Mein erstes Mal käuflicher Sex mit einer Hure

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Mein erstes Mal käuflicher Sex mit einer Hure
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Purchased sex, what do you think it’s like to be a prostitute?

When the eroticism is missing, remedial action must be taken

Our guest author was curious about it for a long time and finally dared to just try it out. His first time with the call girl has inspired him lasting. Exactly how his first purchased sex with a hooker went down, he tells us here.

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For many years I had a pretty fulfilling sex life, so sex for sale wasn’t necessarily an issue for me. But after the end of my last relationship a few months ago I miss the eroticism of course already. The opportunity for one-night stands does not always arise, or is associated with a little more flirting effort.

Mein erstes Mal käuflicher Sex mit einer HureFor Sale Sex – Fun With A Professional

Of course, I still have needs, like any man. So I decided to have sex with a call girl. If you’re going to go all the way, I figured. And then I also want to pick a lady who is totally my cup of tea. Also, as I said, I’ve long wanted to know if professionals can “do it” better.

So now it was going to happen for the first time, sex with a whore. Price and taste-wise everything is offered with the topic of sex for sale, what one can wish for. From a cheap blowjob on the streetwalk to a full-length date with a luxury call girl. I didn’t want to spend half my monthly salary on the first time I had sex for sale, though.

And so I decided quasi for the middle way. Two hours Girlfriendsex for 300 euros asked the lady, for which I decided based on my online search. Girlfriendsex means that kissing, cuddling and possibly other sexual games such as blowjob or anal sex – after consultation – are included. If sex for sale, I thought to myself, I don’t want to just be “worked off” quickly.

Girlfriendsex with Roxy

No sooner said than done: Super excited I drove off and showed up at the apartment of the young lady, who called herself Roxy. Visually alone, I was immediately blown away when she opened the door. I already knew that she was going to be about my type when I picked her out based on her description on the internet. I was surprised, though, at how much she turned me on right away. Slim but curves in all the right places, plus long dark hair, a dream! Her face was super pretty too. She was wearing insanely sexy, skimpy lingerie that I would have loved to take off her right then and there.

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But I didn’t have to wait too long. There was brief small talk, and she even offered me something to drink. Then it was down to business. I can tell you one thing: The sex with Roxy was incredibly fun and I didn’t feel like I was having sex with a hooker. It just felt like a horny one-night stand. In fact, I think she quite liked it too. This, of course, tingled me all the more.

The very first time sex for sale – my conclusion

I have since experienced it two more times, sex for sale, trying other call girls. Like the first time, I had good experience. I decided to have girlfriend sex again. Whether or not you want to indulge in that ultimately depends on your needs, of course. For quick pressure release, a quickie, blow or handjob with a cheaper whore is also enough.

Freier und Escort: Paysex mit Happy End

I think, though, especially the first time you have sex for sale, you can feel free to put a little more on the table and put your best in the hands of a full professional. Roxy made me feel like I could just let myself go with her. She seduced me by every trick in the book.

Especially the first time you have sex for sale, it’s a great feeling when the woman takes the lead. It takes a lot of the excitement out of it. Also, being able to talk to each other a bit before and after made me feel much better overall.

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