What’s so hot about rest stop sex anyway?

By Benno von Sandhayn
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What’s so hot about rest stop sex anyway?
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Spontaneous adventure for the curious – the parking lot meeting

It is exciting and varied: parking lot sex. If you’re looking for a new environment to make love to your partner, try parking lot sex at a highway rest stop. Spontaneous meetings with new sex partners are also an exciting affair when it comes to parking lot dating.

Was ist eigentlich so geil am Rastplatzsex?

Role Playing Parking Lot Sex

If you’re looking for a thrill with your sex partner, opt to meet at the rest stop. The advantage: an unusual and new place. Highway sex helps to get the adrenaline pumping. The chances of someone watching sex or spotting the couple are higher than in the comfort of your own home. Whether spontaneous quickie for in between or planned adventure with extensive foreplay at the rest area sex – everything is possible at the parking lot meeting

The parking lot dating is especially good for a foray into the world of role-playing games. Beginners trying roleplaying for the first time will find the appropriate location at a highway rest stop. Two people meet, they don’t know each other and get into a strange car – the fun can begin.


A secret affair where two lovers roleplay meeting at a parking lot and having sex, that’s another possible fantasy.

The salvation for a dormant sex life

A change of location during sex can work wonders when things aren’t going so well in bed. When sex has become routine and the fire has gone out, variety and motivation helps to bring new passion to yourself and your partner. The prospect of sex being sensual and titillating again could help couples find a new relationship dynamic – parking lot meetings as a kind of “sex therapy.”

Was ist eigentlich so geil am Rastplatzsex?Excitement due to possible spectators at the parking lot meeting

Who likes to have spectators during sex, makes the right choice with a meeting at the motorway service station. But watch out: Not every person finds it pleasant when they become a passive part of a love game. This means that sex in public is often perceived as disturbing. If you don’t want to miss out on this fun, find someone who wants to watch voluntarily and turn the meeting into a love game. Another option is “low-key” sex with not immediately visible movements in the car: oral sex or petting, for example. The fondling and caressing is not obvious and increases the desire for the actual sex.

Rest area sex for short timers – a parking lot meeting is free of charge

Sometimes the desire for sex arises at short notice and spontaneously. In this situation, rest area sex offers the perfect solution for all people who don’t want to spend money on a hotel or are not visitable themselves. Couples who are just especially hot for each other and can’t stand the way home, also park at a rest stop and give in to their passion uncomplicated parking lot sex.

11.02. - Parkplatzluder19 feiert wieder Geburtstag!

Rest stops are a suitable option for those who meet secretly and do not want to be recognized by acquaintances or friends – a parking lot outside the usual environment serves as a meeting place.

More opportunities for a change of location in rest area sex and parking lot meeting

Whether in the car or behind the bushes – rest area sex increases the desire and creativity. Sex partners look for the most unusual places and disappear briefly for a quick number behind the tree, a restroom or a restaurant. For those who can’t decide, alternate between outdoor sex in nature and sex in the car. An extensive sexual act brings especially much pleasure when you are not bound to any rules or places. Flexibility in parking lot dating is therefore a plus for those who want to let off steam in highway sex.

Parking lot meetings animate new sex positions

Comfortable in bed, we quickly find ourselves in the usual positions when it comes to sex. Who wants to try new positions, is “forced” at the rest area sex to it, because: Coziness and comfort are in the background. It’s all about an adrenaline rush, variety and extraordinary lovemaking. So people get new ideas at the parking lot meeting when the missionary position doesn’t work quite as well as it does in their own bed, for example.


If you want to try parking lot dating, you should feel comfortable and make sure that the other person doesn’t get into a tricky situation either. That is: parties involved must agree and expect that they might be “caught” having sex. It is a public place with people passing through. Many cities have rest stops that are known for their reputation as sex parking. These are suitable for all who want to try it once with the rest area sex.

Conclusion: Reasons for rest stop sex and why it feels so good

Parking lot meetings are an alternative for those looking for a change of pace and a special thrill. There is a chance that partners are watched during sex. If you don’t want to do that, you can retreat to a quieter place. The parking lot meeting also serves as a meeting for an exciting roleplay. Different places can be visited, sex outdoors or in the car, it’s all possible. A good idea is the meeting place for people who want to meet a little outside of their own city to remain anonymous.

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