Guide: How do I get more cum out of my tube?

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Guide: How do I get more cum out of my tube?
Guide: How do I get more cum out of my tube?
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How to produce more sperm

The man’s sperm crowns his climax. It stands for lust, fertility and masculinity and therefore has an important meaning especially for men. Therefore, it is stressful for many men when the amount of sperm decreases or has always been rather low. Especially with increasing age, the production of sperm can be less.

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This often leads to the fact that many men are worried. Many men would like to increase the amount of sperm and wonder how they can achieve this. The following tips, which can be found on this page[click link] along with other exciting topics, should answer these questions and help men stimulate their sperm production.

What factors affect the amount of sperm?

As a rule, a man’s orgasm ends with them ejaculating. In rare cases, the two may proceed separately. The amount of sperm is usually 1.25 – 4 ml. The amount of seeds depends on the frequency of the climaxes. When a man has had several orgasms in a row, the amount of sperm decreases.

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A crucial factor that plays an important role in the production of sperm is nutrition. A healthy and balanced diet can improve sperm production. If you want to produce more sperm, you should also refrain from smoking and not consume excessive amounts of alcohol. Of course, drugs are also to be avoided, not only if man wants to produce more sperm. So overall, a healthy diet as well as a healthy lifestyle are the basic requirements if you want to produce more sperm.

A trained pelvic floor gives strength to the sperm

“Squirting” describes the shooting of semen out of the man’s penis. Injectivity may also decrease with age. The cause of the reduced squirting force is usually a slack pelvic floor. It is therefore helpful for all those who want to increase their sperm volume and want to cum properly to train the pelvic floor muscles. There are special workouts that train the pelvic floor. Pilates and yoga are particularly recommended here.

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As mentioned earlier, diet plays a very important role and has a great impact on the production of sperm. Men who want to improve their sperm production should first make sure that they drink enough. In particular, these men should drink plenty of water. Smoking also affects the production of sperm, as already mentioned. All those who want more sperm should keep their hands off cigarettes. The same goes for alcohol. Diet is the be-all and end-all if man wants to produce more sperm.

It is therefore advisable to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit and to eat a low-fat diet. This also means that the man is best to eliminate the unsaturated fatty acids from his diet. In addition, vegetable fats like olive oil help if you want to produce more sperm. Animal fats should be avoided accordingly. If you want to produce more sperm, you should also increase your intake of micronutrients and vitamins. Zinc and folic acid are particularly recommended here.

Special foods that produce more sperm

There are special foods that produce more sperm. These include vegetables and fruits such as peppers, corn, asparagus, onions and oranges. But also wholemeal bread, Brazil nuts, wheat germ, cheese and lentils stimulate sperm production. Especially fish and seafood as well as oysters are known for their effect to increase the amount of sperm. Different foods can also affect the taste of semen. Surely also interesting for those who would like to try their own sperm once.

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Avocados and almonds are also said to have the ability to increase the amount of semen. These foods are not only delicious and healthy, but lead to more sperm.

Less leads to more

If an ejaculation with a short time interval is followed by one or even several other ejaculations, this usually leads to a reduction of the ejaculate. Men who want to improve their sperm production should therefore be careful with their climaxes. Less is more here. Holding back from time to time can have a remarkable effect.

Those who save their ejaculate now and then or forego the one or other climax will be rewarded in the end. After three to five days, a considerable amount of sperm accumulates. So it’s definitely worth the wait in this case.

Improve sperm production with special preparations

To find out which preparation is the right one, the causes of weak ejaculation must be known. A preparation that is recommended in any case is Testopulus. It combines many great ingredients that produce more sperm.

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It consists of important micronutrients such as selenium, zinc and folic acid on the one hand and valuable and helpful vitamins such as vitamin B6 and also vitamin B12 on the other. These cause testosterone levels to increase.

The right technique makes the difference

It’s a bittersweet agony when it stops when it’s at its best. But delaying climax is another effective tip for those who want to produce more sperm. Everyone knows the feeling when you’re about to celebrate your climax and suddenly it’s cut short. Even though it is hard to endure, this technique helps tremendously in increasing the amount of semen.

For more tips, visit A visit is worthwhile not only for those who want to produce more sperm.

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