating.


Dating is one of those things. They can bring great luck, but they can also backfire. The important thing is to rely on your instincts, despite any butterflies in your stomach. If a strange feeling creeps up on you, you have to be careful. Because your own instincts don’t play tricks on you and are right in almost all cases.

Therefore, you should have the courage to listen to yourself. After all, it’s all about you. By the way: if your head and your stomach disagree, your stomach is usually right.

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