German Sexblog – That’s why women like to read it too

By Mario Meyer
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German Sexblog - That's why women like to read it too
German Sexblog - That's why women like to read it too
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A German sex blog like Eronite is not only popular with men, but also with women. German sex blogs are interesting and inform women about a wide variety of erotic topics. As a German sex blog, the magazine is very broad and covers different areas. Women also like to know more about sex or are looking for answers to certain questions.

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High level of information and know-how

By the way, the magazine is not only available for reading in German, but also in English and Spanish. Reasons why women like to read the blog too, there are a few. In the erotic world section you can regularly get new relationship tips or find out about news from the industry. But also the interviews and portraits around the stars are always popular with the ladies.

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Last but not least, the intimate sex confessions or the love and sex horoscope also meet with lively interest among women. Ladies who like to experiment with sex toys can also look at practical tests of sex toys. Precisely because the variety of topics is so great, women like German sex blogs like this one very much and drop by again and again. Be it to get news about fetish or flower sex or to read hardcore BDSM stories or erotic novels.

German sex blog and the sensual sex stories

Deutscher Sexblog – Darum lesen ihn auch Frauen so gernIf you need a little stimulation for your own sex life, you will find many topics and ideas in the sex stories that can be adopted with your own partner. There are new stories on a regular basis, always describing different scenarios. This not only serves as an incentive, but simply educates women in terms of eroticism. If you thought only men were interested in this, you’re wrong. A German sex blog like Eronite now has a lot of female fans who even check it daily to see if there are any news.

Women can find more information about erotic practices and generally about sex in the extensive encyclopedia. Here, all topics from A to Z are examined and explained in detail. If you are looking for something specific, simply click on the desired letter to find details about a practice or something else. As a German sex blog, Eronite knows exactly what women are interested in when it comes to eroticism and has adjusted to that.

This has not escaped the ladies, who take it positively. And that is precisely what is shown by the fact that the magazine is very often frequented by female readers. Modern women have long had nothing in common with the attitude that prevailed in the ladies’ world a few decades ago. Eroticism was only lived out behind closed doors. No one would have talked about it publicly. A German sex blog like Eronite has contributed to a fundamental change of opinion.

German sex blogs do important educational work, also for women

Deutscher Sexblog – Darum lesen ihn auch Frauen so gernWomen who want to go one step further have the opportunity to find out about porn casting first. In this section a German sex blog informs openly, honestly and relentlessly about the process of a casting and explains the procedure from beginning to end.

It also explains how a woman can become a porn actress or how she can make it as an erotic actress. Everything about the application for porn or BDSM movies the inclined reader also learns in the exciting magazine. If she would like to get information about casting girls, that is also possible. It should just be a German sex blog like Eronite. Because here women get the information they really need. Provided, of course, they want to pursue that career.

Private erotic castings are also available. If a woman wants to know something about it, she will be informed comprehensively at Eronite. If you want to know exactly, you are welcome to read the testimonials that are available on porn and fetish castings. There are no more questions left unanswered. German sex blogs do a really good job of educating people. It is important that it is reported truthfully. And there’s no woman to worry about when she chooses Eronite magazine.

Other topics that will be covered

Women who like to watch sex movies together with their partner have the possibility to download DVDs at Eronite or watch the previews of the movies Eronite offers first. There is also amateur porn, which many women also enjoy watching.

Warum das Online-Erotik-Magazin Eronite kein Pornoblog ist

So if you are looking for a magazine that always informs you about new erotic events, Eronite is the right place for you. A German sex blog that has its finger on the pulse is of great importance, especially for the woman who wants to know even more about sex. While women are now open to eroticism, they still have some catching up to do compared to men.

While men have always turned to eroticism quite unabashedly, this has only recently become the case with women. But the trend shows that more and more women are interested in Eronite and are downright inquisitive when it comes to practices, positions and more. The topics are a colourful mixture full of desire and whimsy, always on a high level and at eye level with the readers. Eronite, by the way, is available exclusively on the Internet. There is also a newsletter.

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